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  1. the programme from the aston villa v norwich cup league cup final which we lost one nil to penlity at the old wembley there as child but as ayoung chap wat was the year 1975?
  2. so we all happy now? ok my information was wrong i wonder if mr earshaw had word i shall like? roll on the next 8 new players? whos next then ? wont say it case i have my head bit off and told to grow up ok
  3. shame that i wonder if u will lose both of those .... i hope so ipswich hater
  4. watever but who will have the last laugh cocky git
  5. there will be at least 2 new faces in norwich 2moro! how do know u my ask? taylor carroll  that wat am hearing from my information cant say any more sorry people velo ncfc
  6. so there is good news at last about time any clues anybody ?[:)] come somebody must know in the lines of this massive world velo ncfc
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