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  1. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="Yellow Messiah"]Iron Stan why do you keep claiming Mike Phelan would be a good manager just because he''s been Fergie''s number two! Working with a great manager does not automatically make you a great manager, just look at Mark Hughes![/quote]Peter Grant :p[/quote]I saw Peter Grant in the city last Sunday in Chaperfield. Does he still live around here?
  2. Its a 1 match suspension transferred from the Dutch FA
  3. And you know Kamara is only a Championship striker based on your extensive knowledge on the MLS and having watching him play 90 minutes multiple times?
  4. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Gary Hooper. Norwich Interested In Danny Graham. Norwich Interested In Kei Kamara. Norwich Interested In Ricky Van Wolfswinkel. Norwich Interested In ....... Norwich need to be a little more proactive in signing some of these guys. Our Premiership status wont be safe even if we were Interested in Lionel Messi. Please sign someone soon !!!!!     What is it that you think they are doing exactly? If only signing players was as simple as some of the posters on this forum. [/quote]But it is easy to sign players. On football manager I can do it in under 2 minutes....... Oh wait, its not the same!
  5. Having watched every game this season (due to being injured and unable to play at the minute) I am very surprised how bad Ryan Bennett is in the air considering his height! For a lad who is probs around 6ft 2 he really should be better than he is.90% of the time he goes for a header he has his hands around the striker and has got away with it for the majority of the season until the West Ham game. He also consistently loses what appear to be ''''easy'''' headers against shorter players. I am a centre back myself and have also played upfront for larges periods of my career also and know how much easier it is for a defender to win headers. Whilst playing centre back I would imagine I win 80% of headers I attempt against a striker, compared to when I play upfront I probably only win about 25%.Note: I am not saying he is a awful player and shouldnt be in the squad etc... I rate the lad from a defensive point of view on the deck, but in the air hes awful for his height.
  6. If you dig a bit deeper into who sent the tweets to who, it seems that they guy who started the rumour (@Lutherrightfoot) says its ''hearsay'' and he got it ''off Jacobs cousin''. Isnt that similar to most rumours started on here?
  7. I have said it a few weeks in a row now. He looks at who scored at the weekend and then puts them in the team of the week. When he runs out of goal scorers he generally just puts the other big name players in or the ones in the headlines. Our players have been getting in the team now purely because they have scored a few goals in recent weeks from midfield. Lloris even managed to get in the team of the week despite not saving a single shot! He clearly looked at which teams kept clean sheets (Spurs, West Ham and West Brom) and picked the big name from the three. Dont believe me, then look back at the other teams of the week. Usually 9 out of the 11 have scored at the weekend.
  8. Has no-one else noticed that his ''Team of the week'' is pretty much always people who have scored. He fills it up with goalscorers and then anyone else with a big name. I am sure that if both our defenders had shocking games they would still be in the team of the week just for scoring. (However, on this occasion having watched the game they did deserve to be in team of the week)
  9. Did anyone else hear Holt in the second half. One of the Chelsea players played the ball down the line and Holt slid towards Lambert in the dugout and just missed the ball (obviously the sound was caught on the same mics which were catching Lambert). You could hear Holt shout..... ''''You Lucky Bas***d''''
  10. I agree with both of you (Banana and Nexus). He is a quality player and has put in some very good shifts for us since he has been here. I just would have thought they short list would of included young players playing a vast majority of games throughout the season rather than being pure class in a handful. There is no getting away from the fact he is one of the best young players in the league, i was just questioning his number of appearences.
  11. Henri Lansbury??  Are there not many young players about this season then? Hes ony had a few games, without looking at the stats possibly under 15????? Note: I am not saying hes a rubbish player.
  12. [quote user="AndyJR"]think my father used to call it Turn and shoot''... http://yfrog.com/n878gz Super ghoul.[/quote]   Where did you get all those angles from?
  13. [quote user="IncH_HigH "]I would not be too suprised to see him sign on loan later this month as part of a permanant deal. Don''t think this story is over yet. [/quote] I started a post saying exactly what you just did late last night and it got a bit of a bad reaction from alot of people!
  14. [quote user="Norfolk''n Good"] "Can we have your player for £1m?" "**** off" "OK - can we just borrow him for 4 months then?" "Oh yes, of course you can. We''ll send him down tomorrow" Numpty........       I didn''t realise people were that stupid on this site but obviously they are! Next time I will make sure I will not leave any stone unturned rather than leaving it up to the subjective opinion of the people reading to work out what it meant. Obviously I did not expect him to be ''borrowed'' from Brighton for 4 months as you put it. It was reported that we were bidding around the 1.2 - 1.4 million mark (whether or not this is true we will not know). Brighton may well have been hoping for improved bids towards the end of last night which may well not have come. The whole idea of the post was that we could meet their selling price (if they choose to sell), but as the window is closed we would pay them the transfer fee agreed but put it through as a loan deal initially until the transfer can actually go through when the next window opens. Its not an uncommon occurence.  Numpty ...   (sorry to the posters who do have a brain and some logic)
  15. This is just pure speculation with no inside information behind it. We all know Lambert wanted Bennett and could not get him before the window shut as Brighton were playing hard to get. It wouldnt supprise me at all if we were to get Bennett on loan untill the end of the season with the move to be made permenant in the summer. It would leave Lambert with a bit more time to negotiate and the play to kick up a bit more fuss about not being allowed to leave when he put a transfer request in!
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