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  1. Neither BetFred or Coral had odds for the Norwich job, so they saved my money for me.
  2. Might put a fiver on him being the next manager seeing as I''ve just seen him, suited & booted, in Waitrose Wymondham petrol station. Perma tan was a perfect match to his white BMW M5.
  3. Hi, I have a box of 50+ Norwich programmes (mainly early 90''s) that I''d like to give away rather than binning. I live in Wymondham, if anyone would like to come take them off my hands then pm me. Thanks.
  4. Our resurgence as a club is forever intertwined with GH''s rise as a player and a leader. All are on the brink of a new chapter, and we can only hope that the decisions made work for all involved. This day was always going to come, and I for one are thankful that he leaves with only good memories. One thing''s for sure. It''s time for new leaders to step forward.
  5. [quote user="Monty13"] So, if someone in the crowd shouts at a black player who has just scored against our team "you black (expletive)!" I would be surprised if any fan wouldn''t be, quite rightly imo, appalled. I have heard someone do this at Carrow Road (at the river end no less!). However by the LEGAL definition is he being racist? or in the heat of the moment has he latched onto the colour of his skin as a description in the same way that other fans shout "you fat (expletive)!" at Holt. His hatred of the player in that moment isn''t motivated by the fact he is black, but by the fact he has scored, but he has used the word black. It is quite clear legally that racism is where the motivation for the hatred comes from the fact the person is black. [/quote] But why, in that instinctive moment, is ''black'' the adjective they use?
  6. [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]Captain Obvious, Perhaps look at this from a different angle. Let''s say that you ran a business in Norwich, with one big office with 50 people, and you had a vacancy for a customer services executive. With it being a recession you have a lot of applicants for the role, perhaps even 100 applicants. On your application form you included the question "Do you have any criminal convictions Yes/No", you also have the question "If yes please go into detail below". John Smith aged 24 wrote "convicted for rape and imprisoned in 2004". Would you give him an interview? I doubt that you would. Why not? Would it be because you would be wary of him? Or would it be because you would be concerned about clients and employees being concerned about it? Nobody said that he can''t have redeemed himself or repented, everybody is saying that they don''t want him associated with the football club of which they are a frequent long-standing customer. Norwich would have many unhappy customers and potentially some unhappy employees should they employ this individual. Seems pretty simple to me. If you think that this is hard line then sorry but that''s a joke, he wouldn''t even get a visa to VISIT America or Canada with that conviction. I don''t understand this quasi-liberal message that you and Stig are attempting to project. Is it one which says that you shouldn''t worry about committing serious crimes because the penalty will be almost non-existent, some taxpayer funded scheme will let you out most days whilst apparently incarcerated, and when you have been released after serving less than 50% of your sentence there shouldn''t and probably won''t be any consequence to your actions? I personally prefer the line "don''t commit crime because a criminal record will destroy your life", and that''s the one which my kids will hear.[/quote] A quick point on this. As an employer you can only ask about "criminal convictions not yet spent", and if you take into account any convictions that are spent then it is you that is breaking the law.
  7. *narked. Don''t be naked, please.
  8. My take on the retweets is just to show the unwarranted abuse he gets. It''s ok to be annoyed, upset, naked, but don''t result to insult. Let''s face it, QPR didn''t sign a player they wanted to sign, who wanted to join them, and WBA wanted to sell. It ain''t easy! For me we targeted a player that was unlikely to come, and we had no plan b. Again.
  9. I''d happily see Fox in the side, perhaps as part of a ''Christmas tree'' formation, alongside Johnson and Tettey. Hughton would get to still play his one up front, but with two creative supporting players. There would be less width, but then we''re hardly hugging the touchline as it is. We may then get a bit more creativity and variation from midfield.
  10. At the current rate we''ll soon be hearing that Shola Ameobi is searching his car for his bag for life before heading off to a Riverside located supermarket.
  11. I would not be at all surprised to see Fox rejoin PL once again.
  12. What''s happened to Surman, anybody know?
  13. [quote user="Howson is now"] About halfway down St. Benedicts is another great little pub called The Plough. It''s pretty small though but has a great beer garden so is more of a summer pub but worth popping in [/quote] Not forgetting the best thing about The Plough? Grain brewery beers!
  14. I''m failing to see what Garrido offers that Tierney can''t. Always feel we have a bit more oommphh down the left when Tierney plays.
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