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  1. tribes

    Goalkeeping dilemma...Forster or Lewis???

    [quote user="tom1902"]Lewis was sold because he fell out with Roeder

    the night after he came back from his loan at morcambe he got drunk with his mates

    he was so hungover that he couldnt make the bench on the next day - so Roeder got rid of him as a `trouble maker`[/quote]You are a liar.
  2. tribes

    - Darren Huckerby day

    [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]

    [quote user="tribes"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]They could always donate a patch of grass to him [:D][/quote]I think they have or he has bought one, according to Gossy on Scrimmage last night. Gossy and Eadie have one each.[/quote]


    Blimey I was only jesting as well lol [:)]

    [/quote]Gossy has been given or has bought the turf (photo) of the spot from where he scored his winning goal against Bayern Munich. Not sure which patch Eadie bought.

    I''m not deriding the idea of buying photos of turf, cos it will raise much needed finance, but if you had heard Gossy last night when eulogising about having a photo view from a particular piece of turf which you could call your own.

  3. tribes

    - Darren Huckerby day

    [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]They could always donate a patch of grass to him [:D][/quote]I think they have or he has bought one, according to Gossy on Scrimmage last night. Gossy and Eadie have one each.
  4. tribes

    - Darren Huckerby day

    Would be good if the club could do something in recognition of his service here.
  5. [quote user="Big Dog "]

    I used to enjoy this show when Chris Goreham did it...

    It may just be me, but isn''t Matthew Gudgeon as dull as ditchwater?

    I fell asleep listening to it last night.

    [/quote]as is Germy Goss but Jimmy Greaves brightened it up a bit. Ageed that it used to be better than it is now but Goss''s over the top enthusiasm for being able to see a view from a particular piece of turf really was very funny.

    There did used to be more life to it yes.

  6. tribes

    Buy the pitch??

    [quote user="Lord Norwich"]knowing the board they will probably sell you a square and then send you a annual "square upkeep bill" asking for £100 towards mowing it and Norwich City Council will want rates paying on it.[/quote]You are now putting ideas into peoples heads.
  7. tribes

    Buy the pitch??

    What happens on 31/12/10 can you buy the same piece again, or does it go on general sale, would you still be able to keep the photo?.
  8. tribes

    Buy the pitch??

    [quote user="Norfolk Dumpling"]Why are some fans so negative? It is a fun idea and those taking part know that plus it will make some much needed money for the club. On The Ball City. Any idea that raises a bit of finance should get a positive and supportive response. Individual fans can make their own mind up about which activity they will support.[/quote]According to Geremy Goss on Scrimmage we are the first club in the whole country to have done this. Surprised nobody has ever thought of it before.
  9. tribes

    one player

    [quote user="the pigman"]Is there one player you are looking forward to see play tomorrow in a city shirt who is in the squad?[/quote]Don''t think there is one player left who you would actually look forward to see playing now, with the exception of Hoolahan. It''s just hoping that those players we have can be moulded into a team that can get us out of this division.
  10. tribes

    Hoolahan must play tomorow

    Expect him to be in the side or at least on the bench tomorrow.
  11. He was something special and will always remember the way he took on defenders and left them in his wake.

    The most exciting player I have ever seen at Carrow Road and when he received the ball there was always that anticipation that something out of the ordinary was about to happen.

  12. tribes

    Huckerby hangs up his boots

    Very sad news. He was most exciting player that I have seen in a City shirt and a pity that he couldn''t have been here last season.

    Hope he does come back to the club in some capacity. He is someone I admire not only as a player but as a person who showed unswerving loyalty to Norwich City.

  13. [quote user="Brendan"]Yeah, in one of the pictures i can clearly see that the fat dude has one of the yellow ones with a white strip on the top. Sorry to spoil your idea :P[/quote]Just a thought as you never know. I''ve probably been watching too much Poirot.
  14. [quote user="Brendan"]They threw them at Gunn!! And i dont think they were especially rich, they live in costessey, the dad''s shorts he was wearing are bought from asda :P . But its not for me to comment about his wealth.[/quote]Did anybody ever check to see that what they threw at Gunn were their season tickets for this year?. They probably were but has anybody actually seen them?.
  15. [quote user="Brendan"]The other one is his dad, i dont have him on facebook but would assume he might have similar views. I dont see why they had season tickets then if they dont give a crap?[/quote]Are we certain that they did have season tickets, if they did maybe they just have lots of money.
  16. [quote user="Brendan"][quote user="Houston Canary"]

                                                            He now doesn''t like Norwich anymore?? Sounds like he shouldn''t have even been at the game in the first place and as for ''caring enough" to chuck his season ticket at BG, it''s clear he didn''t care at all
    Good riddance to the moron. Could you also tell him he''s a feckign retarded imbecile from me? Thanks

    Daniel, Kevin Keelan reckons you''re a fecking retarded imbecile.....



