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  1. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/tettey-calms-worries-about-ncfc-teammate-1-6529635
  2. Making Plans

    Edmund Riemer

    So what input or influence does he have. Does he have a say in team selection & use of substitutes? Or is he just a yes man with a tablet?
  3. Making Plans

    Did you really expect us to do well

    But we don't play to score goals. We had 60% possession yesterday but after the first 15 minutes we never looked like scoring a goal or creating a decent chance. The team is picked to keep possession but we do sod all with it. If there's a choice of passing forwards, sideways or backwards we rarely take the forward option. We have players like Buendia & Vrancic who can do that but they either don't get picked or they're brought on in desperation when we're already losing. Pukki is not supported and we rarely get more that 2 players in the box. When you have to win games you have to score and we don't look like doing that at all at the moment. Sooner or later, although it's probably too late now, Farke is going to have to stop always taking the safe option, which isn't very safe anyway, and start taking some risks. It's alright for Farke to say we need to be greedy in front of goal but we've got to get in front of goal first and we ain't doing that with anywhere near sufficient regularity.
  4. Making Plans

    'There is no bad blood or anything going on'

    That's what I thought. Getting their retaliation in first?
  5. Making Plans

    Team spirit

    It shouldn't but it probably does
  6. Making Plans

    3 points against Leicester?

    And the evidence for that is? Until yesterday I was with you in thinking that but not anymore. We were spineless & gutless yesterday. The players have given up and are either on the beach or planning their move away. Farke does nothing nowadays except to blame the players after the game. I honestly don't think we will win another game the rest of the season. I don't see any desire or determination to do anything other than go through the motions. For games that we need to win we are setting up not to lose. For games that we are already losing we are doing nothing to try & change things for the better. We just plod on regardless, game after game, same set up, same formation, same tactics and the same limitations in the belief that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, somehow we are going to pull a rabbit out of the hat.
  7. Making Plans

    Did you really expect us to do well

    I actually thought we would be ok and survive. The reality is though that in one of the weakest PL's for years we have massively underperformed our potential, both as individual players and as a team.. Apart from the odd game, and brief periods in other games, we have not consistantly played anywhere near what we are capable of. Players who I thought would make it have not achieved the level of form that their abilty promised. You can argue all day long about money spent, injuries, VAR and luck but at the end of the day it's the performances on the pitch that have let us down and put us where we are. From what I saw yesterday the players have already chucked in the towel. Strange really because with the other results going our way over the weekend there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. But not for the first time when the chips are down, apart from the first 10 minutes, we never really turned up. We got promotion by skill, intent, fight, desire and team work but we seem to have left all that behind.
  8. Making Plans

    Duda v Rupp v Buendia

    Agreed, but to score more goals than the opposition we have to start by scoring one
  9. Making Plans

    Duda v Rupp v Buendia

    The bottom line is that we have to win matches and to do that we have to score goals. Therefore it's a complete no brainer as to who should be in the starting XI and it ain't either Ruup or Doodah.
  10. Making Plans

    All of our signings this season have been crap

    Well he was far from everything this afternoon, so much so that I don't think he even got a mention on my stream. But then neither did Duda.
  11. Making Plans

    Time for change

    The trouble with Vrancic is that he has the annoying habit of passing the ball forwards and to a another player in yellow. If he wants to get picked he needs to learn how to always reject the forward pass in favour of a sideways pass or, whenever possible, a pass that goes backwards and puts the defence, who have momentarily gone to sleep, in trouble. He has far too good a shot on him, he's also too accuarate in dead ball situations, and there's always the danger that he might score. Sort those weaknesses out and he could well get a game.
  12. Making Plans

    So will Farke REALLY be here next season?

    I keep reading about us "bouncing right back" but what would be the point. If we're happy at being ranked 1 - 26 then we should be happy with 26th. Promotion to the PL again would only leave us in the same predicament of not spending money, losing most games and getting relegated. As with most things in life you should know your limitations and that for us under the present regime means top half of the Championship, a couple of wins over The Scum (if they're in there), a bit of a cup run, a full house every week and money in the bank.
  13. Making Plans

    Not much to be positive about...

    Other than the Wolves I didn't see a team "desperate to do well" this afternoon. Desperate maybe but that's as good as it got
  14. Making Plans

    From Twitter

    He should have gone to Wolverhampton races instead. He might still have lost but it would have been cheaper to get in and a lot more fun.
  15. Making Plans


    Who is quality when who is fully fit? Godfrey? Why should he not be fully fit if he's had 3 weeks off for a red card, not an injury.
  16. Making Plans

    Time for change

    What you say is probably right but that doesn't mean that we can't give it a try once in a while else why do we have a squad of 20+ players and 7 of them sitting on the bench. He assembled the squad but seems to me apart from about a dozen of them, Farke no longer rates them
  17. Making Plans

    All of our signings this season have been crap

    It's very easy to aquire crap when you are too tight to trade up to the next level There are always risks attached with buying anyone but the less you spend the higher the risks.
  18. Making Plans


    Stable door and horse as usual
  19. Making Plans

    Time for change

    Farke won't change anything. He's hardly changed a thing all season so he's unlikely to start now. He appears to be happy to let things drift and hope that things will get better. He's not proactive enough and he doesn't actually manage. He might be a good coach but he is not a manager. Today was yet another classic example. We go 2 down after 30 minutes and he still sits on his hands and does nothing. Half time comes & goes and nothing changes. We go 3 down & it's still another 10 minutes before he makes a change, and then it's only 2 not 3 What did he think/believe was going to happen to turn that game around with the same XI on the pitch, all of which had shown very little, from the 30th minute until the 60th minute.
  20. Making Plans

    Not much to be positive about...

  21. Making Plans

    Duda v Rupp v Buendia

    Buendia has to start. Duda & Rupp are not the answer if we want to win games. And what about Vrancic, why isn't he starting
  22. Making Plans

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Think this thread can be locked now. Everytime you start to get a bit of hope that we might be turning things around and escape might just be possible Farke and his players manage to turn in yet another p*ss poor performance. The door that was slighly ajar yesterday has been firmly slammed shut due to our own making and it won't be opening anytime soon.
  23. Making Plans

    Do the players really care

    We threw the towel in and packed up after the first goal went in. We are gutless from the Manager down. No desire, no intent, no fight.
  24. Making Plans

    Rupp and Duda

    In all honesty neither have much to offer and they are worse than we already had. If I was Vrancic I'd want out.
  25. Making Plans


    I was thinking during the match about the quote he made this week when he said he thought was "a better central defender than he was a midfield player"