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  1. I''ve never forgotten Wildschut since he played right in front of me (Jarrolds) on the left wing for a Wigan at the start of this season. Russell Martin simply could not cope at right back and had a torrid evening. He is a very impressive player.
  2. Why do the kit designers have this fixation with yellow and green when it come to our away kits ? This is when free licence should be given for completely different/random colours to be tried - other clubs do it so why don''t we ? Personally I don''t think we''ve had a decent away kit for over 20 years. The two new ones just out are both own goals IMO.
  3. The Football League website has it as Roger East. Both linesman have PL experience this season too (as linesmen), but not regularly. Also confirms James Linington as 4th official. I guess the profile of the officials would have been higher if the game was isolated from the PL programme. Mr East and one of the linesman on Saturday (Mark Scholes) have been together for most of the PL games that Mr East has been in charge, so they clearly go round as team. Those with good memories will recall that the other linesman who has been with Roger East for most of his PL games this season (Mr R West) has not been invited to officiate at Carrow Road this weekend, and with good reason. He was the linesman who gave two criminal decisions in quick succession at the Emirates Stadium a couple of years ago to award Arsenal a penalty when we were drawing with Arsenal. Clearly the history of officials with certain teams is kept on file for a long time by the powers that be.
  4. I''m surprised with this situation, and disappointed with Hughton and the club. Wes offers something different that none of our current midfielders do - the ability to unlock defences etc. The guy deservedly got MoM against Man Utd, so I can''t see how anyone can put him down. Very sad if he leaves, as I''d always try to fit him in the side if I was in charge. The guy can entertain on the pitch, something that was so so absent in the game against Hull. Although we won the game he really should have come on.
  5. We''re currently in the bottom eight of the Prem. Of the seven teams around us, we''ve played three, and taken 7pts. We still have 11 games to play against these seven teams. Look at it another way, and 8 of our 11 games have been against teams in the top 12. Still worried we''re going to struggle this season ? No, me neither.
  6. I was sat very close to him, and was one of those calling for help. He didn''t fall, and was in his seat the whole time, before being carried below the stand. It was very worrying and I hope he makes a full recovery and is back watching again soon. It did seem quite a while before the paramedics arrived, but I guess it always seems longer than it is when it''s an emergency. Well done to all those that assisted. I''m sure that the incident will be fully reviewed. My feeling is that the paramedics would be better placed looking up at the crowd from in front of the front row, instead of at the back of the stand - it would have probably halved the response time.
  7. There''s a lot of positivity and optimism on this thread, which IMO is terribly short sighted. I know I won''t be alone in saying I''ll be making better use of my time instead of going to any NCFC cup game (League or FA) for quite some time. The club don''t really care about cup games at present, the players certainly don''t, so the supporters shouldn''t either. Luton and Leicester, and to a degree Villa are all too recent to forgive. I took my two young boys to the Luton game, and felt cheated and embarrassed. They''re only 6 and 7 but already know enough about football, and genuinely couldn''t understand how we lost, and left the game very confused. It will take me a lot longer than just this season for the club to receive my forgiveness, and many many others will share the same feelings. For the time being, NCFC cup games are just too hollow and are a waste of time and money, whatever the ticket price is set at.
  8. Sung in the early 90''s, but seldom heard since - You are my Norwich, My only Nowrich You make me happy, When skies are grey You''ll never notice, how much I love you So please don''t take my Norwich away
  9. Resting players in an FA Cup Final ? I''ve never heard anything so stupid. Forget what the final has now become, it''s still the FA Cup Final, and a once in a lifetime game for the Wigan players. No-one will want to be rested. Absurd.
  10. If we stay up you will make £50, less your £3 stake = £47 profit. If we go down, you will lose £50 with your mate, but make £48 profit from your £3 bet = £2 loss. You don''t say when you had the £50 bet with your mate. If it was last August that makes sense. If it was last week then he''s the biggest fool of all time, as he''s taken evens when he could had 16/1, and made £800 if we go down.
  11. Wrong, wrong, wrong my friend. Your comments imply that if heavy money was lumped on Norwich, and very little on Wigan, then Wigan would now be 16/1. Absurd. The odds are based on the likelihood of an event happening - that''s why Wigan are 4/11 right now. Let''s say a brand new firm has just opened their relegation book and not yet taken a bet - the odds they give on each team will be close to how the market is already looking, otherwise they''ll be "filled in" big time on those teams where they''ve offered too big odds. I''d have £1000''s on Wigan at evens right now for sure.
  12. Wolves added another tier to a stand towards the end of their recent spell in the PL, and they''re now staring League One in the face. Be careful what you wish for IMO. Just one week ago, we were a home defeat away from being perilously close to going down. As another poster said, let''s wait until we''re more like Fulham, who very rarely come close to going down.
  13. MOTD may edit Hughton''s post match comments to omit his thoughts on the linesman, but if you go to the BBC''s website you can see the full unedited 3-4 mins interview
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