    There''s a shock.  Ball Point made an a$$ of himself again. It''s always funny when someone espouses the stupidity of others while making simple spelling errors.  Now who looks like the idiot. (the previous sentence was rhetorical, so no ? at the end)


    Lol mate there would be no point in me calling him that. Ive sent him a few messages and they have been ignored. And he is such an idiot though, even the people who backed him up on the "dont ban the norwich 2" thing, he had a go at. This girl tried to back her up and he just called her a slag etc. Seems maybe another who thinks he is "above the law", like many footballers.

    [/quote]He''s not a hero anymore then but a Liverpool fan who can''t stand Norwich City?. Just wanted the attention and "don''t ban the Norwich 2 " seems to have been a waste of time.

    What about the other one does he not care for Norwich either?. 

  17. tribes

    good luck hoolahan!

    [quote user="6088m canary"]i think ill actually bother to enter into this one rather than just read and laugh.
    Now, what we have in Hools IMO is a player with an eye for a pass, a bit of creativity, something vaguely along the lines of a Paul Merson, if we ever played him just behind the front two (and no im not saying hes as good as Merse was in his heyday!).
    But hang on......
    here''s the problem.....

    a good passer of the ball is only as good as the runs he can see. Mulryne regularly got slagged off by sections of City support for going backwards,why did he do it? no forward pass was on!!! Now ill admit hools needs to work out how to use his other foot,and yes maybe he tries too much or holds on too long....but again, why does he hold on too long? Simple answer there is no one running into space for him to play in..!!

    Which now brings me to the crucial issue....keep or go?!?

    For me, i have to say im in the let him go camp,simply because we have such a static, non football minded midfield and forward line (tho i believe Holt is a gem and works his socks off...the guy that plays off him needs to think about running the channels!!) he is essentially wasted at this club.  If we can get a fee, get a few solidly built midfield scrappers and try to get out of the league that way, then so be it.  However i wouldnt be at all surprised to see Hools in a well coached Championship side (swansea under martinez  for example) and watch him run the show.

    We havent seen the best of him for sure and hes not really been here or done anything to merit any kind of hertfelt goodbye so i guess i just hope we put a half decent sell on clause in whoever we ship him to...... If hes good enough in the eyes of Trappatoni then he''s sure as hell good enough for our current bunch!

    Spend the money wisely City!!!

    [/quote]Think that sums the situation up very well, we now have a team full of Artisans and that may not be a bad thing in this division only time will tell us if more is needed.
  18. tribes

    Team for Tuesday

    [quote user="Chris Martin"]Russell and hoolahan may be gone by then. Fingers crossed we''ll have afew newbies by then too.[/quote]If Hoolahan isn''t gone by then it won''t be for the want of trying to get him out.
  19. tribes

    Hoolahan, you're a disgrace!

    [quote user="First Jedi"]Welcome to this weeks edition of "The Norwich Scapegoat", this week featuring last weeks most popular player; Wes Hoolahan!
    [/quote]Should think he will be gone before transfer window closes so that will  no doubt please those who don''t like him this week.
  20. tribes

    County Hall Parking

    [quote user="Texas1"]Can anyone tell me how much the football parking is at county hall these days? I know getting out is a nightmare but no delays in getting in is there? Thanks.[/quote]£4.
  21. tribes

    Gunn departure - Some background

    [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Ashton > Earnie > Cureton
    Clingan > Gill
    Marshall > Theoklitos
    Croft > Whaley
    Hoolahan > ?????
    [/quote]Hoolahan> probably a blank here.
  22. tribes

    Gunn departure - Some background

    Looks as though there will be players leaving and not just restricted to Hoolahan, Russell and Stefanovic as Lambert has already said that 30+ players is too many.

    Also beteween 350K and 600K will be going out as compensation for Lambert appointment, plus paying off BG.

    McNally has already said the financial situation is dire so can''t see many ( if any) additions to squad being made. May have to go with what is left.

  23. tribes

    IS this guy for real ?

    [quote user="John Morlar"]

    Strangely Carl Heggs appears on Wikipedia and it shows that after a league career that started at West Brom in the early 90''s he finished up at Redditch Utd as player coach. With regards Brian Clough not slagging players off in public, can anyone remember how he treated Justin Fashanu ?

    [/quote]Yes there was something with Fashanu but really cannot recollect anything else where he alienated his players. Ex-players had only good things to say about him.

    You must admit this Heggs bloke is a bit of a one-off though.

  24. tribes

    IS this guy for real ?

    [quote user="Barry Brockes"]I feel just feel very sorry for the long-suffering KL fans. This guy has come in, torn the previous squad to shreds turfing out players who had KL running through their veins with hundreds of games behind them leaving only Andy Johnson from last year''s squad. He''s recruited players almost exclusively from the Midlands so they can train in that part of the world twice a week and just turn up to The Walks for home games. I just hope the Board knows what it has done in appointing this gobby individual because if this goes bosoms up I fear for the future of KLFC with all the other problems they''ve had in the last few months.[/quote]So all the players train in the Midlands, does anyone train at KL?.