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  1. It was announced a few months ago that the new kit manufacturer is ERREA (they made the old Middlesborough kit. It was posted on here, unless it was a wind up?
  2. I know it''s a long shot but has anyone got a ticket for the beam back that now can''t make it? I''ve typically left it too late!! I''m on 07891 015252 if anyone can help. Cheers Simmo
  3. Hello mate, did you get rid of the spare ticket? If you still have it, i''m desperate to get hold of one as i''ve left ot too late. I''m on 07891 015252 if you''ve still got it. Cheers Simmo
  4. I personally think he was poor at the start but has improved and settled in. He''s not dominant enough for a massive bloke for my liking, but then I don''t pay his wages. Couldn''t believe the commentary team didn''t suggest that he could have taken a step back (even with a dummy) and pick it up. We maybe able to get Fraser back WHEN we go up.
  5. Why didn''t JR just pick the ball up?? The ball was played by the Forest left back and was in the box, Tyson had also given up on it. I''m suprised Ruddy didn''t hear me shouting from my front room! Magnificent performance from all though, especially Elliott Ward and Zac Whitbread. Bring on the scum. Well done lads
  6. Granted, but I just hope that as they were prepared to loan him for this season and their circumstances have changed for the better, they might consider the Premiership too much of a step for him, even as number 2. I think Newcastle would be silly to loan him to another club in the Championship as we''ve proved that we look after him and he enjoys the area, club and facilities.
  7. With Newcastle going up into the Premiership, I hope that they will not need Fraser Forster for the season. I reckon that had they stayed in the Championship next year they might have given Fraser a chance, at least as their number two. I hope that Chris Houghton wants the big man to get another season or two under his belt with a club that looks after him and is doing well, ie. us. After a few seasons of inconsistent goalkeepers, I for one firmly believe that we are where we are due to Fraser Forster giving confidence to the defence who then in turn give the midfielders confidence to attack. A great loan signing and hopefully a season long one again next year to give him the experience to go on to be one of the best in the country. One thing is for certain, Newcastle won''t be selling him anytime soon. Simmo
  8. I do believe that Holt is a ledge and will be remembered long after he has gone, but I sincerely hope he retires with us. I believe he an play in the Championship and can be the problem to defenders that he is in this physical league. Holt is worth paying the entrance fee for alone as he gives the impression that he really cares for the club, his team mates, the gaffer and football in general. When he signed for us a mate told me he was overweight, granted he was not at our standard of fitness, so he worked hard and trimmed down and now relishes the away fans taunting him, so he can show of his six pack!! Someone else also told me he was too slow. I saw him chase a ball down against Colchester in the last 5 minutes and the bloke is no slouch. My Ipshit fan mates took the mick out of Grant Holt at the start of the season.... I don''t hear from them anymore about football!!!!!! Simmo
  9. They certainly shouldn''t be able to captain our country just because the previous one sh@$%^d his mates missus.
  10. What a signing Grant Holt has been. I have watched him many times in yellow shirt and honestly believe he has been one of the most impactive players that we have ever signed. His leadership qualities, work rate, badgering of referees and oponents and enthusiasm, not to mention his goals must make him the player to have had the biggest impact at Carrow Road for many years. I can only think of Darren Huckerby in the Championship winning side to rival the "Horse" Any other views or suggestions??
  11. I saw him play against Southampton and Southend and wasn''t impressed to be honest. I don''t know how Stockport play or if he was given direct instructions, but as soon as he gets the ball he looked for the long diagonal or pump up the line. Fortunately, Drury does not do this and looks to feed Wes and the midfielders before opting to smash it. I do feel however he knows the strengths of Drury and tries to get forward as Adam does but is then found more than wanting in the defensive part of his game, ie the goal against Southend and the lack of marking on Jason Puncheon in the Southampton game. My opinion only - I wouldn''t offer him a contract and would play Spillaine there until Drury is fit. Good job it''s Lambert''s call though and not mine!!
  12. Sitting pretty at the top - YES. A few wins off of making it almost impossible not to go up - YES. Not bothered if we win the title or finish second as long a we get out of this league - YES. Starting to get a little nervous - DEFINATELY. I for one am loving this season and have been at many games despite not being a seson ticket holder and also playing a fairly decent standard myself. Initially I was close to finding the nearest high bridge when we lost at Charlton, but every cloud!! I would love to see Lambert bring in a couple of decent loan signings (a central midfield tackler and a decent left back or extra striker to ensure we go up. We took the gamble to keep Huckerby when we were being chased in the Championship a few years back and surely the gamble now would be a small one. The wages for a couple of players would be minimal for a return to the Championship!! After watching us against Southampton, who were a big physical side, I felt that their captain, Dean Hammond bossed proceedings and we certainly didn''t copete in themiddle against Southend (without Rusty) Ijust feel that we need a Damien Francis, Dickson Etuhu, Papa Bouba Diop, Dean Hammond character in the team at times. SIMMO
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