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  1. Don't taint the whole club with the actions of few. Those Chelsea fans are scum. That doesn't mean the rest are.
  2. Is this not just a joke? I.e. the more he plays, the worse he looks, the more his fee goes down. I assume the clipped sentence is from the linked article?
  3. I hadn't really considered that but I think it's a possibility. It's not like there are others that are demanding to be in the squad though. If we had other better options then maybe he wouldn't play but I suppose if Smith has several poor options to choose from, there's little point not choosing the one who is loan and risking not getting loanees in the future.
  4. I'm not sure that I'd put it that way exactly but the point is a salient one. Buendia provided several moments of magic that would have led to wins but he also made some silly decisions that either prevented us from winning or at least made winning more difficult. Buendia is one of the best players to have worn a Norwich shirt but his absence is not the only reason we're bottom.
  5. Probably Hanley and Gibson at the moment. Omobamidele has huge potential though and he's my favourite of the three.
  6. That's certainly something worth debating and a conversation that should probably take place over the summer. Until then, we can't be surprised when free kicks aren't awarded. Even the guys on Canary Call (Chris Goreham or Rob Butler - I can never remember which one hosts and which one commentates) were asking why VAR didn't give a free kick and a yellow card. Has the league just done an awful job of explaining what VAR can and cannot be used for?
  7. If VAR deems that it isn't a red card then no action is taken. The only way VAR could be used to award a free kick is if a penalty is awarded by the referee but the video evidence shows the foul occured outside the box. I don't believe there is any scenario in which VAR can be used to issue a yellow card.
  8. Yeah this is what I was going to say. Unsportsmanlike conduct or something. That being said, someone saying 'meow' to him is far less than he deserves.
  9. That's not how it works. VAR only has the power to overturn it to either a penalty or a red card. In that situation, it obviously wouldn't be a penalty because he's allowed to handle it inside the box so they're literally only checking for a red card. Even if VAR looked at it and agreed that he handled it outside the box, a free kick and a yellow card is literally not within the range of outcomes.
  10. Either Aarons is tucking in when he isn't supposed to be or Sargent isn't getting back deep enough. Perhaps he's been told to stay forward to be an outlet option but Pukki and Rashica have that covered and City are getting a lot of joy down their left, as you say. He's just been so unreliable defensively all season.
  11. Really promising performance so far despite the goal. Aarons continues to be one of our worst players this season.
  12. It's not the number, it's the morality. Murdering one person is wrong. Murdering fifty people is wrong. You can argue that one is more wrong than the other if you'd like but you can't really argue that we should be able to murder a person 'for a treat'. Just as a note - I'm not equating eating meat to murder but I'm not sure what else someone could mean if they said that eating meat is wrong. I eat quite a lot of meat.
  13. It's either murder or it isn't. You can't lambast people for eating meat and then say it's fine for a treat. If it's wrong to kill animals, it's wrong to kill animals. You can't have it both ways.
  14. These idiots aren't football fans. They're fans of violence.
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