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  1. This may seem like a strange question - but why do fans give a hoot about a new stand? It''s just a concrete structure with a seat on it - the experience of being at the football doesn''t improve at all? If anything the experience should theoretically get worst as the money has been spent on a stand and not players...
  2. Leicester have picked up Dyer from Swansea on Loan. Antonio looking like joining West Ham West Ham have also brought in Moses. I''d have loved it to be us that brought any one of these in...
  3. Disappointed that we haven''t been linked or signed any pacey attackers. I thought, especially against Southampton, that we looked really slow and sluggish when moving forward with the ball. Come on city!
  4. It''s post like this make me realise i''m not the stupidest on here!
  5. Are you really comparing Lambert to Neil? One got us from League One to the PL, and he kept us up. Alex Neil is a talent, but he''s barely been here 6 months. Yes, huge congratulations, yes he''s a talent. But to compare these two Scots is laughable.
  6. This isn''t over... Just because the first bid is rejected and they''ve said he''s not for sale. It doesn''t mean he wont be sold. Ultimately money talks!
  7. If we pull this off I will be straight down the club shop to buy one of the new kits with Afobe 9 on the back. I really really rate this kid. We could get a good season or two out of him and sell him for shed loads. Such a talent. I imagine we''ll end up paying around £8.5 million.
  8. You have a good point... Why do NCFC fans always look for a scapegoat... Heaven forbid we''d have an entire team playing well. I think Grabban is very under-rated, and I think AN believes this too as he often opted for Grabban over Jerome last season. Both are decent players and definitely worth keeping.
  9. That article uses the line: ''With fellow forwards Cameron Jerome, Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Gary Hooper having little Premier League experience between the trio at Carrow Road.'' Little experience? RVW maybe but Hooper and Jerome hardly lack PL experience. I like this rumour but I think the source (shoot) is poor.
  10. I agree with Cantiaci... Lewis Grabban is a decent hard-working player. I believe he can help keep Norwich in the Premier League this season. If we achieve this, I can''t guarantee he''ll be here next Summer.
  11. That is a seriously lazy rumour. There are 21 others players on the pitch in the Hull VS Wolves game that AN could have been looking at.
  12. I didn''t realise you were watching when I bought him last night on FIFA.
  13. Did you have a pair of tickets going that time when you got £20? I ask as I am pretty sure it''s only ten pounds per ticket on the buy-back scheme. You can easily get £20 to £25 quid for your season ticket off of a friend, friend of a friend or colleague at work. I never have any problems shifting vacant seats and it all goes towards paying for my season ticket this year. I believe its works out at about £20 to £25 if you divide your season ticket price by 19 or so games. Some people frown upon this, but I only sell to people i know or have met.
  14. I''ll second that apprentice skepticism. I left my old job last year, and they have put an untrained apprentice in my old seat. he is getting paid a third less than me and barely gets minimum wage. Most employers are abusing the cheap workers, as some most of their wages are covered by the government.
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