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  1. Eh? How does Cantwell scoring a wonder goal confirm my bias that he is over-rated? Pukki certainly wasn't effective for 90 minutes. If I said that then I misspoke. He was absent first half, but the overall performance was luckluster at best. He was MORE effective over the 90 than Cantwell though, and scored an equally impressive goal. That was my point.
  2. I think that's silly. Player A: effective for 90 minutes and scores Player B: ineffective for 90 minutes but scores Player B is a higher level player?
  3. I respectfully disagree about Pukki's performance. The first half performance in general wasn't very good but Pukki pressed and harried a lot and well. Like others, he had a better second half than his first and a couple of half decent chances. He impacted the game in ways that went beyond one fantastic finish. Cantwell didn't. You're absolutely right that the age is an important factor in how these players are perceived though. Cantwell certainly has a lot of potential and could become a good player at the top level, whereas Pukki is as good as he is going to be.
  4. Is there a difference between watching on TV and watching live? If anything, you get a more detailed view of the game watching on TV. Also, you either remember me saying that from weeks ago, or you went and trawled through my previous posts to find it. The former would be impressive. The latter would be kind of sad. You may well be right though. It might be that little moment of magic that sets him apart and would make him successful in the Premier League. My point is moreso that Pukki had a moment that was equally magical AND put in a good performance over the course of 90 minutes, but no one is commenting that he's a Premier League sticker. I also wonder how often Cantwell would get a chance to produce that moment of magic at the next level when the likes of Sheffield Wednesday made him an absolute non factor for 89 minutes 58 seconds.
  5. Don't worry. It's intentionally oxymoronic. You're obviously just unintentionally moronic.
  6. I think Cantwell is somewhat over-rated and today's game is a good example of how. He did nothing for 75 minutes. The second that goal flew in, the commentator said 'now that's Premier League class' or something to that effect. There's no denying that the goal was excellent, and Cantwell flashes these moments of brilliance once or twice a game. That goal was literally all he contributed to the win today though. He did nothing else noteworthy. There's a strong element of confirmation bias. He seems to have garnered this reputation as being an undoubtedly Premier League level player, so now every time he does something good, this has to be mentioned. Someone like Pukki, on the other hand, has garnered a reputation as not being good enough for the Prem. So when he scores a goal that is equally good - and arguably better - AND contributes significantly more over the course of 90 minutes, his praise isn't as high. I like Cantwell, and I think he's a good player, but I think some people are far too high on him. He scored the winning goal, but he'd be one of the last names I'd list as being the reason that Norwich won.
  7. That was genuinely embarrassing. How you can be a grown man and behave like that is beyond me.
  8. The club's vision is to be self-sustainable. That means relying on a conveyor belt of players constantly coming through the academy, and it means not spending big money on transfers. It also means Max Aarons will be gone in the summer. I don't feel like the club have been particularly vague about this, but people still continue to ask the questions. How much will Norwich spend? What if they don't sell Max Aarons? They won't. They will.
  9. Depending on what happens with Brighton this season, Tariq Lamptey to replace Aaron's? Hamza Choudhury to replace Skipp?
  10. You're generally going to find more negative comments on internet forums than positive. People who are happy with the team don't feel the need to express their satisfaction. People who like to complain, however, absolutely feel the need to find somewhere to express their dissatisfaction. As you say, Norwich are having a fantastic season all things considered, despite a recent poor run of form. Take the negative comments with a pinch of salt and enjoy it!
  11. I agree with this. I'm extremely sceptical of BLM. Kick it Out has been visible in and around professional football for a while now and could have been highlighted again here. Respect to Brentford though. It was always going to take a brave team to stop.
  12. Someone's been paying too much attention to Diane Abbott...
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