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  1. [quote user="tom1902"]Lewis was sold because he fell out with Roeder the night after he came back from his loan at morcambe he got drunk with his mates he was so hungover that he couldnt make the bench on the next day - so Roeder got rid of him as a `trouble maker`[/quote]You are a liar.
  2. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"] [quote user="tribes"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]They could always donate a patch of grass to him [:D][/quote]I think they have or he has bought one, according to Gossy on Scrimmage last night. Gossy and Eadie have one each.[/quote]   Blimey I was only jesting as well lol [:)] [/quote]Gossy has been given or has bought the turf (photo) of the spot from where he scored his winning goal against Bayern Munich. Not sure which patch Eadie bought. I''m not deriding the idea of buying photos of turf, cos it will raise much needed finance, but if you had heard Gossy last night when eulogising about having a photo view from a particular piece of turf which you could call your own.
  3. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]They could always donate a patch of grass to him [:D][/quote]I think they have or he has bought one, according to Gossy on Scrimmage last night. Gossy and Eadie have one each.
  4. Would be good if the club could do something in recognition of his service here.
  5. [quote user="Big Dog "] I used to enjoy this show when Chris Goreham did it... It may just be me, but isn''t Matthew Gudgeon as dull as ditchwater? I fell asleep listening to it last night. [/quote]as is Germy Goss but Jimmy Greaves brightened it up a bit. Ageed that it used to be better than it is now but Goss''s over the top enthusiasm for being able to see a view from a particular piece of turf really was very funny. There did used to be more life to it yes.
  6. [quote user="Lord Norwich"]knowing the board they will probably sell you a square and then send you a annual "square upkeep bill" asking for £100 towards mowing it and Norwich City Council will want rates paying on it.[/quote]You are now putting ideas into peoples heads.
  7. What happens on 31/12/10 can you buy the same piece again, or does it go on general sale, would you still be able to keep the photo?.
  8. [quote user="Norfolk Dumpling"]Why are some fans so negative? It is a fun idea and those taking part know that plus it will make some much needed money for the club. On The Ball City. Any idea that raises a bit of finance should get a positive and supportive response. Individual fans can make their own mind up about which activity they will support.[/quote]According to Geremy Goss on Scrimmage we are the first club in the whole country to have done this. Surprised nobody has ever thought of it before.
  9. [quote user="the pigman"]Is there one player you are looking forward to see play tomorrow in a city shirt who is in the squad?[/quote]Don''t think there is one player left who you would actually look forward to see playing now, with the exception of Hoolahan. It''s just hoping that those players we have can be moulded into a team that can get us out of this division.
  10. Expect him to be in the side or at least on the bench tomorrow.
  11. He was something special and will always remember the way he took on defenders and left them in his wake. The most exciting player I have ever seen at Carrow Road and when he received the ball there was always that anticipation that something out of the ordinary was about to happen.
  12. Very sad news. He was most exciting player that I have seen in a City shirt and a pity that he couldn''t have been here last season. Hope he does come back to the club in some capacity. He is someone I admire not only as a player but as a person who showed unswerving loyalty to Norwich City.
  13. [quote user="Brendan"]Yeah, in one of the pictures i can clearly see that the fat dude has one of the yellow ones with a white strip on the top. Sorry to spoil your idea :P[/quote]Just a thought as you never know. I''ve probably been watching too much Poirot.
  14. [quote user="Brendan"]They threw them at Gunn!! And i dont think they were especially rich, they live in costessey, the dad''s shorts he was wearing are bought from asda :P . But its not for me to comment about his wealth.[/quote]Did anybody ever check to see that what they threw at Gunn were their season tickets for this year?. They probably were but has anybody actually seen them?.
  15. [quote user="Brendan"]The other one is his dad, i dont have him on facebook but would assume he might have similar views. I dont see why they had season tickets then if they dont give a crap?[/quote]Are we certain that they did have season tickets, if they did maybe they just have lots of money.
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