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  1. Viva Lafferty Viva Lafferty Irish with no rules Hunting in Milan Viva Lafferty To this tune http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=whv3RTrWtqc Based on this article that we''ve all read already http://m.scotsman.com/sport/football/spfl-lower-divisions/palermo-axe-kyle-lafferty-over-womanising-claims-1-3458813 Before you slag me off, my friends and I started the Garrido chant at Reading away. This one is catchy and it is one we can repeat. Roses
  2. I would check this out but I have to get my priorities right, the Skeleton is on BBC 1.
  3. His wife is called Amanda. For that he deserves time.
  4. I like the Livin'' On A Prayer one. The one we have come up with this year is for Johan Elmander to the tune of Abracadabra from Steve Miller Band - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzLguP2hfjw Johan, Johan Elmander If its a corner he''l grab ya Johan, Johan Elmander Johan Elmander Repeat until you are bored.
  5. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]I could have been far more offensive but it takes guts to try and start a chant. I probably would have thought of different lyrics personally[/quote] I understand life isn''t all a bed of roses and everything isn''t always to everyones taste but again you are not offering any constructive feedback. Furthermore you are being contradictory at first you felt uneasy at using the tune now it turns out you don''t like the lyrics. Here is an idea how about you come up with a chant or improve the lyrics for everyone. I doubt after Saturday Hughton sat down with Turner and said ''that was just awful''. I''m pretty sure he would of said ''that was just awful, next time don''t turn your back on a shot or get so tight to strikers.'' Constructive feedback. You are really not coming out of this thread smelling of roses.
  6. I like being labelled a youth. I will take that. In my opinion it is far better than ''leeds are our feeder club'' and it is suppose to be tongue and cheek. When you start new chants people just stare at you and then criticise without offering any sort of constructive feedback, ie. other new chants. How about you all just join in. It is great fun and was one of the only positives of the weekend. The last 5 minutes of the game when we were all chanting sets away fans apart, whatever the result we support the side.
  7. On Saturday we started a new chant to the tune of marching on together it goes:- Marching on together, We''ve signed the Leeds midfield, Johnson, howson and Robert snodgrass They now love Norwich, Norwich, Norwich Loop. Thank you to the one man who joined in with us. We could do with some new chants. We also tried out - You''ll never turn the turner! But as this is factually incorrect we will scrap that one.
  8. Like it, could it be ''watch defenders cry'' and ''score a hattrick'' Then it would be more universal
  9. To the tune of Labomba, Dani Pacheco Dani Pacheco Dani, Dani Pacheco Dani, Dani Pacheco He lives of paella, and now he''s a yealla! (repeat until no one joins in and you look stupid)
  10. Daley is the strong adhesive which held our title challange together, he deserves a medal more than Lambert. Goaltrail, roses.
  11. A minor mistake I may have made, and for that I apologies. So I''ll just say going up up up
  12. Sorry, so when I was at the Valley, singing my heart out after promotion, and having an amazing time, you were being negative. Bit sad really.
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