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  1. There's no way Aarons is 5'10" and this is a good point re: 5 at the back. That's what I'd try first if I was just taking over this squad.
  2. Depends entirely on whether Wagner brings the wingers back in. The midfield is just so imbalanced at the moment. Countless centre midfield options but very few creative or wide options. With the personnel currently available, I think 5-3-2 makes most sense, but I don't think that's what we'll play. Gunn Aarons, Oma, Hanley, Gibson, Dimi Nunez, McClean, Sara Pukki, Sargent
  3. Even Todd's most ardent supporters have to recognise that something significant has happened/is happening with him. Farke dropped him completely fairly suddenly. Smith immediately brought him back in but just as quickly dropped him again. Bournemouth took him on loan and he wasn't exactly a consistent fixture in their side. Now even the interim manager(s) won't put him on the pitch in spite of his obvious talent. That's too many people with independent views, motivations and goals for it to be a coincidence or a conspiracy. As you said, big clubs were sniffing around him and now he can't get on the pitch in a 1-0 loss against Watford. He either has a terrible attitude, is terribly unfit, or is going through something terrible off the pitch that we're not aware of. I have no idea what's going on but we can't say 'Todd is our most talented player, why isn't he on the pitch?' any more. It's beyond the stage where you can put it down to managerial negligence.
  4. I'd take Wilder for sure. I think his Sheffield United system suits our players and he could do something similar here. It wouldn't exactly be an exciting, home-run kind of appointment, but I think it could be a pretty safe and sensible improvement with a reasonable expectation of success.
  5. I actually really like the 11, and although it's a 5 at the back, it doesn't have to be defensive. In theory, Aarons and Dimi could have license to get forward at will and two up top offers more threat than Pukki just being isolated as usual. Sara and Nunez (when he's back) offer plenty of creativity in midfield, and someone like McClean or Hayden can provide cover for the marauding wing backs. Of course, all of that would rely on Dean Smith actually putting that theory into practise and getting the team to utilise the system effectively, which he doesn't seem to be capable of doing. I think we could see this system and a very similar 11 if we end up with Chris Wilder at some point. We don't really have great wide players so I think we suit the system personnel wise. All of our good midfielders and forwards play through the middle.
  6. The NCFC app has Sargent at LWB and Dimi at CM. I assume this is wrong and Sargent will be up top alongside Pukki? Also, why us Nunez on the bench again? He's our best midfielder.
  7. I just have no idea what the identity of the team is. What are we trying to achieve each time we step out onto the pitch? Whilst you'd expect tactics to change to suit each opposition, there has to be some consistency in terms of style of play and overall philosophy. There's none. When Dean Smith was first appointed, I was very pleased and more than willing to give him some time to put his stamp on the team. He doesn't seem to have done that at all though, and he's had plenty of time now. Look at Burnley. Kompany has come in and completely changed the way they play. It's a complete turnaround based on how they played in the prem and he's had far less time. I think I've watched two Burnley games this year and I know exactly how they're trying to play. I have no idea what our style of play is.
  8. Just posted in the match thread that I don't understand these kind of comments. I thought Springett looked good. He didn't do too much wrong defensively, especially considering that's not his position, and he presented a decent threat going forward. He worked hard and competed well physically despite looking a bit undersized. I'm not saying that he was man of the match but I think to say that he had a torrid time or that he was the weak link is incredibly harsh.
  9. I'm surprised by people being somewhat down on Springett's performance. I thought he was excellent! Showed some threat going forward and didn't look put of place defensively either. Fairly robust in tackles and strong enough to compete physically for a small guy. I thought Sara looked decent too. He and Nunez coupe be an incredible pairing behind Cantwell at No. 10. Rashica was disappointing for large portions of the game but he did come alive for a period in the second half, primarily when Aarons and Pukki came on. We looked dangerous down the right hand side with those three combining. I thought Ramsey was bad too. He did almost nothing but give the ball away and fall over. Is he a wide player though? I thought he was more of a CM but I don't know a great deal about him tbf. Gunn was magnificent. Excellent positioning allowed him to make a number of the saves he made last night. I left after 91 minutes so missed the equaliser and the penalties Thought we had it in the bag.
  10. He's my favourite player already. I thought he was incredible last night. Premier League level vision and creativity without a doubt.
  11. Sargent has to be MotM but Nunez was superb as well. He's obviously not as dynamic with the ball at his feet as Buendia but he might be just as creative. I thought he was fantastic tonight.
  12. Don't taint the whole club with the actions of few. Those Chelsea fans are scum. That doesn't mean the rest are.
  13. Is this not just a joke? I.e. the more he plays, the worse he looks, the more his fee goes down. I assume the clipped sentence is from the linked article?
  14. I hadn't really considered that but I think it's a possibility. It's not like there are others that are demanding to be in the squad though. If we had other better options then maybe he wouldn't play but I suppose if Smith has several poor options to choose from, there's little point not choosing the one who is loan and risking not getting loanees in the future.
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