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  1. Well they only went and done it, beating the spanish 5-2 after being 2-0 down congatulations to the young Lions 
  2. Dont forget to give the England U17''s a cheer today in their World Cup Final against spain  England go through the competition undefeated whereas spain lost their first group game, The BBC are going LIVE on BBC2 at 15.30 COME ON ENGLAND  & OTBC would make a nice double today England & Norwich to win
  3. Even better  then so we can get some shooting practice in
  4. Failing that we could always arrange a game against Hitching Town also known as the Canaries http://hitchintownfc.club/club/history/
  5. Just thought I would take a look at the Rail Strike situation and for anyone who may be thinking of going by rail it maybe useful Members of the RMT Union that work for track and infrastructure operator Network Rail have announced that they are planning to take industrial action on Bank Holiday Monday 25 May and Tuesday 26 May. However, further talks between Network Rail and the Trades Unions are planned for next week, which may still lead to resolution of the dispute.Should the industrial action go ahead there is likely to be severe disruption to rail services on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May, although this is likely to vary considerably by route, so you are strongly advised to check with the relevant train company before traveling. More information will also be made available on this page of the National Rail Inquiries website.We appreciate that many customers will have their travel plans disrupted by the planned industrial action, so train companies have agreed to put in place special ticketing arrangements to make it easier for you to complete your journey, should the industrial action go ahead. Please see details below:If the industrial action goes ahead and you already have a valid Anytime, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak ticket valid for travel on either the Monday 25 or Tuesday 26 May you will be able to use your ticket for travel on Sunday 24 May or Wednesday 27 May, subject to any travel restrictions that would normally apply to your ticket on those days.If you have an Advance ticket for travel on Monday 25 or Tuesday 26 May, you will also be able to travel on either Sunday 24 May or Wednesday 27 May. However, if you travel on either of these two alternative days, you must use the same train service that you would have used on the 25 or 26 May, or the services immediately before or after this service.Some train companies will be putting in place additional local ticketing arrangements, so please check with the train company you’ll be using before traveling.If you already have a ticket valid for travel on any of the days potentially affected by the planned industrial action and no longer wish to travel, the retailer that sold you your ticket will provide you with a full refund. Alternatively you can exchange it for another ticket (once you’ve paid any difference in price). If you want to obtain a refund or exchange your ticket please ask the retailer from whom you purchased your ticket.If you have a Season Ticket you will be entitled to compensation. As these arrangements vary by train company, please check with your train company on the compensation you will be entitled to.To get the latest travel and other information, go to www.nationalrail.co.uk, download the NRE app, follow us on Twitter @nationalrailenq or using the hashtag http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/97695.aspx
  6. Good points yellow maybe this is all part of the master plan, I reckon Paul scholes has got a lot onwith Phil Neville at Salford City though
  7. First I would like to thank Neil Adams for stepping into the breach after the fiasco of Houghtonand I for one thought he did a good job, although he did not please some of the people, but in the face of things he was not left much to work with, so good luck Neil and maybe if things had been timed right you would have had a better chance in building a team that pleased the fansWhich also brings me to my point of the thread Does it not seem strange that Neil has resigned during a most important time of the season, when the clubneeds someone who needs to be looking at players who will better the club ? Who will be making the decisions on procuring new players to strengthen the squad ?Unless those decisions have already been discussed and made already Perfect timing or not what do you things guys ? 
  8. Tthats it  put a dampener on  it  lol [:D]
  9. Ipswich first team have done their own version of the "Ice Bucket Challenge"They must have saw this online http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddhbhPDX7BQThen decided they wanted to do it so they used a tractor as well BET THEY WISHED THAT SOMEONE HAD EMPTIED THE MANURE OUT FIRST THOUGH [;)]
  10. that''s wheelie cruel nigel [;)]I think we all bin had I think portman king is really ips**t crazy
  11. not sure if this is what your looking for but still funny and inside the ground looked like a regular home attendancehttp://www1.skysports.com/watch/video/tv-shows/soccer-am/archive/latest-videos/7689092/away-days-ipswich
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/football/video-1083125/Vadis-Odjidja-Ofoe-spoons-shot-crossbar-2-yards.html
  13. Members of the ips**t crazy appreciation society
  14. [quote user="City1st"]poorman road does seem to attract those with ''special needs'', as this clip of some strange binner who seems to think he is Joshua trying to blow down the wall of Jericho as wanders around the ground binwit binwit2and if that was not enough here is an even dimmer binnerhere [/quote]ha ha look at the bottom link and see what the ips**t punishment squad member is standing in front of
  15. Brilliant you can see how much the result meant to Neil as well as the fans [:D]
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