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  1. Some interesting names there however I do feel we need a good attacking winger similar to the snodgrass type of player,  for me bennett doesn''t cut it and I have my doubts about Pilks.
  2. Just hoping that next season if we are buying good quality strikers that they are complimented with the same from the centre of the park.
  3. Hi There I must applaud the brisk way our great club is bolstering the strike force, but what type of who should we be looking at in the middle of the park???
  4. Not mad just telling you the facts I have no reason to lie. Also the person I got it from will be affected by Lamberts move. He may well be looking after SG next season.
  5. I can quite clearly see that based on the number of posts you have you dont have a life.!
  6. I only ever post when there is something factual to say unlike a lot the other b......t I read on here. I have followed Norwich for 36 years and it still amazes me how thickle Norwich fans can be. Regarding the Holt saga he spoke to the club last year regarding an new 3 yr contract but the club were not sure about his commitment due to the fact he was away 3-4 days a week in Carlisle, he was told if he relocated in Norwich that he would offered an new 3yr contract. So he bought a new house on the outskirts late last year but now the club has not kept their side of the bargain.  
  7. Unfortunately not Asda !! This would not be a good move. I did about an hour ago have one of the coaching staff in my work and he told me a few interesting things about what is going on behind the scenes.
  8. Hi All   A reliable source of mine who works at Norwich Airport has just seen Steve Bruce coming through arrivals!   Oh Lord please do not let this be true.
  9. I have it on good authority that norwich officials were spotted twice at mk dons towards the end of the season during office hours Karl Robinson is the man.
  10. Hi there   I will have it.   Can you call me on 07951105772 or email me richard.duffmorgan@gmail.com   Kind regards   Richard
  11. Go back to the days of Crooky playing. We need a crafter and a Grafter in the middle. Thats something we have not had really since then.
  12. Strange.......................I thought that.
  13. Would not be too bothered about Wes leaving. Not the type of luxury player we can afford in this division. Leaves too many gaps doesnt back track his defensive skills are about as good as what Huckerbys were.
  14. He does not look comfortable on the ball. As a central midfielder you need this asset to be at the top of your priority list. For me would not get in my starting 11 Hughes and Adeyami in the centre is the way forward.    
  15. Whereabouts are you sitting in the Snakepit?
  16. There is only one question  since Hillsborough they have known what we needed to do and yet two games into a new season we are like a box of used swan vestas.   NO STRIKERS.NO GOALS,1 CUP EXIT UNFORTUNATELY THIS BOARD HAS NO AMBITION.
  17. There is a lot of strikers that could be linked following a "good weekend" for their respective club. It just amazes me that this club has known since the moment king Dion left the pitch at hillsborough we needed a suitable replacement. Two games in two defeats, 0 goals, 1 cup exit no ambition.  
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