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  1. that is right because i went to the players dinner and i was speaking to croft and he said he would love to stay but he would not if we got relegated and he said in his speach he would love to stay y would he want to leave his girlfriend likes it here and so does he but he said if we went down he would go.
  2. and also i was at the players dinner on wednesday and i was sitting with neil adams and i asked neil do you think huckerby will be back playing for norwich and he said i doubt it as he is having trouble with his hip in america. but i would not be supprised if he did come back to coach.
  3. have you forgotten about lee or something ??  
  4. as many as possible should bring air hornes and stuff that makes a lot of noise to make it even a btter atmosphere!!!  
  5. i think that if we stay up shackell will join back with us at the end of the season. wot do you think ?
  6. i have applied and last year evry cattergory who applied got the tickets last year so we all should  
  7. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/MatchHighlights/0,,10355~44864,00.html?target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.canaries.co.uk%2Fpage%2Fsub%2FMatchHighlights%2F0%2C%2C10355%7E44864%2C00.html%3F
  8. billy sharp is an awesome player in champ and prem and i will cost the mos of 5 mil to sign him if u do when u go on the in the earlier stages
  9. tonight i have just seen the line up and there is no jamie cureton or mark fotheringham and also there is a change to the bench there is cody mcdonald and simon lappin.  
  10. marshall otsemabor     docherty     shackell     bertrand croft     clingan     fotheringham     hoolihan                      cort                 gow we can not have jamie cureton start another game he is so f*****g s**t and i dont think russel or pattison would be fit enougth to start as they have not played in a while wot do you think ?
  11. russel has been absoultly terrible recently and i think i would have clingan and pattison in centre mid wot do you think ?
  12. fozzy is out of contract at the end of the season and do you think he will want to stay and play leauge 1 football ?
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