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  1. Whilst I''m disappointed to see Glenn go it needs to be said that this is potentially a life changing move for a young lad. Perhaps he just wanted to go and the club decided not to stand in his way. Glasgow Rangers are a massive football club. Whilst they don''t play in the most competitive league, the club has a unbelievable history, potentially regular silverware, European football and average attendances of almost 50,000 of some of the most fanatical fans in world football. Compare that to playing for the Under 23''s of a mid table Championship club.... I''d make that move in a heartbeat!
  2. Nice one Peter. I''m running it next year as well, for Diabetes UK. You look like you''re a lot more organised than me though, I haveen''t even thought about starting the fundraising yet!
  3. Ruddy''s shotstopping has never been the issue. There''s some cracking goalkeepers at Powerleague but stick them in an eleven a side game and they haven''t got a clue as soon as a ball is swung into the box! He''s a massive lad and should be clearing the attackers, defenders and the ball out when he comes for it
  4. Gotta agree with the OP on this. Ruddy, although a very good shot stopper is going to get found out in the Prem. Anyone who says he is commanding and marshalls his defence can''t be actually watching Ruddy, the lad doesn''t say a word while he''s rooted to his line! (Unfortunately being a keeper myself, I can''t help but study exactly what keepers are doing/saying) I''d take Westwood in an instant, especially on a free. If we had to pay for a keeper, Lee Camp or Adam Federici would be my choices
  5. Possible tie in with the new supllier of NCFC''s kit?? http://www.norfolkfa.com/splash.aspx
  6. We were stuck in that traffic jam and in the car next to us was Kammy having been at the Scum v Reading game!
  7. I just won 2 tickets at work and have sorted a lift at the last minute! Sorry, I''ve got a little over excited!
  8. Non football related: people that write ''lol'' and ''lmfao'', they deserve a bullet! Football related: I only hate Wolves and Ipswich. (They also deserve a bullet!)
  9. I''m off to Spain on Sunday, hope I can find it being shown in a random bar somewhere!
  10. I''m massively in favour of us trying to win the Paint Pot. Obviously we won the Championship in 03/04 but before that we haven''t won anything since 1985, thats 24 years of not winning anything! Just think what a great day it would be going to Wembley withour beloved club!
  11. [quote user="smudger"]Aviva was the most expensive car insurance quote I got when I renewed this month. Go with elephant.co.uk they are by far the best. Also the security guard who waorks at the aviva car park on Brazengate is a miserable old sod[/quote]   The best for you perhaps Smudger. Insurance is based on individuals (driving history, your car, job etc etc etc). Just because you didn''t get a great quote doesn''t mean someone else won''t either!
  12. That surprises me a bit, I''m sure I heard a few chants of ''4-1 and you still don''t sing'' from the away end on Saturday. In fairness Carrow Road does rock when the team are doing well but I have heard it said a few times that when things aren''t great on the pitch the noise drops significantly.
  13. [quote user="Norfolk''n Good"] Try here www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/...Norwich-City/.../index.html Got a 92/93 shirt that may have been worn by Crooky for £170!!!! but sure I saw an Adidas one on there   Looks like the Adidas shirt is the only one they haven''t got!
  14. Does anyone have an adults large Home or Away shirt from the early 80''s that they are willing to sell? Bit of a long shot I know but I''ve been looking for one for years with no luck.
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