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  1. [quote user="Gary"]Who do you expect to replace them? (For the hundredth time) [/quote] Exactly. An entire board of directors cannot simply step down - who''s going to run the club?!
  2. Why do people keep coming on here to start their own threads about them not renewing, like they think everyone gives a to$$?! It''s getting really annoying, if you''re not renewing, good for you, the world doesn''t need to know about it. If we go down we need all the support we can get next year. Also says something that you started your season ticket when the Jarrold opened, halfway through the promotion season - and now you''re not renewing because you think we''re going down and the board are terrible etc - typical bandwagon jumper.
  3. Personally not a big fan of Boothroyd, but I think he might have the skills to pull us clear of the relegation zone in what are quite frankly desperate times. Bit of rebuilding in the summer - I still (somehow, despite the dross!) believe we have some very good individual players, if we can bring someone in who can get the best out of them as a unit then great.
  4. [quote user="canarytom"] Carl Moore has just laid down £50 in Ladbrokes on Worthy or Crook to be the next manager. Fact.   God help us. [/quote] I heard this too!
  5. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="Cottaging Canary"] [quote user="canarytom"]I have on good record that a press conference has been scheduled for monday morning[/quote] Hi Tom, Is this from the same source that told you about Lita signing 3 days before it was announced? Interesting! [/quote] someone been caught nicking the cream [/quote] What?
  6. [quote user="canarytom"]I have on good record that a press conference has been scheduled for monday morning[/quote] Hi Tom, Is this from the same source that told you about Lita signing 3 days before it was announced? Interesting!
  7. There is no way Carl Moore has that sort of money, a ridiculous statement Jas. And yes he has been bankrupt. And yes he is good mates with Huckerby.
  8. Why would we sign him? He''s already offered to play for the club for nothing and Roeder didn''t want him. Never gonna happen I''m afraid.
  9. Totally agree with CUSDP, I thought the reaction and particulary the chanting was poor. Much worse than I anticipated. Huckerby told the club he wouldn''t do it unless Carl went out with him, that''s why he was there as well.
  10. [quote user="Yellow Submarine"] Hi guys I''ll try my best to keep this relatively brief! All in all it was quite a good debate tonight. The attendance wasn''t as great as some of the previous meeting I''ve been to, there was only about 70 people, I suppose it wasn''t too bad for a fairly rural location! I thought that Glenn spoke well tonight. It was the first time I have seen him speak in public and I was impressed by him. Yes, he may come cross arrogant, but one thing you certainly can''t call him is false! He''s a very serious person and I thought a lot of the time he talked sense. The thing that impressed me is you know he is saying what he''s thinking, and I would rather have someone like that instead of someone who just says what he knows the fans want to hear! Most of the questions asked were pretty good ones, fairly predictable. Some annoying woman kept pratling on about how us supporters don''t make enough noise and we were just as responible for the decline as much as anyone else, she wouldn''t shut up! A lot was said about the current squad situation and the amount of loan players we have. Glenn talked about the state of the squad when he took over and how it was one of the worse teams he had ever inherited. He went on to say how the loan players last year saved us from relegation. He said how he was pleased with the five permenant signings he has made this year, and with the majority of the loan players. He went on to say about the loan players commitment to the cause and said that they were just as commited as the contacted players. He singled out Elliot Omozusi, and said how upset he gets when we lose, and how he loves it down here and that he doesn''t want to go back to Fulham in January! He also said how Sibierski and Kennedy have been playing through injury a lot of  the time, and said why do that if they didn''t care? He admits that it isn''t ideal having to rely on so many loan players, and that he would, in an ideal world, prefer to sign players on contacts, but with the money he has to spend it''s a matter of bringing in the players with quality. He mentioned that we should enjoy Lita and Kennedy while they''re here- so it doesn''t look like they''re on the permenant