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  1. ok if thats what you think then thats fine. I only passed this info on today because  the header has possibly similar tone.
  2. Sorry no, as i said your guess is as good as mine at this time, but i am sure you and myself would have our own thoughts on who would consider a move .
  3. Well your guess would be as good as mine, we shall soon see. English prem was my interpretation.
  4. Well you guys in view of all this i am going to post, this is what i was told on Sunday evening via a insider " on the short list is a existng premiership manager" a name was mentioned but that was only a guess of who it could be, so yes we could all be in for a pleasant supprise and that is all i will say.
  5. Hope not, no faith in that guy and hes Arrogant .
  6. Gobsmacked, shock and horror - this news  rearly does beg the question should these CLOWNS (board) be running this NCFC, they would be a risk to a dogs home.
  7. Antonsson ! nah - could well be Steffan Iverson though, we shall see.
  8. What a complete load of dros, yes the FANS do show great faith BUT do not take that as granted week in and week out Mr Doncaster as their are many now who have started to question ---- is it just worth the cost and bother.
  9. I''d agree with that - I also doubt though that they will get a sale within 12 months in the current climate.  If I were in their shoes, I''d probably attempt another share issue with the fans, but this time give them proper shares. I very much doubt that she & himself would agree to that as it could well dilute the value of their holdings, possibly a major factor in them rejecting Mr Cullums offer to buy a 20 mill tranch of stock.  
  10. [quote user="colneycanary"]Has to be our most valuable player, and worth 4 or 5 times what we paid for him. But with the situation we find ourselves in, i have a strong feeling he won''t be with us for long. From the form he showed last saturday he might be premiership bound?[/quote]   Bell will be sold if a good offer comes in --GUARANTEED
  11. when we are both ready to will be the answer.
  12. did not see one good ball into the box from crofty, works hard but thats about it.
  13. [quote user="C T"] Try as I might I wasnt able to spot the great man [:(] he got a great round of applause that I joined in with [/quote]   Hucks came past me in the Jarrold stand gangway and was sitting two thirds up from the halway line, he received a good round of applause and signed some outograghs for the fans, great to see him again.
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