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  1. Where are you coming from as return from norwich to Liverpool is £101.90. However splitting your tickets makes it cheaper. Book the following and it is currently £68.80. This is for the same train so you don''t need to get on and off. Norwich to Peterborough. Depart nor 7.57. Depart pet 21:36. Book 2 singles £10 going £8 coming back Pet to Nottingham. Depart pet 9.30. Depart nott 20:34. Book 2 singles £10 going £9 coming back. Nott to Manchester. Depart nott 10.45. Depart man 18.34. Book return £20.70. Man to Liverpool. Depart man 12.37. Depart Liverpool 17.52. Book return £11.10 Use east midlands trains website (you can possibly get cashback through quidco as well) and it comes to £68.80 Word of caution, you must get the 17.52 back. Miss it and you won''t get in until Sunday!
  2. Went in neutral section last time. Full colours, no problem.
  3. Just phoned club. They have just finished processing all of the tickets. If the money hasn''t gone from your account you have been unsuccesful, like me. Boo
  4. Tickets arrived in the post today! That''s what I call service!
  5. Got mine just after 9am this morning! Whoop whoop! Sorted trains as well!
  6. Lansbury spotted ordering a milkshake at Little Thief at Thickthorn services.
  7. While I agree that something needs to be done I believe that there is a much simpler way to sort this out (and it could be implemented at grass roots level too). Why not have the goal dug out and filled with sand! when the ball bounces on the sand a lot of the energy will be taken out of the ball thus stopping it bouncing back out therefore showing clearly that a goal has been scored!
  8. I was told today by someone who has a friend who works for the club and they said that the reason the concert was pulled was that they had only sold 4000 tickets (as said in a previous post). However they also added that they were offered a choice of three acts, these being JLS, Leona Lewis and Tom Jones! I wonder who chose Mr Jones then!!!!!
  9. A little dicky bird told me yesterday that they have looked at the square footage of the top of the barclay and river end and they feel that there are not enough seats in there for the size so that the bulk of the extra seat will be in those two areas.
  10. Just thought I would share with everbody the latest rumours that I have heard from within the club. I have heard that Norwich have turned down the chance to hold two concerts at carrow road. The first concert being Bon Jovi which they turned down because of a clash with a wedding. Fair enough, can''t blame them if it is already booked out. The second concert was for the Rolling Stones but they turned that down as the promoter wanted to charge £100 a ticket and NCFC didn''t think it would sell out. If true I think Norwich are crazy, It would defo sold out. Finally I have also heard that the accounts are under a full review which could possibly mean that somebody is looking into taking over the club. Don''t shoot me down on the above, as I said only rumours.
  11. Confirmed sigining. http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1229256,00.html      
  12. If you would like to protest against this stupid idea why not join the facebook group Save Norwich City''s Club Badge.   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20527620787
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