radar! Doncaster was asked how much these loan players were costing us and he said that each loan player were signed under different circumstances. For example, we would pay a lump sum for one player, another we would pay the whole wage, some we would pay agent fees plus a percentage of the wage.......you get the idea! Investment was mentioned, and to be blunt there is no real major developments there! The board did mention that there will be some money for Glenn to spend in January...obviously our board don''t divuldge in figures, but they did say that potential sell on clauses for Robert Green, Dean Ashton or Joe Lewis would be put into the transfer kitty. The subject of Lee clark came up. Someone indirectly asked why he had lied about an approach from Huddersfield. Glenn said that at the time he made those comments, he was unaware in their interest in Lee and that it was news to him. He went on to say that the following Monday Lee did speak to him about the approach and he was honest and up front through out! At the end of the night I went and spoke to Glenn personally, he''s approachable and has got time to speak to fans, apart from chit chat about Morston Hall (which none of you will be interested in knowing about) I asked him about Arturo Lupoli. Straight away he said that things weren''t working out as he planned. He said that the biggest issue with him is his physique. Whilst I was talking to him another fan gave him some homemade pickled onion and some home grown parsnips, which he was very touched by!  Other thing that were mentioned were current debt; how it is managable, how they are renegotiating a current loan with a bank lack of a leader- how we need another Dion How were the 8th biggest spenders in the league wage cap The boys at Luton ang how thay are doing ''Ok'' One thing that has got me thinking tonight is that Glenn has had a big job this season, and now really isn''t the time to judge him. When you consider he got rid of 17 players in the summer (none of them have gone on to play for anyone big & none of them are ripping up trees-as GR put it!) The 5 players he has signed have been good, so in theory if he can get another 5 strong squad players next pre season, it maybe a step in the right direction, plus we wont have to rely on loan players so heavily! It was never going to be a one season revolution, he has bought well when you consider he could only really look at bosmans,clauses and exploiting another teams misfortunes!  I''m so so so sorry for boring you all with this....and to think in the first line I put "I''ll try and keep this brief!" I''m off to bed now, I hope some of you will find this informative.....   [/quote] Binner Alert!
  11. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] [quote user="Loan City Fc "]No Hoolahan , and no Cort . [/quote]     Excellent. Roeder back to usual then. A brilliant performance to produce a memorable win and still no consistancy in the team sheet. I just hope Hoolahan is injured. [/quote] Obviously he is you moron, he''s not evven on the bench. Is Roeder also an idiot for keeping the defence the same, despite the return of Kennedy? You have no logic. Russell behind Lita I guess.
  12. [quote user="Irish canary"][quote user="Yellow Submarine"] Hello fellow Pink’un posters! I would just like to let you all know that Christmas has truly come early for me…….and Mrs Submarine! The Derby on Sunday was fantastic. We put in a solid 90 minutes and showed a lot of grit and determination. I thought Sammy was instrumental in midfield and didn’t put a foot wrong all game.   But for me personally, yesterday just blew Sunday out of the water! Mrs Submarine and I have the pleasure of announcing that we’re due our first child in June! We went for our first scan and all is well! So the next person you see buying the typical bibs and baby clothes that says “I’m NCFC best little dribbler” ...etc, etc, there’s a fair chance it’ll be me!!!!   OTBC! [/quote]   Congrats Yellow Sub, thats great news!! Thought of names? Little Crofty?!! or Hooly etc... [/quote] 1st Wizard Junior?
  13. [quote user="canarytom"][quote user="Cottaging Canary"] [quote user="Yellow Submarine"]Thanks everyone- Mrs Sub and I are over the moon! Awesome puns Butler & Canary Tom! I had a feeling either Greenwich Canary, Canarytom or Bristol Canary would put Binner Alert!! [/quote] Congratulations Mrs YS and 1st Wizard, you must be very happy :-) Shouldn''t this be in Not Just Football thread?! [/quote] Your a cruel man.  My money is on Jas fathering the child! [/quote] Any comment Jas? He has already fathered, he has the experience.......who knows?
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