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  1. Hughton for me too closely followed by holloway
  2. I wish him all the very best in all his appointments after this but i hope the villa go down under his leadership
  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"] I love Gunny The Legend[Y]   [/quote]I agree
  4. over the years you get to see several of the stars at various functions, my most memorable has to be whilst talking to Don King at wembley in 1986 mohammad Ali coming to stand beside him. I was awe struck
  5. have no fear we''re not an easy team to beat now and we''ll raise ourselves for this one
  6. [quote user="tank"]Hoolohan for Lee anyone..[/quote]Why, you can''t play Lee and Holt in the same team so No thanks
  7. [quote user="CDMullins"]If Cody hasnt got a first touch now, he will never have one![/quote]Joking aint ya, young lad in his first season as a pro
  8. [quote user="Lord Horn"]I was bought up in an era when it would have been unthinkable for City not to kick towards the Barclay in the second half (given the choice).  Do you think we can persuade our new Messiah ''The Lord Lambert'' to return to these traditional values? Or, do you not give a toss?[/quote]Whilst I have no memory of that being the case I totally agree that it should be so
  9. I like the oldest stinkiest strongest tasting stuff I can find
  10. [quote user="nr1"]Mate if you been there since the 70/80s you would realise that was when the proper fans were about now its far to corperate time to go back to the 80s where i enjoyed a good day out at carrow road.[/quote]Life changes mate, I was there through all of that period, enjoyed it immensly and had my fair share of rucks,  I also remember being beaten up by spurs fans as a kid and the thing is I take my own kids now and I don''t want that for them. Have a good scrap outside the ground with my blessing but leave the atmosphere inside the ground as it is.
  11. [quote user="NottsCanary"]Ha, yeah, changed the seats now, just had a look at few pictures on the internet and changed the seat, now near front of upper barclay, as my sister probably wont appreciate the lack of a view from behind the goals.[/quote]great view there,I''ve had my season ticket up there for about fifteen years after making the mistake of sitting with dead people in the river end for a year
  12. [quote user="Camuldonum"]No, he walked out.  But we did not accept his resignation (as of yesterday). Interesting isn''t it?  Wonder what the FL tribunal will make of it all. [/quote]with a bit of luck they''ll be distracted
  13. These are very old retired police horses, the club provides water and a little bit of hay and the retired police horse welfare society exercise them outside the ground on match day as a gesture of good will. As for the hot dogs, well eventually they are past exercising
  14. Norwich for me as we are our own worst enemies usually
  15. Congratulations Mr whittle sir, I was standing right behind the goal when Bruce headed home that semi final winner that was my highpoint after that the final was always gonna be ours
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