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  1. ok if thats what you think then thats fine. I only passed this info on today because  the header has possibly similar tone.
  2. Sorry no, as i said your guess is as good as mine at this time, but i am sure you and myself would have our own thoughts on who would consider a move .
  3. Well your guess would be as good as mine, we shall soon see. English prem was my interpretation.
  4. Well you guys in view of all this i am going to post, this is what i was told on Sunday evening via a insider " on the short list is a existng premiership manager" a name was mentioned but that was only a guess of who it could be, so yes we could all be in for a pleasant supprise and that is all i will say.
  5. Hope not, no faith in that guy and hes Arrogant .
  6. Gobsmacked, shock and horror - this news  rearly does beg the question should these CLOWNS (board) be running this NCFC, they would be a risk to a dogs home.
  7. Antonsson ! nah - could well be Steffan Iverson though, we shall see.
  8. What a complete load of dros, yes the FANS do show great faith BUT do not take that as granted week in and week out Mr Doncaster as their are many now who have started to question ---- is it just worth the cost and bother.
  9. I''d agree with that - I also doubt though that they will get a sale within 12 months in the current climate.  If I were in their shoes, I''d probably attempt another share issue with the fans, but this time give them proper shares. I very much doubt that she & himself would agree to that as it could well dilute the value of their holdings, possibly a major factor in them rejecting Mr Cullums offer to buy a 20 mill tranch of stock.  
  10. [quote user="colneycanary"]Has to be our most valuable player, and worth 4 or 5 times what we paid for him. But with the situation we find ourselves in, i have a strong feeling he won''t be with us for long. From the form he showed last saturday he might be premiership bound?[/quote]   Bell will be sold if a good offer comes in --GUARANTEED
  11. when we are both ready to will be the answer.
  12. did not see one good ball into the box from crofty, works hard but thats about it.
  13. [quote user="C T"] Try as I might I wasnt able to spot the great man [:(] he got a great round of applause that I joined in with [/quote]   Hucks came past me in the Jarrold stand gangway and was sitting two thirds up from the halway line, he received a good round of applause and signed some outograghs for the fans, great to see him again.
  14. [quote user="canarydownunder"] I hate to mention it but what about the game against Fulham on the last day of the season when we were in the premiership. All we had to do was get a draw and we would have stayed up, but oh no Norwich being Norwich have to lose in spectacular style. I mean have Fulham ever won 6-0 before that game [:''(]  [/quote]   That one will never go away, and is still and always will be a very sore point with us fans - utter humiliation.
  15. Just had a listen to the Doncaster interview, yet again he does not answer questions fully, he is not then persued to give a full answer to the questions and move on to the next one, wish Radio Norfolk would get their act together with a proper question answer session with him, most pre match chats with him go the same way with the same old spin bla bla, think its time that Radio Norfolk did some hard interviewing on the fans behalf for a change -   and get our points over starting with this Saturday pre match, time to give them a wake up imop.     norfolk@bbc.co.uk
  16. [quote user="Scooby"] Rosenborg refused to sell him before the end of the season, despite the fact that he wanted to go (to England).  Their season ends in November, therefore he will go to England.  By the sound of it he had struck a deal of sorts with Glenn so all indicators point to him being our man come January. Am I right in assuming we can''t sign him in November unless he is out of contract?  Does anyone know if he is? As for the cash, well the Turners doing a bunk left a £1.5 mil hole in this seasons budget, Delia pumps in another £2 mil, no hole.  Now we have obviously paid something for Sibs (small fee perhaps + wages?) but, should he have to return to Wigan in Jan, that money is freed up, plus what we were obviously going to pay for Iverson anyway. The way I see it is, if he is out of contract in November Roeder will attempt to get his signature then. If he is under contract we will wait til Jan, then, if we can''t get Sibs on a permanent/season long loan, Glenn will attempt to buy Iverson as he first intended too.  I can''t see them both here if Iverson is going to cost much, it''ll be one or the other. [/quote] Scooby - spot on mate, .........my thoughts exactly could not have put that better.
  17. arrdee - could not put it better, we have NO ONE to fear in this league and i am at last so very upbeat from what i have seen thus far, this is very early days for this squad of players "and we aint seen nothing yet" just wait till they rearly get going, Classy Norwich will be the buz word soon and other teams will tremble in their boots at the thought of playing us, Bring it on.
  18. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"][quote user="Unlucky Fried Kitten"] [quote user="Loan City Fc "]Then she should have got out when she had the chance and Peter Cullum would have invested the money in the team , she decided not to which points to me that shes getting something out of it and if its not money then its publicity and staying in the public eye .She certainly does not have whats best for the club in mind. [/quote] Absolutely. Spot on. [/quote] and agreed here, time for the cook to pack her pots and pans and get OUT. [/quote] Its just one huge piss take of fans - flip out the trout.
  19. [quote user="Grando"]Lappinitup is right to be blase and smugly overconfident. Our squad''s looking great, we''re soon going to shoot up the league. So what that we''re out of the cup, have looked toothless, and haven''t scored a goal yet. I predict at least five against Blackpool on Saturday. 3 from Croft and 2 from Fotheringham. I don''t understand what all the worries are about - it''s only been 3 constant years of crap performances. With the quality Glen has signed that''s going to change from the weekend. Delia''s blend of prudence with ambition is about to come to the fore. Let''s be avin you![/quote]   Wake up, smell the coffee Grando, look at what the trout has cooked up for the season.
  20. [quote user="rossco2121"] Just wanting to watch a good game of football???? who knows? [/quote]   Then they should have watched the cricket instead.
  21. [quote user="astrodyne"]I''m sure Roeder knows this, and he''s praying to the heavens that we don''t get a bad run of injuries or get off to a bad start. I don''t think that some people realise just how far we have fallen - and just how far further we can fall.[/quote]   ''''astrodyne"  spot on with that. I have been to most pre season and yesterdays performance was not good in fact bad imop, even GR had to blast the team just before half time that resulted in a round of applause from those behind him, on this showing and i now we may have a couple of new faces to come its no change from last season, there has to be a DRAMATIC change to stay up let allone get to top six.
  22. With a full house for most games, and the support that the fans give we deserve better from this board, they have spent a very derisoy sum on players when we was assured there would be cash for players this year, did not state how much at the time but true to past form we have been let down and they have not delivered, imop we will be lucky to finish mid table at the most.         
  23. [quote user="Iwan Roberts"]So what your suggesting is that the team today was worse than many of the performances under Peter Grant against such opposition as Plymouth, Coventry, Scunthorpe etc when considering that Spurs will probably beat several premiership teams by three or four goals next season?? I''d suggest that you are wrong and it wasn''t that bad.[/quote]   You could not possibly have been at the Norwich/Spurs game then.
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