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  1. At the match today I saw quite a lot of SJE shirts with Hucks on the back. I was just wondering where you can purchase these from because I am really wanting one.   Any info would be greatly appreciated :)   Good win today!   OTBC!
  2. I used to go with middle school with him, he was even a decent player then!
  3. I agree with Arthur... ON THE BALL CITY!! C.T don''t be so negative :P you never know, NCFC could turn good with their "12th man".  
  4. I know clubfoot, I mean the one that has been played for us in Pre-Season friendlies, its a new one, it ain''t clubfoot.
  5. Can anybody tell me what the tune is called? and whether it is going to be played this season?   Cheers   OTBC
  6. BOOOO STEPHENSON OUT!     Joke :)   Unluicky lads, was an academy side though.
  7. Pffft. I quite like having binners on here so we can insult them.. I find it quite amusing those arrogant little cunts think they can anger the city faithful.
  8. Judas Marshall. Rob Chandler, although I don''t hate him and Chrissies radio show. Wilnis - Cunt. Alan Brazil.
  9. Benny Hill. lol :P We made it - Busta Rhymes. Might be some explitives but I''m sure Doomy will find some way out :P
  10. Peter Thorne.   In all seriousness. :P   Hux, Iwan, Greeno, Jamie, Keelan, Fleck, Big Sutts.
  11. I already made a topic about this but what the heck.   I would like to see two tribes, or the canaries theme
  12. I really liked him, one of my favourite players of that year.
  13. From what I''ve heard and seen, Clinghan is supposed to be an amazing free-kick taker and I think we all know HooliHoop can create trouble in the box with his crosses. Also, Fotheringham was good last season at corners.
  14. Sweet, I shall go up there sometime this week then! :P   CTID!
  15. I pre-ordered about a month ago now, does that mean I can get it from today? or do I have to wait? because I really want to wear it for the Spurs game.
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