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  1. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]Quick clarification to save poor old SoB and alf widdle confusing themselves even further. My original point was made in response to - " the board were stupid enough to put a uselessly low release fee in his contract..." No, the board didn''t and doesn''t ''put in'' this type of clause when buying a player. Loads of clauses are put in, dependant on many variables. What those are we can only speculate. What I can say though is that squeaking on here without that knowledge is silly. Making stupid allegations is even sillier. Making up what somebody has said and replying to that instead is not silly - just old age. [/quote] Im still baffled by your comments Ralph maybe its senile demantia.
  2. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]Quick clarification to save poor old SoB and alf widdle confusing themselves even further. My original point was made in response to - " the board were stupid enough to put a uselessly low release fee in his contract..." No, the board didn''t and doesn''t ''put in'' this type of clause when buying a player. Loads of clauses are put in, dependant on many variables. What those are we can only speculate. What I can say though is that squeaking on here without that knowledge is silly. Making stupid allegations is even sillier. Making up what somebody has said and replying to that instead is not silly - just old age. [/quote] Thanks for the reply, cheers for clearing that up Walph Wrong.
  3. No its time for Roy to go, as it was with Des Lynam and with any luck John Motson. Hes past his sell by date and its all been a bit downhill for a few years now. I hope he takes Neil Adams with him. For someone born in Oldham and played most of there career there { squeezing in a spell a city } i feel hes being a bit of a glory hunter by attaching himself to us and should be up there doing a job for the latics. He also tends to be a bit shy of questioning the teams dodgy performences when they happen, and really winds me up on canary call. Perhaps hes too scared to bite the hand that feeds him as we all know they wouldnt want to potentialy ruin good relationships between the press and club. Also i find both droning voices irritating but all the best and regards anyway. The best local radio commentry im found was i few years back when i had some work to do in Barnsley and the guy was so passionate and into the game it really got you going. Thats what we need, but i havent heard much of Goreham yet. Bye Roy, good luck.
  4. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]" the board were stupid enough to put a uselessly low release fee in his contract " durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it''s not the board putting in release fees, it''s the player and their agents demanding such I was fortunate to speak with Steve Bruce way back - his view was City were ok as they would let players move on, that was why he choose us over other enquirers. It''s a shame some our fans don''t seem to have moved beyond some kind of Enid Blyton view of things. [/quote] Sorry Walph Wrong but i disagree my dear old friend. Its the board that sanctions the contract mate. the players agents put in requests and the board negeotiate. No im not being negative im just stating a fact that the board has the final say on transfers and contracts. As for Jamie leaving-no chance! Regards Arthur Piffle, Aka Alf A Wiffle
  5. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] What happens on the transfer front between now and 31st August will, I suspect, make or break our season. It must be obvious to even the most naive and ''positive'' City fan that we need (1) a strong, solid, reliable centre half and (2) left sided defensive cover. And to make a real promotion push, we could also well do with a creative midfield player. 2 out of 3 will make me a promotion optimist. Less will make me a mid-table prophet. Let''s see what the NCFC board is made of. I think that Peter is making a reasonable fist of his job between his own limitations and the rather sickly ''prudence'' of the board -  I rather like the fire in his belly. So. Good luck Peter. Good luck City. May we triumph this season despite that ''prudent'' lot. I knew a girl called Prudence once. But that''s another story for another time. OTBC  agree 100% im just a litle concerened about the amount of money left in the kitty and iimo i think its minimul now as i believe PG spent most of the budget on replacements which would be disapointing because we are 2 players short and i dont think it takes a footballing genius to work that out. I think it would be a great time for the powers that be to prove to us doubters they mean buiseness.      [/quote]
  6. Allow me to introduce my grandson.... Alf A Witter.
  7. [quote user="a1canary"]The saints match report says the following about their new central defensive signing Wayne Thomas: "Saints were stronger and sharper with new £1m signing Wayne Thomas adding a commanding presence to the back line as well as height and strength and pace. He was the voice the team have lacked, organising and cajoling and proving an intimidating presence in a strong spine to the side." This is exactly what we need. A voice at the back that the team lack. Why couldn''t we have got him? This shows it doesn''t have to be so hard to find someone. Sort it Peter. [/quote] Agreed. I was somewhat baffled about the signings at first with regard to the lack of activity at the back but it seems apart from Etuthu departure PG seems to have knew who were on there way out and felt imo those posisitions were priority. I still believe we have limited funds left so maybe its a case of waitng till january and seeing where we are before commiting anymore funds. I believe we need a CB in the Davenport mould and cover for Drury, i feel Lappin is to vunerable in that position and im sure Drury could do with some real compition in that posistion. Two more Defenders and i think we have the right depth and mould with playes like doherty on the bench. Like i said im surprised we''ve struggled to find them or commit the funds for them as it would imo opinion and many people ive spoken to complete the jigsaw and turn us into a promotion challenging team.
