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  1. Yes mate, I live quite local in Oxford so wasn''t too far getting back, apart from Reading train staiton this morning which was an absoloute joke! Did you get home ok?Festival was amazing, well done for bringing the Norwich flag, was one of the highlights, hope to see you at Reading 09!
  2. Hi Yella Forever, do you remember meeting me and my mate outside the NME/Raid One tent on Saturday with our Norwich shirts on, what a great weekend it was, saw the flag during Blco Party''s set, OTBC!
  3. This Alex Ross sounds decent enough so you never know, never heard of Henton Albion though.
  4. He sounds awesome, apparently he has been great for Northern Ireland.
  5. Come on guys, lighten up, its a Friday, my mate did see Lee Clark walk past Carrow Road, but of course it has nothing to do with the Ameobi deal, chill, go home and have a beer!
  6. Yes I do NCFC star, its in Bishopsgate, not far from the Jarrolds Depot, or we could meet at the prince of wales, or Henrys? As you live in Stowmarket/Leciester you may not be able ot make it.
  7. Think you''ll find I am NCFC star, and if you want me to prove it, meet me at the Adam and Eve tommrow!
  8. Because there both Newcastle legend, I reakon something is afoot!
  9. My mate just saw Lee Clark walking past him at Carrow Road, maybe something to do with the Ameobi deal?
  10. Zema Abbey, now warming the bench at Forest Green Rovers, Victor Segura, didn''t he go to Real Mallorca or something? What about Tim Stratton?
  11. Yeah I remember that, wasn''t it against Man City, all these Norwich one goal wonders. Who can forget Ulf Ottosons cracker against Sheffield United all those years ago?
  12. Yeah and Coventry, he played for Ireland a few times aswell, I remember when I was young in an issue if Match magazine he was voted most promising youngster of the year, how times change!
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