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  1. [quote user="buddhaboy"]yes sonny.[/quote]i would get your facts right first buddah
  2. Because i would love to hear some more rumours from him/her.
  3. The fixture have only just come out, i think they only get enough games to show each team once don''t they?
  4. Oh, must have not taken away all the players released, but isnt Halliday (sp) still at Norwich?
  5. When Cureton joined Norwich again, i was quite pleased to say the least, a decent player, who just got the Championship Golden Boot, and with Dublin, surely he could repeat his 25 goals, or at least get near the tally, unfortunately he didn''t, it is a shame, as now many people don''t rate him at all, i would like him too come back next season with 20 goals, but i just can''t see it happening.
  6. [quote user="AndyJR"]He said it.[/quote]When and where?
  7. I don''t feel he could do the same job anymore, and we need a big striker more than a little one.
  8. Every one seems to be set on Spain, or Holland, i personally would like Turkey to win it, although i put my bet on spain.
  9. It would be a choice between the 4-1 against Holland, or possibly the 5-1 against the Germans, I''m not quite sure.
  10. With all these rumour threads going around, and targets going to other clubs, which players would you like to sign for this seasons campaign?I would like to see:MarshallSemmy, Doc, Gorkss, DruryCroft, Fozzy, Watson, Hoolahan Evans, SibierskiSubs: Gilks, Shacks, Bell, Rigters, Ameobi.I''m not saying this is realistic, but this would hopefully take us to the top 6.
  11. I don''t think he will go to QPR, if he goes out on loan it will be to us.
  12. The official Site has players whose contracts run out still up, but i think we have the 22, including Doherty, so may be 21, but about 6/7 of them have not played at all or much last season (Eagle and Martin)
  13. I sit in an oiffice, i do web desing for buissness, it can get a bit boring, as often i have little work to do, hence me posting here now.
  14. He looked like a determined player in the game he came on at Carrow Road, he might come back, depends on the price i would say.
  15. Well i think we can say there will be at least two players by 9th August (hopefully 8/9), i have been reading these rumour threads for a while now, and they all say the same thing, i hope someone will be right soon, as we need the players, but i think people are taking guesses and hoping to be right.
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