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  1. What grates me and it probably is a bit of journo embellishing, is Hooper DEMANDS transfer, now if I''m not mistaken he did sign a contract which at the time was more than happy to do.His lack of goal scoring prowess ,not totally to blame but certainly didn''t help our cause last season. Get us back up then Gary!!!!! If he doesn''t wish to be here, I personally hope he does p.ss off. Obviously not cut out for it will end up at QPR imo, and relegated end of next season.GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. There will be some very happy Norwich supporters who have been waiting a long time for a season ticket, what with all these that are going to be sent back.
  3. They can''t exactly say Malky will be here by the end of the week, but reckon that''s what they do mean nailed on
  4. Yes for me ,we have to rebuild anyways so I would rather we do that with someone who bleeds NCFC than an "experienced" or foreign manager,who would see us as a stepping stone to a "bigger club". For me he is more positive than hoots ever was, was not afraid to step up in spite of the remaining 4 fixtures we could do a lot worse, need to clear a lot of dead wood tho, however if Adams dosnt get it ,then Malky .
  5. When did he suddenly begin to look useful, I''d rather we had him than RVW at the mo
  6. Agree re Snoddy for captain the silence from Bassong is deafening, not the kind of leadership qualities we need
  7. Malky is nailed on imo for good or bad, his unavailability is the only reason CH has kept his job
  8. Not too late but Malky still not available yet, hence why CH is still here, imo if Malky were he would of gone weeks ago.
  9. FANTASTIC NEWS........HAPPY AS A PIG IN SH1T!!!!!!!!!
  10. Not the Rodent is it coming back for his man managment skills
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