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  1. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]Tarring all fans with the same brush and issuing blanket bans is not the way forward. That way leads to the sort of attitude that prevailed years back which led to penning in supporters and treating them as cattle. We''ve hopefully learned those painful lessons a while ago and must not ever go back along that route. The idiots who did this need to be identified and punished, their club needs to condemn the actions and the normal law abiding fans need to stand up and be counted and show that this sort of behavior is not accepted as part of their club.[/quote] TBF too them (I feel like I am doing this too much) there fans have mostly said that trashing our ground is childish and uncalled for, but as I said last night we can hardly throw stones when we did the same at PR earlier this year. There are idiots on both sides sadly.
  2. If you take the time to read the thread re their fan letting a smoke bomb off in the pub, you will see that they dealt with it themselves and all their fans gave the idiot a right hard time. I say fair play to them for sorting the idiot out amongst themselves. Shame a few of those that were in that pub and had the decency to deal with that were not in the ground to deal with the idiots who think its funny to wreak property. Still it may well back fire as NCFC would be quite within their rights to ban alcohol next season.
  3. Sadly some of our retarded fans did similar under the stand at PR this season. I know it’s the derby but just why do people think it’s acceptable to wreak property. I trust they just closed the bars and didn’t bother to open them at HT.
  4. As a season ticket holder for the last 21 years, I have never felt so far removed from this club. This might just be the final straw. Delia out!
  5. Sideshowtim, you seem to have turned a very simple statement into a load of stuff that I did not say. I am only putting the idea accross that he may not be the champion that many of the fans think he is. If things dont go well on the field this season fans will quickly become bored of him and his ways. I too thought he was the greatest thing since Mike Walker - but I am starting to hear more and more things that I dont like, which may or may not make it into the open before to long.
  6. "I love you David McNally - the saviour of Norwich City Football Club xxxxx" - I am going to be one of the first to say it, but I think we will be throughly sick of him come the end of the season judging by some of the things that are starting to leak out of Carrow Road in recent weeks.
  7. Agree the cover looks very smart. I thought last seasons was not that great tbh. Might have a look at one at the Watford game and then decide if I should buy them this season or not. Oh and heard that they did want to put the price up to £3.50 but it was agreed that they might be pushing their luck.
  8. [quote user="morty"][quote user="The Lucky Nine"]Ill just put up and shut up and follow the club blindly without having an opinion - it seems to be the standard comment these days from the majority. Football fans - never cease to amaze me.[/quote]Wow, way to get a bit snippy because people have a different opinion to you.[Y][/quote] Sorry - that as not meant to sound as it reads. I just get a bit fed up with some of the sheep on here who back the club in everything they do. Even if the club doubled the cost of season tickets "it would be for our on good!"
  9. Ill just put up and shut up and follow the club blindly without having an opinion - it seems to be the standard comment these days from the majority. Football fans - never cease to amaze me.
  10. So we know have to deal with:- 1) £50 penalty if you lose your ST 2) £1.50 booking fee for tickets 3) No refunds 4) Overpriced tickets such as the 2 friendlies and the Watford game.# My love of football and NCFC has started to fade in recent seasons and these changes are just adding the finishing touches. I love supporting a nice family club that puts its fans first, if this is the future of NCFC you can keep it. *stands back and waits for the f*** off we dont need fans like you comments to begin.
  11. We are going. I think there were 300 advance tickets available and all sold. In fact I have a spare that I will be trying to get rid of outside the ground, so if you see someone selling a spare it could be me!
  12. The reason me and a few mates did not go today was due to the cost. ...and before you take a swipe saying we are not loyal fans between us we have been to Kings Lynn, Stevenage and Dagenham and are going to Lincoln Weds. £15 is too much for a home game, should be no more than a tenner and a couple of quid for the kids.
  13. Thanks - I am sure I will end up getting it next week.
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