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  1. Dogsh*t what a phrase and yes thats exactly what we were on tuesday night, the travelling to games really fu*ks you off when your team doesnt turn up regardless of what standard the opposition is!
  2. Finally somoene is talking sense there are many things that we as supporters would like to see certain things done better at the clud i.e board issues, players, finances etc but what I hope most of us want to see this season and for the future is watching a team that plays good football, scrapes when they need to, bring through some quality home grown youngsters and can get through to the 3rd or 4th round of the CC     We will get the result on saturday and go from there, just remember where we were as a club in october last season!!
  3. The loan players should do the job for us Bertrand certanly will do and by the sounds of it so will Ozzi as for Luopli not sure will GR blood some of the Academy boys?? Will GR unearth a few gems if he does this and save us a few quid?
  4. T**AT!!  What does your village do for an idiot when your not there!!!!???
  5. Just seen on bbc it may be a striker Peter Thompson from Linfield
  6. I heard on the news its something to do with constantly being in administration!?? But do we see the same for the back hands, dodgy agents and these "big clubs"
  7. If we finally get some players in will the squad gel in time?
  8. its BORING listening to the same crap about players coming in etc........ We have no cash so no players!!!!
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