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  1. I am going to be in Las Vegas next week for a stag party which is great, however it does mean I will miss being able to go to the game. Cab anyone tell menif it is being shown on Fox Network as it is shown by Sky here? The only other game I have missed is Ipswich which wasn''t shown out there as that was on the BBC. Have not been wise this season when picking NY holiday times!!!
  2. My girlfriend has been begging me to take her to New York for a while... not that I needed much persuasion having visited 4 times previously and absolutely loving the place. Anyhow to cut a long story short, I realised the other day that the day we travel back is the day of the Derby. I couldnt believe it and wondered if my life would be worth living if I changed our flights. It would not. Therefore this post is a cry for help from the New York Canaries. Please can you tell me if the game is due to be shown out there as I am sure it is being televised on the BBC over here. Also if you are getting together to watch I would love to join you! I promise my girlfriend will keep quiet... Would love to hear back from any of you with details. Shannock Bob  
  3. What an absolutely crazy post! Anyone who holds these two morons as heroes certainly are obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic. These two poor excuses for human beings should be banned for Carrow Road for life.
  4. For the record I am not at all happy in what has happened with our club over the past 4-5 years, pretty much ever since the Championship winning season finished.  Delia et al has made her decision to stick by Gunn. I too think this is the wrong decision but whats done is done. We simply have to get on with it for now at least.  We are not going to get out of this league hurling abuse at new players in their first competitive match for the club and like anything workforce which has a massive overhaul, there is always bedding in time. The season will not be won or lost on the first day, hell even the first month so what I am trying to say is and also to dumb down a little for folks like Barclayman is this: Give these new guys a little time before crucifying the hell out of them. I believe with the right mixture of youth and experience we have the players to get us out of this league this season. But if they are reduced to nervous wrecks each time they play at Carrow Road we have no chance. Finally I would just like to add that I am not a fan of Delia Smith or her cohorts of the past. They took us were we should be and frankly they blew it. I cannot wait for the day she sells up and moves on. But I am sensible enough to see an appreciate that the team on the pitch will perform a lot better with positive support so that is where I will be focussing my efforts right now. OTBC
  5. This post is not a pop at the team for yesterdays woeful performance which I obviously agree was simply awful but at the city ''fans'' treatment of the team and Gunny yesterday. Never before have I been so uncomfortable sitting at Carrow Road. I think the way some fans behaved yesterday when things had gone wrong was shocking. Yes Theoklitos made some howlers but this was the poor lads debut and the biggest game of his career. He is obviously got some talent. He wouldnt be here if not, The calls for him to f*ck off home to Oz were terrible. Jeers of derision each time the ball approached him are not going to help this guys confidence one bit.  I was sitting in the Aviva Community stand for the first time. There were lots of children around with their families yet the atmosphere up there stunk due to several guys who polluted the air throughout. One guy in particular was the worst offender. Jumping on the players backs from the first mistake. It was indeed him that asked for Theoklitos to go home and that he would even pay for his ticket. I my friend would rather you p*ssed off somewhere and took your silly little hat with you because you and you can take the two morons who confronted Gunny with you for you are not the sort of fans we need right now. This is a new Norwich City. Yes, yesterdays performance was fresh out of last season and what we are used to nowadays, but we will get better... These players will get better once they get used to playing as a team in a competitive environment. We just need to have a little bit more patience and faith. Yesterday was awful, it was still only 3 points dropped. We need to get behind the lads AND Gunny and things will come good. The changes we have seen this close season were huge and will not come together without a few hitches. Lets treat this as the wake up call that we probably needed to show us this wont be a walk in the park and all pull together and start heading in the right direction. OTBC
  6. I will take them, I was sorting all mine out only the other week! Ill pm you
  7. I would imagine so... They do work hard for it each day of the week though......
  8. [quote user="ched seven"] [quote user="Rocky Rocastle"]"you should be hung for treason, i`d never watch any other team over norwich, whoever they were free or not, you need to take a good long look at yourself" What a ridiculous thing to say Bob...You may think you''re being loyal but sounds to me like you need to get out more. Maybe you''re the type that gets nervous and starts shaking when you get beyond Thetford! I always keep an eye out for Kings Lynn''s results and go when I can, does that qualify me for treason...IDIOT![/quote] bob didn`t write that i did    IDIOT sorry but its how i am , if i can`t be at a home game for whatever reason  i get all tetchy  for 90 minutes until its over , i certainly couldn`t sit watching another team  whilst we`re playing free ticket or not..it would be unbearable..if that makes me an idiot in your eyes then fine i couldn`t give a f--- [/quote] Well little man, I am actually sharing a season ticket with someone this year so its no big deal. I probably should have put that in my original post as there would obviously some over sensitive posters who could take offence that I should happen to watch another game. Have had season tickets to Carrow Road 20 years since I was7 years old so having my faith questioned doesnt really worry me too much.  
  9. I admit to being unfaithful yesterday. I am a season ticket holder but the offer of a free ticket to the Gooners came up so I went to catch that. I can categorically state do not want Shola Ameobi at this club. He was awful. He didnt win everything in the air as another poster has suggested, maybe 50%. What he did win hardly ever created anything. His touch was awful. His passing was awful and he didnt have one effort on goal. Yes I sympathise he probably isnt 100% fit but at any rate he didnt convince me that he is the answer to our problems one bit. Go for Iverson or maybe even that lad from Hartlepool if we can negotiate the price down a bit but Ameobi...not on my nelly. Let the scum have him!   OTBC
  10. I took the missus to the game and she is not all that well informed on the Beautiful game. She picked up straight away on how fat Patty looked! he was simply awful. He obviously hasnt been putting in enough effort in the pre season training. The rest of the squad looked in tip top shape where as ''Fat Pat'' merely looked (and played) like a pub player. Sort it out son or ship out. We should have the depth in midfield this year to have a really healthy battle for places. On Mondays showing you have a lot of work to do to get on top of that list.
  11. Henrik Mortensen... I bet not many remember him! he always used to remind me of a blonde David Hasselhoff
  12. [quote user="Wally"]Pretty much anything by Muse - Knight of Cydonia sounds pretty good. Or New Born, or Plug In Baby[/quote]   Nothing by Muse please after that Hysteria crap from a couple of seasons ago.... they tried it and it was rubbish... I really like that Classical vid a few posts back which was used in the NFL. I would be happy with that or ''The Canaries'' tune which gets played before games at the moment.
  13. completey agree. exciting young prospect in Omozusi and i thin Stefanovic will prove to be a great asset in this league...possible new captain too in my eyes? Also do I remeber seeing him belt in a good free kick?
  14. He did get a wondergoal against them when he was at Coventry, I believe it was in a cup game. You are right though the clip they ran was the B''ham goal from the season before last.
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