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  1. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Translation please someone lol[/quote]I dont think were gonna get one, ive heard chavs speak better English than this muppet
  2. Anyone with a PROVEN goal scoring attribute none of this Carrol crap as hes totally unproven.  Also with Ameobi hell be really unfit and will be lacking in recent match practise.Rasiak would be an immnsae signing but as long as Roeder can sign someone with a good record ill be happy.  They should be looking to spend two million at least here not a cheap knock off.
  3. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I think a lot of people agree with your opinion. I do and remain positive, there is no point being negative all the time.[/quote]We are Norwich fans being negative is what we do best. Lol.But it is good to see a report from someone that was actually there and its good that its a good one too.  Its a report that i think most of us expected and hoped for.  Is the Rioch Arena as bad as it soundedd on the radio as the only time you couldnt hear the Norwich fans was when Coventry scored.Bring on Blackpool!
  4. Still 45 games to go though so weve still got an outside chance. lolWe wont go down but it will be a long and uneventful season i think
  5. The fact that we had 18 shots and scored NONE proves we arent a strong attacking team it just proves that Coventry are poor defensivly, if we were a strong attacking team we would have scored.  And who cares how the goals were scored they scored 2 goals from about 5 shots and we scored none from 18.Why should we put up with losing to lets face it a crap Coventry team?  We should have won but failed because of lack of funds and relying on two good but unproven and young strikers that still have a lot to learn.We need good players now instead of turning into a club that teaches youngsters for the big teams!We have the right to moan about that theres one positive we can take from that game and thats that we are a better team than Coventry
  6. I have seen no pre seasons so i am basing this on what i have read and what i have seen from these players before hand.-------------marshall-------------- omozuzi--Stefanovic--Doherty--Bertrand --------------Clingan--------------- ---Croft---Fotheringham--- Hoolahan--- --------------Russell----------------- --------------Koroma---------------
  7. Hes a quality player but lacks pace if im honest.Anyway, i doubt he would thrive at Luton and get the goals he needs to gain confidence and improve infront of goal.  Id like to see him pushed out on loan to learn but Luton are going to have a hard season and i just dont think its the right place for him to be at the moment.Although i guess getting him away from his mates for a while may improve his attitude which is one of his biggest problems.
  8. [quote user="fox"]SIBIERSKI TO SIGN TOMORROW TRUST ME ON THIS![/quote]1)You wrote the entire thing in caps which is always a sign of someone that is not particularly intelligent.2)You have no proof that we can use.3)Finally, hes a 30+ big man hes too old to join a club having no training for a couple months and start playing immeidiatly, i guess hes been trying to stay fit but its not the same as training.  We need a good striker now not in a month or so, im sorry but i dont beleive Roeder will sign him at all let alone tommorow.
  9. Surly the point of a forum is to put across what you feel is going to happen, in this case who Norwich will sign.Mabye create a sub forum for who you think will sign or something but i think you should avoide the threads that may include informationabout possible signings.
  10. Im refusing to buy one of the new shirts as they look like they have been designed and made by a 10 year old.Ill be sticking to my Flybe one at least until the prices drop im not gonna pay 40-45 pounds on that
  11. 14.63% nowDeluded Chavs thinking Ipswich will get promoted haha in their dreams
  12. Wasnt at the game today had to go into bloody work...By the sounds of things Patterson was **** again, if im honest the best game ive seen him play was a game late last season (cant remember the opponent) but he played Right Midfeild.  He had a decent game then but for a left footer its disappointing that he cant play the position.  We payed a fair amount for him too so for him to let us down isnt on.  We should use him in a swap deal as i cant see him wanting to leave or anyone wanting to buy him.Good to see Russell getting a couple goals, his confidence dropped a lot after his consecutive red cards but hopefully hell be back to his best for the begining of next season.  Also i feel he burnt himself out last season after weeks and weeks of putting in 500%.Kennedy i can understand him not playing too well with his injury and all but Stefanovic im suprised with ive always rated him when i got a chance to see him and i hope his problems are just down to him not have jelling well yet.Overall, dissapointing that we didnt win and some of the players wernt playing on top of their game (which is understandable considering its pre-season) but hopefully soon well get it right, but on the words of you guys it seems all these hope that people have of promotion are going down the drain. Mid table will be good after 3 years of crap.Two questions:1) On the new right backs performances is he better than Otsemabor as there hasnt been much mention of him.2) Will, Clingham be able to hold down a regular first team place?
  13. Why cant we gamble and go for Aaron Mclean from PeterbroughHes good with his head and hes got skill and pace good power, yes hes unproven but it could pay off.May have to pay a bit for him but his wages wouldnt be too high, nowhere near as high as Sibierski
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