  8. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]You''ve certainly changed your tune but it is good to have you almost fully on board.[/quote] RH ive not changed my tune at all. ive been a big fan of PG since day one and i believe we now a have a manager who is putting some much needed grit into what was imo a happy clappy family club all to concerned with being friends to all instead of a football club wanting to go places and hes done it on half the transfer kitty he''s been promised [the full amount of any sales plus kitty before said sales]. My opinion of the board is the same as ever and ive no reason to change my opinion of them whatsoever. But like i said well done PG and keep it up lad. OTBC
  9. Good work sir. 3 games, 7 goals, no defeats. Ok so the all round performence isnt quite good enough yet but ive seen glimpses of promise, and im sure it will come as we get further into the season. The only negative is the amount of corners we seem to be conceeding but on a plus note we are defending them well. Pg is doing a grand job so far. You could say Preston were weakened, Barnet lower league, and Southampton low in confidence, but we are un beaten and you couldnt ask for much more. Im fairly sure this team can compete for the play offs this year. Im not a big fan of his public outbursts against players but it seems to have worked with Cureton does it not? Well done Granty, keep it up my man. Lets hope the board continue to back him in the transfer market as so far, with exception of Dave Striker { yes it is early days but he looks well out of his depth, what leagues the czech league the equivelant to? } he seems to be a shrewd fella in the transfer market. I was worried by the players that went out and in but they will only get better the longer they play with each other. Good job on your 1st week PG.
  10. [quote user="crafty canary"] Gallagher has been totally professional in the way he''s managed himself in his time at Carrow Road. There has been not a peep from him in the press about being constantly demoted behind a string of loan keepers and grant has remarked how he has made each one welcome and maintained his standards in training. He deserves our respect for that and I feel that City should let clubs know he''d be available on a free as a thank you for his attitude during what has been a difficult time for him at Carrow Road. d [/quote] Totally agree. The fella has never moaned about the situation he found himself in and when called upon always imo done his best. I  think its harsh to slate the lad and i for one wish him all the best.
  11. Good morning! Just got out of bed and have got to laugh as i see yet more binner accusations aimed at me. My crime this time? To say we have a better catchment area than other clubs in our league, personally i think thats a positive thing. The accuser? The ever so mature Ralph Wrong yet again-now theres a shock Strange but true.3-1 city today. 2-0 at half time,then 2 late goals, maybe a sending off for southampton. Cureton, Russell to score.
  12. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]Your point being anything that has a go at NCFC. Why that would be I''m sure most on here would be understand. As to your wish to know how scumland is it merely reflects your true concern. RIPswich. [/quote] How is pointing out Norwich has a great catchment area having a go at the club, im sure most NCFC fans understand what im saying as you are the only one turning it into a negative point. Having a large catchment area is a dig at the club? Jesus! You baffle me but then all Ipswich fans always have Walph Wrong, perhaps you decided to post this ill thought out comment as you actually live 40 miles down the road and are jealous of our support. See its easy to accuse someone of being a binner when they disagree with you, just makes things pathetic and childish. 
  13. [quote user="Mook"] David Bentley turned his back on his country, he deserves everything he''s got coming to him. Lazy, arrogant swine.   [/quote] Typical of todays footballers. One decent season and they act like divas. This man should never have the honour of wearing any england shirt, in fact send the sod to scotland!
  14. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]That''s nor fair Mook Poor old ''arfur widdle'' is doing his best to find some stick to beat the club with and then you come along and point out the flaw in his argument. [/quote] Not at all, if you can read you will see ive made my point Walph Wrong. Hows Ipswich tonight?
  15. [quote user="Mook"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Backs up my point that Norwich has a higher catchment area than anyone else in the league. [/quote] It has a BIGGER catchment area. It''s just that not many people live in it. [/quote] Around 800.000 and the closest pro club being Ips@?t. I would say thats BIGGER than most clubs so not bad for'' little old Norwich ''.....thats the way certain people at CR would like to portray us anyway.
  16. [quote user="YankeeCanary"] In Round 1 of the Carling Cup the average attendance for the 36 matches was less than 5000. Norwich City, of course, had almost 14,000 in attendance, the highest of the 36 matches. Even clubs with greater capacity fared  poorly in comparison. We had more than twice as many present as did Coventry and our attendance was 25 to 35% greater than Sheffield United or WBA respectively, two clubs who could claim to be achieving more than us in recent past. Of course, we all know the Carling Cup is not strongly supported, however, it is just another demonstration that the sheep attending Carrow Road fare must, at the very least, find the grass extremely appealing. Others can choose to rationalise or explain this FACT away however they choose, but, if results are what we measure, this statistic alone speaks highly of our club and the fans that support it. [/quote] Backs up my point that Norwich has a higher catchment area than anyone else in the league.
