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  1. A brief message to those who act to prevent the wearing of poppies. The first artificial poppies were sold to raise funding to benefit those directly affected by conflict. The first sale of such happened in 1921. The poppy was officially adopted as the symbol of the heroic war dead in 1928, the tenth anniversary of the cessation of hostilities, the official explaination of the symbolism of the poppy was "The poppy shall be the coinage of remembrance. a currency which crosses all borders". It was adopted as the official symbol of the Royal British Legion, formerly the Warriors Guild, to signify remembrance & sacrifice. The first artificial poppies were made by French women, in the Somme region of France, with the proceeds from the sale intended to benefit of children living in the war ravaged areas affected by conflict. Therefore, organisations have had almost 100 years to understand, assimilate & support the display of the poppy as a simple act of remembrance. International teams are permitted to wear commercial advertising on their kit, if only as a manufacturers symbol, however FIFA feel the necessity to fine individuals wearing the poppy. FIFA hardly has a clean record as far as besmirching the good name of sport, given the recent scandals concerning bribery, corruption & draconian behaviour. Hard though it may be for FIFA to accept the simple display of a non religious, non denominational, non political symbol, worn simply to show respect, remembrance, & appreciation, may I suggest that they adopt a more appreciative viewpoint, as, without the sacrifice of millions during conflict, they wouldn''t be permitted to hold office & act in such a manner. Shame on you FIFA, you are truly an absolute disgrace. My support shall stay with the poppy wearers. Cymru am byth
  2. Oh Gawd, Not another ''Chase Ahht'' fiasco. It was fun the first time, but you can stick it now. The only way she''ll go is in a box. Get used to it.
  3. Living down here in deepest, darkest Devon, I had to rely on Radio 5 live to provide the match commentary for last nights game. Don''t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed our victory, but John Motson''s constant referral to Wes as ''Hooly-han'' really got on my wick. The fact that he could easily correctly pronounce the Middle Eastern Sunderland players name correctly shows that unless you are a permanent fixture in the Prem, the broadcasters do little to find out about your players. Like I say, other than that, I enjoyed the win immensely, but I really expected better from the senior statesman of BBC commentators. Onwards & upwards
  4. Just got back from Ibiza, & me & my lad watched the Bolton game in a bar in San Antonio. There was a mixed crowd & despite there being supporters from all points of the UK, they all agreed that we showed a good account of ourselves, particularly the Scottish lads, who seemed fractionally more knowledgeable, but then again it may be the Lambert-factor! We were delighted to meet up with a good number of fellow canaries over there on their hols. Before anyone says ''what the hell is a fifty something doing in San An, our two girls live & work out there, so it''s not all clubbing! By the way, the Madness gig at Ibiza Rocks was incredible, even more so for the fact that we saw two city shirts in the crowd. Back for a long overdue dose of fine British weather, give me cloud & rain anyday, rather than 32 degrees & 27 at night! Good to be back & seeing our boys doing so well.
  5. Excellent news! We moved down here a few weeks ago, & I didn''t fancy being the only visible Canary in the local! When you say '' a nice pub down on the front'' I assume that you mean Ilfracombe, if so I''ll just shuffle about the harbour until I find a pub showing the game! See you later
  6. I watched the coverage of last night''s game on BBC breakfast''s local coverage this morning, and guess what? They show the binners games first, with plenty of chat about ''how wonderfully'' their performance was, and yet, we had the benefit of showing one goal from the game, and almost as an aside, it was mentioned in pasing that we stayed second in the table. I know that our local TV media have always given the sc*m preference to us, but it now seems to be getting beyond a joke. How can Jimmy ''knee-injury'' Bullard''s effort be any more important than Henri Lansbury''s last gasp winner for us! The league table doesn''t lie, I can only suggest that a few local TV sport people take a glance at it once in a while!
  7. The time has finally arrived for me to retire from the job I''ve held for the last thirty three years, & it''s not a decision arrived at lightly. With retirement comes many issues, but the most pressing of these is our imminent relocation to the west country. My wife & family have stuck by my decision to move to Norfolk back in the late seventies, and we can honestly say that we have enjoyed our time here in this fine county. We have raised our family to respect & love Norfolk, as it has been their home for their entire lifetimes. So the decision to move away has not been taken lightly, but the needs of family & relations have to take precedence in our decision to uproot & head West. However, one of the more pressing concerns for me is how can I possibly listen to match commentaries whilst in deepest, darkest Devon? I am calling on posters, such as Delia''s Devonshire Dirtbox to advise me with what to do. Having been a season ticket holder at Carrow Road since the early eighties, I feel that I simply can''t change my long allegience to City, & refuse point blank to cross over to the local sides, such as Exeter City, Plymuff or God forbid, Torquay! Is there any way I can access the weekly Radio Norfolk coverage via digital radio, sattelite TV or on-line, as I will be lost without this vital point of contact. I know that this site offers blow-by-blow updates on games, but it simply isn''t the same. Having given this issue a lot of thought, it would appear that the only way is to glue myself to the very limited coverage offered by the BBC''s Football League Show, complete with the weekly Leeds ''love-in'', Claridge''s pearls of wisdom, and worst of all, that dreadful female commentator, who appears to have compiled her account of the game whilst engrossed in the latest copy of ''Hello'' magazine! Please help me resolve this situation if you can, but please can we have none of the ''put your foot down mate, just tell the missus your not going'' scenarios, thanks guys!
