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  1. Game- Barnsley away last season.  Ched''s goal celebration.................... Ground - the old Arsenal stadium at Highbury, real atmosphere.
  2. That would certainly explain why we haven''t seen any pictures of Hoolahan and Clingan in their new shirts.  Although I''ve just checked to see if they are on the official site squad list - yes they are, squad numbers and info, but no piccies. Have we really signed them - or is this a big wind-up?  Mind you they could be too ugly to launch on an unsuspecting Norfolk.............
  3. http://carrowroad.net/cnews/modules/news/article.php?storyid=93 spot on!
  4. [quote user="Match Day Pie"]It''s difficult to understand why so many people here think Delia is horrible old whatever for being reluctant to release her ''stranglehold'' on the club. Common sense in ANY business would suggest you need some kind of pay back for the time and money you''ve invested into the business. If Delia is to sell, isn''t it fair that she should not do so to a paltry offer like £20m? She has saved this club from extinction and is keeping it afloat. Cullum''s offer is not good enough - if he wants to be in charge, he should buy the club outright. All or nothing - as any investor should be. Those of you that think we should bite Cullum''s hand off have contradicted yourselves horribly by accepting the first wad of cash that comes our way. You are selling your club short for the promise of a bit of bling. £20m is all very well in the short term, but will go nowhere if there is not long term investment. £20m is nothing in today''s game and will only allow us to compete in the transfer market for overpriced players. £20m is no guarantee that we can compete on the field - look at Leicester. Our club is worth at least the £56m the board have announced, and anything less is an insult.[/quote] Congratulations MDP for injecting a bit of realism into this debate!  It has been deeply depressing to read all the posts from people falling over themselves to grab a bit of quick cash. MDP says £20M is nothing in today''s game - absolutely correct.  Spend that on players - and pay them with what???  I am a total City fan and when I heard Delia at the last AGM saying they were open to offers, I think this was genuine - and that she meant reasonable offers.  £56M is a snip Mr Cullum - pay that plus £20M for players and then you - particularly with your City credentials - would be worth talking to. And what are we doing allowing the future of our clun to be driven by Archant - the EDP sales yesterday must have been phenomenal!  Yes, I was one of those who rushed out first thing to buy a copy, only read a story dating from way back last season in the Peter Grant era................. The future of our club is a serious matter.  Let''s take it seriously.  
  5. Roy''s also confirmed that the away strip is black.
  6. Am at work with R Norfolk on (very quietly) - to hear if there''s any transfer news.  Roy Waller has said twice in the past hour that he''s heard whispers about a mid-fielder from Luton (Bell?) and a centre half from West Brom who is surplus to requirements (?). He''s not claiming any inside news - but..............................
  7. Earnshaw, Hoolahan......................great if we could get them, but are we going for anyone who is taller than the average 10 year old?
  8. Brave post Uplmm! I''m as gutted as everyone else, but there was no nice way to do this.............and I have no way of knowing what went on behind closed doors at Colney.  Hucks has been dropping hints for weeks, I hoped he''d stay, but that was totally heart over head.
  9. most people round where I sit were applauding Crofty coming on rather than Matty (who apart from the penalty had a pretty average game) going off.
  10. Marshall 6 - made 2 good saves, positioning poor too often in second half, kicking too predictable Doc 6 - he''s been a lot better recently, but yesterday not very impressive Shacks 6 - fairly solid - best defender yesterday Semmy 5 - caught out of position too often Mo 5 - poorest I''ve seen him, but could be because he was stranded too often by Henry Henry 2 - I''m sure Bertrand would have been 100% better playing with flu!  I felt sorry for Henry - properly stuck in the mud and never got going Croft 7 - tried hard, found surface difficult, no real support when he got forward Rusty 4 - poor game, looked very slow until he was sent off Dion 5 - tried hard, looked to be hampered by ankle and got no support from the ref, too many aimless headers Fozzy 6 - undistiguished, but kept going Ched 7 - can''t fault the lad for effort, he chased the ball until the final whistle and got very little service Subs: Matty 5, ran about a lot but not quick enough yet; Cureton 2, useless - shouldn''t have been on the pitch Stadium 9 - excellent but not enough toilets! Pitch 0 - a serious health and safety issue Ref + assistants 5 - red card was correct but too fussy, too many stops and starts, ignored fouls on Dion.   I thought Iain Hume was the best player on the pitch yesterday.  
  11. Wiz is just totally miffed because his hexes/curses didn''t work against Leicester! Time to blame the board obviously................  
  12. Thanks Albyella!  Clicking refresh button works a treat. And thanks for other helpful suggestions - I''m quite glad I''m not the only one with a few problems - it''s only been bad for me since the message board update. And for those of you not having any problems at all - good on you and I''m so glad I have given you the opportunity to tell everyone so and feel sooooooooooooo superior. I''d feel a lot less tetchy if we went ahead and signed Tiny![;)]
  13. [quote user="bunny"][quote user="Sherlock Holmes"] [quote user="Tom NCFC"]Yeah, because it is that simple to buy players, I think I might go on Ebay and buy one now![/quote] If it''s so difficult, how have QPR already managed to sign 9 players and Leicester 7? [/quote] Work it out Sherlock! Because they have money to throw away...... [/quote] .....and were you impressed with Leicester''s purchases on Saturday?
  14. I know I''m not the world''s most accomplished computer user, and most of my equipment is old and a bit naff (like its owner) but is anyone else having difficulty in getting onto this forum since the format changed? It used to be one click and I was in - to either the main forum or the transfer forum - now it takes a lot of messing about and clicking back and forth to access anything..................... Helpful suggestions welcome (in English not computerese).  
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