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  1. Yeah, but when you get to Liverpool Street, don''t get on the Orient Express as it takes you miles out of your way!!
  2. [Barclaybred"][I have seen loads of city and ex city players in the pound lane sains..1st being mark rivers,iwan,malky..a real top bloke and out of current squad,once hoolie last year and in sept this season the doc..But aint seen holty :( Try going to a match at Carrow Road, you''ll see loads of Norwich players in 90 minutes !!
  3. [quote user="Clean Shirt"]One of the only people who if he got hit by a bus tomorrow I would be pleased![/quote] Sorry sir but with a comment like that you are a tw*t
  4. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Nuff Said"]That''s just fantasy Canarygeorge. When he was a pundit on Sky for one of our matches earlier in the season (can''t remember which one off the top of my head) they made a point of saying how was cheering the team on and up on his feet when we scored. [/quote] It was the Leeds game. He also mentioned that if he was still manager we would be pretty near the top of the league. Lol. [/quote] What he actually did was reply to a question put to him in the studio about where he thought the team would have been if he had still been in charge. His reply was that he would have hoped/thought they would have been in a similar position. Not a Gunn apologist but sick of the usual bull from people twisting the story!
  5. Smudger,Cluck, the Old First Wizard cos we''ve got a mark2 version now.............. only joking!!
  6. Nuttys point is spot on.   Tonights clean sheet was a triumph not for the centre backs (who imho remain a impending disaster) but for the coaching staff. And no not for dropping doc but because he has made the midfield both a defensive and attacking unit - something we have not seen for 2 years+ Hughes is a key man but the rest of the midfield now retain a decent shape,  close down and finally seem to be getting to grips with what is expected of them.  They are offering real protection to the back four.       Despite this protection there is still a lot to worried about. B-A and Nelson have no pace,  were turned last night and BA in particular has a habit of mis-judging the flight of a ball,  as he did against Wycombe. The bonus is the midfield - we look like we have a midfield and set ball players who will create us goals to win games.   Buy a decent set of centre backs and we then have a chance of keeping out enough goals  to get promoted... Couldn''t agree more,  congrats to Nutty and ZLF for conveying the situation  so well rather than jumping on the latest bandwagon!  
  7. I know it''s all speculation in the press and I know Sullivan and Gold are unlikely to spend their hours trawling through football websites, but let''s imagine they did...   they see a post about themselves where several pages of bashing Delia and Wynn Jones takes place because "she wont sell blah blah blah..." and they will think "hello this is just like Birmingham City fans" . They have said before that one of the reasons for wanting out of Birmingham is because of the hostility with the fanbase and one of them was quoted as saying the relationship had run its course and was like a marriage gone bad. How as fans are we helping to "sell" the idea in investing in NCFC behaving like this ?
  8. [quote user="Shyster"]Those who''re judging Theoklitos so disdainfully are going to look pretty f*cking stupid if he turns out to be a decent Keeper - I''m not predicting that he will, but to write him off when he was fielded in a starting eleven by completely inept management is like this thread; absolutely futile.[/quote] Well said Shyster
  9. I remember working there in the early eighties when it was turned in to a "fun pub" - Ketts - any one remember the phone box in  the middle of the room ,  fights , dry ice machine, disco???  aaaahhh  those were the days!
  10. As much as these two will always be remembered favourably for their time at Norwich how on earth could anyone be serious about either of these two coming in as part of a Management team. We would have a similar situation as Gunny being in charge - great guy but not enough experience or qualifications regarding coaching.
  11. [quote user="Ankles50"][quote user="TheCardinal"][quote user="Ankles50"] [quote user="IncH_HigH"]Have a read through this thread. http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1766909/ShowPost.aspx [/quote] Not interested is debating the actually player.  I''m asking if 7k a week too much for ANY div 1 player and if it could have disruptive effect on balance of the side. [/quote] Yes, but if you read the thread you''ll see countless posts from Camul who clearly says that he''s spoken with Gunn and it''s not £7k a week. It''s clearly the agent trying to drum up the best deal for his client. Is it too much? Yes. Will it upset balance? Well, no - because he''s not on £7k. [/quote] Pretty sure i said allow 20% for inflated reporting, but then you can''t have read that yourself Big question is why are we offerign anythign over 2k to anyone when money is so tight?   [/quote] You guys are doing it again, nowhere official does it say £7k a week - it''s all speculation in the press and this message board -  but off we go berating the Club for this scandalous waste of money!!
  12. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="Sideshow Tim"]We need a statement from the club telling us what the hell is going on at our beloved football club. If the reports of Brighton outbidding us for Dickinson and winning with a bid of 100k then something is wrong. Please tell us why all of our signings have been free transfers, why we are not bidding sufficiently for our targets and why there are so many trialsts at the club which will end up costing zilch to buy. Is our club is in more crises financially than it''s letting on? WE WANT ANSWERS AND QUICKLY. COME ON MAKE A STATEMENT[/quote] Sorry to disappoint - and please don''t let it stop you - but Brighton have paid around £500k for the player with around £350k as a down payment and the rest on hire purchase. [/quote] Good to have you back Cam, unfortunately what you have just said will be ignored as it was mentioned on here a few hours ago but the £100k sits better with the whingers so they can moan at us losing out for such a small fee!!
  13. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Why is Whaley only 99% here? Was there a malfunction in the transporter room? [/quote] I heard from a mate who has a mate who works at Colney that they have just got to remove the beak and give it back to Capt. Canary and he''ll then be unveiled [:D]
  14. [quote user="IncH_HigH"]Go on, do it now for us please.[:D] [/quote] I''m refusing to do any more work until you give us the next instalment, go on ginge do it today [:D]
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