  8. I have had the dubious pleasure of witnessing a number of games whilst accompanying a mate who insists on sitting in the River End over the last few seasons, & I never cease to be amazed at the stark lack of footballing knowledge & logic that this section of the Carrow Road crowd displays. Not only is the failure to display a partisan solidarity in support of the team a constant issue, but the fact that these individuals ( they don''t act like any football crowd I''ve ever been a part of) simply moan their way through game after game. Even if they can''t find anything to moan about regarding the team or individual performance, they delight in whining about diverse issues. Recent subjects have included:- players hairstyles, sections of the crowd who actually dare to give vocal support towards the team, catering & toilet facilities, car parking & the perennial favourite, the weather. These are not limited to isolated comments, but often form the basis for lengthy conversations, whilst the game is in progress. God fobid that anything bordering on exciting should happen during the game to interrupt their whining, as this simply gives them something else to moan about. I was recently asked by the same friend to accompany him to a home game, & to my shame, I actually made up an excuse so as to save myself from having to sit amongst that section of the crowd. I feel sorry for him, as his son used to accompany him, & has now moved away, so the onus is now on me to go with him. However, I simply couldn''t stomach another session in that particular section of the ground, & I had to sneak into the Snakepit, with my collar turned up to prevent him seeing me! I know this is pathetic, for a guy in his fifties to act this way, but I just couldn''t deal with 90 minutes of ill-informed, otherwise mute so called supporters. Sorry to have rambled on, but this has been a thorn in my side for some time, & their support has to be questioned. I''m off to lay down in a darkened room now, & hopefully the memories will gradually fade.
  9. Those cheeky buggers on ''Talkspurt'' last night, said that the crowd was about 12 or 13,000, ''but what can you expect when the fixture is played at an unfashionable ground'', their words, not mine! Even when it came to reporting the goals, they said that the crowd ''sort of raised the roof'', thats the problem when you get amateurs acting like big time charlies. From now on, I''ll stick to 5dead, at least they don''t patronise ''smaller'' clubs! Grrr!
  10. Good grief! is that all we''ve sold? Well, me & our lad will have to move about a bit, to make us look like a bigger following. Just about to set off now. I know it''s an early departure, but our youngest, who''s at uni, lives fairly local, so we''re going to make a day of it. I can''t say that I''m really looking forward to the game, having been to Donny a couple of times before, just as a casual visitor, but who knows, it may have the makings of a decent game. They are not too far behind us in the table, but it''s early days. It''ll give the missus a chance to tidy his room, & I have no doubt that he''ll give me a swearing lesson at the game. I can see us scraping a narrow victory tonight, but it''ll be close.Typical weather for a ''northern'' game, so I''ll have to remember my flat cap & whippet! Anyway, it''s back to packing the car with more items for the student survival delivery! OTBC!!!
  11. Exeter City have always been my second team, simply because they were my local club as a kid, & my old Dad always encouraged me to support the local boys, rather than being a glory hunter. In the very early 60''s it was always Tottenham that ruled the playground kick abouts, all of the kids wanted to be Greaves or Blanchflower,so I had no competition when I opted to be Percy Baddick! So, Norwich are my team, but the Grecians are my ''dirty little secret''!
  12. One of my personal favourites was:- "One F in Fleming, There''s only one effing Fleming! One F in Fleming, There''s only one effing Fleming" sung to the tune of ''Juantalamera'' or whatever that tune was. The classic of all time had to be:- "Six foot two, eyes of blue, Duncan Forbes is after you, La la la la la la la la la!" Ah! Happy days.
  13. Ok, I''ll take it back, but you must admit, they are a breed that are gatting type cast, and unfortunately they do tend to attract the ''think to blink'' mentality. Am I forgiven
  14. It''s hard to believe that the scummy little binner ''localderbys'' can even master a keyboard, what with the six webbed fingers & the single eye in the middle of his forehead. If he can tear himself away from impregnating backward fat birds, breeding staffies & defrauding the benefit system, just take a glance at the league table, then I think even in his polluted little world, that we are making a reasonable start. Oh! By the way, we''ll be looking out for you during the local derbies you nugget, then maybe you''ll give us a demonstraion of just how ''hard'' you are in person!
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