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  1. Credit to their manager too for going into the away fans section before kick off to thank them for making the trip.
  2. If teams have to change their own style of play to try and stop ours then so be it! It weakens them just as much.
  3. Thanks for the ratings. Interesting you had Lappin as your MoM when MB gave him the lowest rating out of the starting 11. I remember Dagenham & Redbrige having a huge physio when we played them a few years ago, was the highlight of an awful game!
  4. MK Dons losing 3-0 at home to Carlisle.. Whaley has just smashed one in for Bradford.
  5. I thought the Greeno sell-on cause was wiped out as part of the ''deal'' when we got Grant.
  6. ..in Chapelfield at 12 o'' clock. Sorry if I''ve missed something obvious but shouldn''t he be training?
  7. I think I can remember seeing someone volley it over the N+P during the cup game with West Ham a few years ago, think it was Hayden Mullins?
  8. Like I said, I sat in that block and I can assure you that OTBC was sang at least 5 times, I''d say that was a decent amount..
  9. I was really impressed with Askou last night, looked very comfortable and seems to have a good understanding with Lappin. I was amazed at the distance he gets on his headers, I play centre-back myself and would say heading is my best attribute. But I sat in awe of Askou''s ability to get the ball so far with his head even when the ball had little pace on it.
  10. I never post on this messageboard but often read the topics on here, I felt the need to comment on this because the reaction from some of you is ridiculous in my opinion. It seems like a bit of an over-reaction. I was sitting in Block E, about halfway up, just in front of the young lads that were shouting various things throughout the game, which I found rather funny and I could see the lads at the front. Okay, the language was fairly colourful but I couldn''t see any young children from where I was sitting and everyone around me seemed to be laughing too. I think the only reason a few of you on here found the chants distasteful was because they were only aimed at one fan, the reason for this being that the Brentford fans were the quietest I''d ever seen. No, I don''t have a season ticket, I play football on Saturday''s for my local team and would much rather be playing football than watching it. But if I was a season ticket holder I''d love to have those sort of people sitting around me every game as I found it hilarious and kept me entertained through a comfortable game that was far from the most exciting I''d been too.  
  11. When I heard you read the messageboards Darren I had to make an account to give you the farewell you deserve. When I sat in front of the computer at college this morning and opened up the PinkUn site to see the ''Huckerby among nine players realeased'' headline, my heart sank, never have I witnessed a feeling like that for something many people would deem irrelevant to my life, but it shows how sorely you will be missed. I only managed to see you play for one whole season as I myself spend my Saturday afternoon''s playing football, but your displays in that season made it clear to me why you are regarded as a legend at Carrow Road. Sitting in the Snake Pit counting down from ''12 Huckerby''s...'' will live long in the memory.   Thank you for everything you have given to the club, on behalf of the thousands of people that don''t use these messageboards we wish we could have given you the goodbye you deserve, I look forward to cheering your name once again at Fortress Carrow Road, where I hope you will be sitting among your many admirers.   All the best to you and your family.
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