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  1. There''s a lad in the under 18''s with the potential to be a replacement, Ben Wyatt,but it might be a bit too early for him. Hopefully he''ll get more experience this year either with the reserves or on loan to see what he''s really got .I was most impressed with him in the youth cup run and he kept the dangerous Kiwomya reasonably quiet in the Chelsea games..
  2. It is easier to start a new song at an away match. You need to get a group of singers together and supply Them with the words ! If it''s any good it will soon spread. Job done!
  3. October,I thought mine was good but think yours is even better! Lets get it on!
  4. Score one for us Luciano And you will be a hero And when Snodgrass Hits a through pass Make it two-zero! (to the tune of "Don''t cry for me Argentina"
  5. Yes, I saw it with my own eyes and have witnesses.
  6. Militant-did I say in front? The car,which incidentally was fashionable matt muddy colour-a la Balotelli,was in the front of the car park underneath Nelson House,. To pursue the enthusiasm,he was here for discussions with CH,after the game but did''nt want to leave his car in a conspicuous place-like Carrow Rd. I''m also a Pacheco fan,which is why I want this to happen.
  7. Militant-this may be 2+2=5 but there was a Bentley parked at the "Nelson" last Saturday evening reg.no 91P. 1991 is Pacheco''s year of birth................... P is his initial.................................................. Does anyone know what he drives? He may of course just be going to the dogs with Holt and Morison,but he would have been spotted (no Dalmation jokes please)
  8. I should have made it clear I''m referring to "Canaries player." There is a distinct sound level difference between questions and answers.
  9. Can anything be done to make the questions easier to hear eg journos with mikes.? Does''nt seem to be so much of a problem at other clubs. Maybe its me and I need to get my hearing checked-what do others think?
  10. What a through ball from Howson for the last goal on the clip.Hope they can reproduce it here.
  11. We are a nation of whingers-what do you expect?
  12. Any significance in the fact that he was part of the Wolves build up on Canary Player,or merely to show that he still exists? Exemplary attitude by the way.
  13. For Mellow Yellow-read "Yellow is the Colour" He obviously had something about yellow.
  14. How about: Yellow is the colour Of my City team In the season When we rise In the season When we rise When we rise When we rise In the Premier league To the tune of Mellow Yellow-Donovan For those old enough to remember!
  15. BZ-with support like yours we are all doomed!
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