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  1. Cricfree http://cricfree.me/soccer/norwich-city-vs-brentford-fc-crf75b51
  2. Worth a read, Not sure if I agree with it all but some relevant points http://www.thematch.co.uk/painful-might-might-better-losing-best-players/
  3. Full Game on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE-LEm1EJ_8
  4. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na F*** Off Hoolahan Hoolahan F*** Off Hoolahan
  5. [quote user="Stangerz"]If your boss didn''t appreciate what input you put into your job at work and you felt unappreciated wouldn''t you look to find a new job to better yourself? Is that not what he attempted to do by handing in a transfer request? Seems to me like the club are being very petty and not for the first time with a player![/quote] I might do but I wouldn''t slag the company off
  6. I must have been close to the guy who took the photos, was trying to find myself but I think i must have been just in front of him
  7. [quote user="TCCANARY"] I was lucky enough to be at both the Vitesse & Munich home & away games, I had to watch the Inter Milan home game on the TV as I couldn''t get a ticket, what really maddened me was the huge amount of corporate tickets that must''ve been available as everyone I knew who worked for Barclays managed to get a ticket through work. I didn''t have the money to go to Milan but I was lucky enough to work for a boss (who was a Man City supporter) who was prepared to let us have the time off, watched the game in the Garnet. [/quote] I got mine outside the ground, the police were selling them out of the back of a police van
  8. How about The Falklands are ours The Falklands are ours Lucianno becchio The Falklands are ours Or We own all the oil We own all the oil We own, we own, We own, we own We own all the oil
  9. Football is great for the Olympics All those games and full stadiums think of how much money they can make!!!
  10. They make you laugh, still think they are a top club Talking about winning trophy''s and champions league, Lambert may be good manager but the only way to get in the champions league is to have lots and lots and lots of money and villa haven''t got any. As for cup comps Lamberts record isn''t great is it Position prediction 8th at best
  11. I think we need a "Sticky Poll Thread" sort it out pete Hughton or Holloway for me Sorry Malky but it would all end in tears
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