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  1. Yes, I was there Saturday....Yes, I was an AN supporter....not so now, It wasn''t the worst I have ever seen (1-7 Colchester will live long in my memory) It was however very poor...My issue with AN now is that he does seem to have ''favourites'' Jacob and Tettey, are the two who immediately spring to mind. McGovern was, just, worthy of his place, until Saturday that is, now he must make changes, not only in personnel but also mindset. How you fix that defence god only knows, but I believe we must change the personnel, keep on the front foot and hope that the players respond. Pritchard and Canos should start, and perhaps the youth and exuberance of Louis Thompson may help. The point of my post is that I feel AN has November...3 games, to show improvement, logic would suggest a change at the beginning of December, if no improvement, would allow a new manager to assess the squad before the transfer window in Jan....who to replace him with?....sadly I do not possess a crystal ball, and I think the available candidates may not be of the best quality...I hope Jez has a plan B....and an ace up his sleeve!
  2. Bizarrely I had the notion an away ticket couldn''t be returned this close to the game....in fact it can be returned at any time before end of business on Thursday....thanks for the suggestion John.
  3. I have a spare ticket for Brighton available for face value (£32)....am driving down on match day from Norwich, so can offer lift there for small fuel contribution, however am staying over, so return trip will be Sunday.....message me if interested, can deliver ticket to you if reasonable distance from Norwich.
  4. When Austin was much talked about in August a very well ''respected'' journalist stated that it was well known that Austin could not consistently play consecutive matches because of his knee problems, ha also stated at that time he was looking for £80,000 per week, has to be a gamble for any club surely?
  5. We have to keep our manager, simply because he needs time. I was at Fulham I know how poor we were, same for Liverpool, I also know we outplayed QPR, West Ham and ,some would say, Spurs, Chelsea was no worse than last season, I wish we had started with the hard games, because I think we would have easily won the two home drawn games, the fact that we now have the hard games on the back of two draws makes it seem worse. Hughton was, and still is the best man for the job, the suggestion we should look at Darren Ferguson...........! It amazes me that many are prepared to allow Grant Holt all the time he needs to get up to speed but are not prepared to offer the same to the manager! We are not a knee jerk reaction sacking club (thankfully) Performances will improve, keep the faith!
  6. First of all, I am a big fan of Grant Holt, I do however have to agree with Canarypops. Many posters on here state that he is a slow starter and will be fine by October! The date of the season start is published well in advance, there is no excuse for not arriving at that date fighting fit and ready to go! Particularly if you have just signed a new extended lucrative contract, I was at Fulham and Carrow Rd on Saturday, on Saturday he was much improved but still off the pace, was it too much to ask to make the effort to be fit for day 1? I really hope he does prove that he is worth that new contract.
  7. Thank goodness for a voice of reason! Why not add Cody McDonald to the list? You couldn''t make it up, it is only one game!!!! We need to improve on that performance, but can we not channel all this angst into a red hot,fully behind the team and manager atmosphere on Saturday, come on people lets blow QPR away on and off the pitch!!!!
  8. Steady on people! We are not he sort of club to even consider sacking a manager after one,admittedly,dreadful performance. I was there yesterday and am very sad and disappointed today, who knows what caused that to happen, none of us know what things are like''behind the scenes'' we need to stick with the manager and players and hope it was just a bad day. We have two weeks to address the deficiencies with the squad and let''s hope that can be done. On a personal note I want to see some support for our strikers, so 4 4 2 for me, and I was delighted when our captain signed his new deal but having got what he wanted and accepting he is a poor trainer, is it too much to ask to turn up for the first match fit and looking interested? I will be there on Saturday and 100% behind the manager and team, I will have my fingers crossed though.
  9. I had not considered that the ''switched on'' regular viewers and posters on here might need a ''heads up''...............?
  10. Just bought 4 in ''neutral/away'' section plenty available if you are quick!
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