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  1. I didn''t go to the game but listened to bits of it on the radio, and so your judgement is probably better than mine, but surely Chrissy Martin deserves more than a 6 considering he scored two goals? And Holt as well considering he scored two and set-up one? Not criticising just curious as to why they didn''t deserve higher ratings.
  2. I think i''d like to see us play a near full strength side so that we can build some confidence, judging by fridays performance the team need some minutes under their belt.
  3. Wes really is a ''love him or hate him'' player, and to be fair i can understand both points of view. Where one person sees Wes making space for himself, receiving the ball and attempting a creative through ball that doesn''t quite pay off, others see a greedy player who wastes possession instead of playing the simple pass. I get it.Personally i love him. He makes the game exciting in a huckerby-esque kind of way (except to a lesser extend, of course). The problem was on friday that whenever he got the ball and ran at the defence he had about 5 or 6 Watford players infront of him and only 1 or 2 Norwich players. There was only a very small chance that even with some kind of movement from the forwards or supporting midfielders (which there wasn''t), he was going to play an effective through ball.
  4. Personally, from watching the game friday it was evident that Surman has quality on the ball. Unfortunately, the whole team just didn''t quite click together. Like other posters have said, you can''t judge on one game!
  5. [quote user="Rocky Rocastle"]This may be controversail but I''d like to see Korey moulded into a centre half. IMO he has all the attributes to be a top class centre half....(and would help us dislodge the 2 bits of wood we have currently!)[/quote]No, he''s much too lightweight and small to be a centre half, i think his best position is a ball winning central midfielder. And if he was recovering from an injury on friday then fair enough, but hopefully he can get back into the team in the next few weeks.
  6. I thought that it was rather harsh that after such a good season last season Korey wasn''t starting. But, it seems that Crofts is a player of a similar mould to Korey, and after last nights performance i don''t think Crofts will be dropped.
  7. Personally, i felt that Martin was actually making some good runs up the right flank, but unfortunately when he got the ball he passed it straight to the opposition most of the time (although i do remember a few good crosses from him). Michael Nelson was infuriating because he kept on hoofing the ball when there was no Watford player within 30 yards of him. I mean come on, even the Doc could string at least two passes together in a game!But to be fair, no-one really covered themselves in glory last night. Oh well, things can only get better... in theory [;)]
  8. I''d go with: Forster - 6 - Don''t think he actually had a save to make all game. Some suspect kicking. Martin - 6 - Solid enough, sometimes lacked a bit of urgency. Rose - 7 - Much better performance than against Southend, first half particularly. Doc - 8 - Fantastic performance, didn''t make a single mistake and even managed to do a Cruyff turn on one of their attackers. Nelson - 7 - Very solid again, won every header he went up for, distribution pretty poor though. Macnamee - 6 - For the first 5-10 minutes he was great, really direct and getting crosses in, but i thought he faded and didn''t seem to want to take on their full back for the rest of the game. Good set-piece delivery. Lappin - 7 - I thought he and Rose linked up well. He had a couple of good shots and crosses. Smith - 9 - MOM, Great performance. Hassled the opponents until the last minute, then when he won the ball he played a good pass every time. Hoolahan - 7 - Was linking up with the front two nicely again. Holt - 8 - Worked hard, won headers, missed a sitter, but it didn''t matter in the end. Nice finish for the goal, and good assist for Martin''s goal. Martin - 8 - Set up Holt''s goal and i think he set up Holt''s open goal miss as well, correct me if i''m wrong. Good all round performance. Subs: Elliot - Looked eager to please, quite nippy. Oli - Didn''t do much. Gill - N/A Overall: Good performance by the lads, and although there were periods when we were 1-0 up when it seemed like we were a bit too slow in our build up play, i can''t criticise too much as it was a very good all round performance. Bring on Huddersfield!  
  9. Forster - 6.5 - Solid when called upon. Martin - 6.5 - Same as Forster, solid, no mistakes. Doc - 8 - Thought he was really good, made some good last ditch tackles. Nelson - 7 - Had a solid enough game, although distribution was poor and he was out of position a couple of times. Rose - 4 - Shocking game. His passing was simply terrible. Why was it that every time the ball was played to him he would just hoof it without taking a touch? Macnamee - 8 - For the first 30 mins of the game he was untouchable, although he was found out a little by the Southend defence in the 2nd half. One thing i did note was that every one of his corners was good, he actually beat the first man unlike some of our previous set piece takers. Hughes - 4 - Created nothing, didn''t help defensively, could hardly complete a 10 yard pass. Lappin - 5 - Same as Hughes but kept the ball slightly better. Hoolahan - 5 - I''m a big fan of Hooly, but he had a bad game tonight. Created nothing, poor decisions, not a good night for him. Holt - 5 - Only gets a 5 because of his workrate, else it would have been lower. Hasn''t been the same since his suspension. Martin - 4 - Contributed nothing to the attack apart from a couple of long shots which endangered the people in row Z. Subs: Oli - 8 - Fantastic impact. In the right place at the right time for his first, then a superb header for his second. Smith - 7 - Much better than the other two centre mids, more energy, better distribution. Why didn''t he start? Overall: Awful performance from the lads, but a win''s a win. Can''t help but feel we''re starting to run low on get out of jail free cards now though, we need to start playing how we were a couple of months ago and stop relying on last-gasp winners, ''cos we ain''t gonna keep getting them.    
  10. Yep, we''re controlling the game now, need to be wary of the counter attack though.
  11. [quote user="sonyc"]Hoolihan is the best player we''ve had for creativity since Hucks IMO[/quote] Agreed.
  12. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]anayinsah went through us far too easily then! keep an eye on him this season tbh...[/quote] Yeah, looks like a pacey, strong and direct player. Other than him, Carlisle don''t look like much.
  13. Impressed with the quality of the video and sound, but it really is foggy in Carlisle.
  14. Come on city, let''s get stuck in and press them this half.
  15. [quote user="singing canary"]not a problem . one hell of a test for england tonight if they win i fancy our chances of doing well in the world cup . would love to see england win it in my lifetime !!!!!![/quote] Yeah i''d love to see it too, but i can''t really see it happening to be honest. I think we could get to the semi''s, or even the final, but we always seem to buckle under the pressure of big games.  
  16. [quote user="singing canary"] its 5pm ..!! [/quote] Cheers.
  17. Do you know what time the England match starts? 4 or 5?
  18. [quote user="Herman "][quote user="Reckoner"][quote user="Herman "] Which game was that Reckoner? [/quote] I can''t remember off the top of my head, but i remember that it was something like his first game in the championship, before that he''d been a league 2 referee. [/quote] Just googled it and it looks like he was refereeing the infamous Derby County game.No wonder his name stuck in your memory!!! [/quote] Ah yes, that was a rather eventful game wasn''t it?!
  19. It''s gonna be one of those games i think, we''re just going to have to get a scrappy goal or two. The weather is only going to help Tranmere.
  20. [quote user="Herman "] Which game was that Reckoner? [/quote] I can''t remember off the top of my head, but i remember that it was something like his first game in the championship, before that he''d been a league 2 referee.
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