  17. [quote user="ob1"]Evidence that Peter Grant is starting to make us a more serious professional outfit than a family run/ sunday league/ liberal happy clapping "fun" club.[/quote] Spot on mate and thats exactly what i like about PG. Like everyone else he has his faults [not sure if i like his public outbursts of players] but i do love the way he''s started to turn the club into something with a bit more guts and steel. Long overdue but hey..... Ps its a shame for the kids but im sure once or twice a week on the said days is plenty enough if you really wanted to see them,and in all honesty anyone who went all the time would be dear i say a little ''dull''?
  18. [quote user="Tumbleweed"] http://www.football.co.uk/match_reports/reading_manchester_united_997712.shtml Hmmm, a recent example which shows that all teams are capable of "relaxing" when they believe a cup match to be already won............. Had we scored 7 or 8 we may well have been well and truly complacent before Saturday which is much more important, so its possible to look on the bright side of those two conceded goals. [/quote] Good point. 7 or 8 goals to the good and we might of gone into saturday bit to cock sure.
  19. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"] I thought it was an excellent first half and im very impressed with Lappin at the moment.  [/quote] I''m really glad that you went Arthur and I mean that not in a sarcastic way. Maybe you''ll reconsider selling your ticket because I''m sure if you went this season you''d see other players besides Lappin who will make you smile and feel happy. CA [/quote] Thanks i did enjoy it and i took my grandson who loved it. Ive said in previous post that i was thinking of not renewing my tcket because of the time i now get to spend with my grand children so the recent sales of players ect ect was the excuse i needed i suppose. I will go to the odd game this season as the person who has my ticket is in the armed forces so will be away alot. Regards
  20. [quote user="1st Wizard"] [quote user="ricky knight"]but if i feel city are not doing the business on or off the field i will say so after all its just my opinion.[/quote] Ye Gods, City not doing the buisness on the field?, we we were 5 nil up at half time for Gods sake man. Now repeat after me Ricky, Ipswich Town FC are a pile of cr*p and a sad bunch of losers. Lets see you say that and mean it without choking on the words! You don''t help your case you really don''t. [/quote] Wiz Wiz Wiz get a bloody grip man. I think you will find Ricky was saying it in a general about way and not just last nights game. Come on for christ sake this is really silly, your moaning about people who moan about aspects of the club as if nothing is wrong at CR but its just pure fantasy to suggest everything is always fine and if it was''nt for SUPPORTERS like Ricky than the blind might just keep going round in circles!
  21. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Gorleston Jim"] I agree Wiz, but those to whom you are directing your comments were not the only ones, PG himself, also was not pleased, he described the first half as "dissappointing" and the second half "abysmal". He also saught to single out Jamie for critisism which I felt particularly unreasonable ! [/quote] Its just his style Jim, he said the same to Hucks and that didn''t turn out bad did it?. And I can guarentee you he spoke to Jamie and the lads well before making any press statements. But of courase the anti club mob on here will seize any crumb they can to ''rubbish'' Grant and the whole City set up. I''d relax mate, Peter''s doing well, so lets just be pleased about that. [/quote] I thought it was an excellent first half and im very impressed with Lappin at the moment. What i will say though is im not sure im happy with Grants public outbursts regarding players performances as i think he''s now cutting his nose of to spite his face by subbing cureton for wanting to score a hatrick. I seem to remember him doing something simlar to Crofty last season. I like Granty but i think he''s got to stop proving points if its going to change the way a games going. PS...Wiz mate i cant recall anybody mentioned ever slagging PG so its a little misghievous to suggest otherwise. Regards
  22. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"] Nope, from the official site... "I am reliably informed there will be room for only 2,000 of us, which is rather short sighted of Norwich surely?" [/quote] Bloody hell do they get that at home games?!!!!! Would make for great night though.
  23. The whole idea of top clubs loaning out players is so they get experience. They wont get that on the bench and im sure fergie knows what hes doing. If thats the terms of the deal you accept it or dont. We obviously didnt, but without going over old ground we did a simular thing with the release clauses. Man Utd had a simular problem with Newcastle last year when they took G Rossi on loan but didnt play him much so fergie recalled him. I think you will find we will have the same problem with any attempt to sign a loan player from the prem. Ill say it now, if we get a defender on loan, he will play every game he is fit for.
  24. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"] [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]And your point is............!!!!!!!!!!?????????????[/quote] It was the 1st day of the season. Why do you even bother? [/quote]   Yes it was the first day of the season but you deliberately picked out 3 away wins in the championship just to point out to everyone that we weren''t one of the teams who won away. Apologies if I''m wrong [/quote] I really feel like im peeing in the wind sometimes. This post is intended to be a football debate but as usual because of my differing views the same paronoid DS lovers are jumping on me as if ive posted a secret code to Smudge and cluck and we are about to plot our plan to get rid o big D. Come on please, if you actually bother to read my threads i think you will find a good lot of them are football related...........See you outside CR in 20 mins smudge...over!!!! LOL 
  25. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"] I sdmit it....I cannot resist bullying anyone I perceive to be a bully. Guilty as charged. [/quote] Awwww bless... does it stem from your days at school? yeah? awwww there there its all over now you''ll be fine!!!
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