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  1. automatic promotion in the 2010-11 season I think if we can avoid administration in the next year or so..
  2. Hoolahan $400,000, Russell $200,000, Stefanovic $100,000 $=british pound thoughts?    
  3. [quote user="Canadian Canary"]Having grown up in Canada and being NC brainwashed by the old man, my only other choices would be a now defunct ''soccer'' team or watching early morning NHL games of the Edmonton Oilers.[/quote]      GO FLAMES GO!!!    
  4. but I think Norwich are going up this year! [B][B][B]
  5. [quote user="Gunns NO Legend"]To old now , just a pr stunt for an unpopular manager. [/quote] Hucks was very effective in San Jose last year....I have seen alot of MLS football out hear in North America during the last few years and I would rank this league on par to League 1
  6. would be some positive news considering much of our midfield looks to be departing over the summer..[B]
  7. [quote user="Canadian Canary"]I have to cheer myself up now by looking at Southampton news http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1783_5320942,00.html [/quote] yikes.....looks like you can stick a fork in the Saints  
  8. [quote user="21 year old city fan"] Its a joke considering teams like Preston, Burnley and even possibly Wolves do not spend more than that a year, Who earns what and we dont have many good pros. [/quote] I think Wolves spend plenty more than 8m....but a good question non the less  
  9. Marshall was way overated.....i doubt he starts more than 10 games with Cardiff before he''s on the bench
  10. [quote user="sadlerman"]I''m not overally happy with his appointment but I have felt for a long time that this would happen as it was the easy cheap option. It''s obvious that we couldn''t afford to pay off the management team and start again from scratch. The only way this will work is if Gunn is backed 100% by the board and is given every penny possible to spend on assembling our new squad. I believe that this will happen as the board are now drinking in the last chance saloon as far as most fans are concerned and surely realise that they can''t mess things up again. Some of us already believe that last orders has been called! I''ll still be at the games giving the team 100% support, but that doesn''t have to mean I like/agree with all the recent decisions that have been made. I''m willing to give Gunn and his team the chance to get us back up into the championship but I feel that if after 10 games or so we''re not in the top 6, then the shit will really hit the fan [/quote] CANADA agrees with the sadlerman....Gunn has our full support for the first 10 games[B][B][B]    
  11. [quote user="Life of Ryan"] eh? :P Are you a baseball man? I''ve been following the Jays for a few yesrs since I visited Toronto and it''s nice to see them playing well :) [/quote] Yep, Jays are top of the American league at the moment..long way to go however
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