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  1. Its a while since I last posted so let me say how much I''m enjoying Carrow Road at present, and thank Paul Lambert and David McNally for taking the club from the four years of misery under the likes of Roeder, to the promise and optimism of the present day club. Overall we have a very strong team and they are a pleasure to watch, always giving a 100% effort and playing for the club and fans. My only concern with Barnett being injured is the form of Elliot Ward who is so inconsistent, and it appears from this forum that an increasing number are coming to the conclusion that he is a weak link in an otherwise solid team. Zak Whitbread doesn''t inspire 100% confidence but has put in some solid performances of late, and if he can avoid injury should do well for us. I understand the generosity in Lambert letting Nelson go, but would prefer his solidity in central defence to the erratic performances of Ward. I appreciate we have to trust Lambert to bring in a worthy replacement for Barnett, and I''m sure he will do so next week. In the mean time lets hope for a point (or even three) at Elland Road today, and an exciting finish to the season. OTBC!!
  2. I''ve purchased a ticket for the cup replay tomorrow to ensure I have the opportunity to join in any chants directed at Roeder and the board with the intention of encouraging their rapid departure from our beloved club. I hope those attending feel the same and there will be plenty of negative and noisy chants making our feelings known. Are there any plans to meet before or after the game to have a peaceful but noisy protest?? Keep the pressure up on Roeder and the mute board!!!
  3. Great performance against Ipswich and then back to normal for the next two away games. Its great playing good football against Watford and Reading but the only fact that counts is that we didn''t win and therefore no points achieved! If any of the teams below us start to perform then we will be deeper in the relegation mire than we already are. Our current plight requires wins or at the very least draws, and I don''t mind how we achieve them, playing ugly or whatever. So please Neil Adams, Glen Roeder and pals stop harping on about how well we played and how unlucky we were to lose. Focus on the facts (which don''t lie) and get some consistency leading to hopefully positive outcomes.
  4. Totally agree. IF we lose then what better high profile occasion than the home derby with lots of TV and press coverage to make public our discontent with the current manager and board? Just to ''hope'' things get better is a pathetic suggestion; time to protest peacefully but using our voices for a change to make our feelings and frustrations known; who cares what Ipswich fans think?
  5. I think if (or when) Ipswich beat us on Sunday it will be the last straw for many fans; hopefully Roeder will do the decent thing and step down and the Board will sell up!
  6. Excellent letter - email it to the pinkun & EDP - it says what we all are thinking. This board of us has so much to answer for in bringing the club to its knees via Grant & Roeder; what a bunch of losers!!!
  7. No matter how much people drivel on about missed chances and poor refereeing decisions the only statistic that really matters is that we lost and are now precariously 4th from bottom in the championship. When we lose to Ipswich next Sunday the board will take decisive action and resign en masse, taking our excuse for a manager with them.....and pigs might fly!
  8. As I keep on saying: No ambition, no flair, no money (where has it all gone?), no leadership, no atmosphere, no action, and soon.....no championship football.
  9. Lets hope so, but as we know no one at the club has the bottle to take positive action!!
  10. Excellent post and sums up the feelings of most supporters. We are a ghost club drifting towards obscurity and we''re just letting it happen. I''ve been watching and supporting Norwich since my first game as a nine year old in 1960. Now there are no players to identify with, there is no manager with character and charisma, and we have a board who are total amateurs, playing with the club and the loyalties of fans. Its time to call it a day; I won''t be renewing my season ticket!
  11. NCFC was like a morgue last night, except for a few ''boos'' at the end of each half and some cheering and chanting after the goal. Makes you think how much further we can sink, and how much more of this dross the fans can take. The reality of the situation is slowly beginning to dawn on the ''Keep Delia & Roeder brigade'', whilst the status quo is maintained the only place the club are going is down. This club desperately needs a lift at all levels; any ideas before we really do reach the point of no return?????
  12. Good post - at NCFC last night it was like a morgue, and that was down to Roeder, the very poor team on the pitch, and worse still the acceptance apparently of the vast majority of fans that the dross being served up on a regular basis is acceptable and the norm for years to come. Accept for a few ''boos'' after each half there was just silent resignation. What a sad state of affairs for our club!
  13. Michael Callum should either make a finacial bid or keep out of the headlines; he appears to be good at talking but taking action for the club he apparently cares for so much appears to be an issue.
  14. Roeder''s behaviour and attitude towards the fans becomes more bizarre and arrogant as each day passes, and the siege mentality really takes grip both of the board and ''he that must be obeyed''. Why does the EDP give this man news space? We the fans are not, according to Roeder, living in the real world, and, this is really funny, those complaining at the current dross being served up on a regular basis, are in the minority. Could it be that ice cold Roeder is beginning to crack after a series of recent public gaffs, a string of mediocre to poor performances and results, and the gradual realisation that the concerns of fans are not going away, and every effort will be made to bring about change to start moving our club in the right direction. Wake up Roeder and smell the coffee; you have irreversibly lost the support of the majority of fans, and your days at Carrow Road are numbered.
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