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  1. im sure that the club are already getting nxt seasons must have t-shirts for canary fans !...   " On loan to league one " .. !!!! ;o) ive put my order in already !!
  2. oh my god, brown scores? ... ive died of shock,.. oh well only another 30 games til the nxt one then !!!
  3. sack them all, im sick of everythimg ncfc at the moment and i no all my city supporting friends are feeling the same to, its a complete joke, and everyones laughing at us, ... makes me feel so proud to be a city supporter, .. so thanks to the board, coaches, squad etc, we owe u big time for this !!
  4. maybe we shud just get mckenzie back then, at least he knew where the net woz more often than our current strikers do !!
  5. i thort it woz only women who said one thing and meant the other ? ...   keegan would be good but i honestly think he wont manage again.
  6. a mars bar and a packet of cheese an onion !!
  7. while crook may be a good manager one day, we need it now, the players will only respond to a big character who they no all about, i no that jewell wont take the job as he wants a prem job, but if he got the city job it wud make the players and fans sit up and take notice, i guess we will see over the nxt 2 weeks just how much our board are prepared to push for success ! .. (something tell''s me that neil donkey-caster and the "so solid crew" wont be trying that hard, hope im wrong).. ?
  8. totally agree, grant woz a decent chap who tried his best, we wanted him to suceed but it didnt work out, better luck in your nxt job peter,. lets hope our board and players wake up now as they have been shocking aswell, coz if they dont improve then they will be nxt, us city fans have had enough of this dross we have had to put up with for two or more years now. ... fingers crossed that paul jewell walks thru the door asap,...... ?
  9. its a shame there is a postal strike then ! .. ;(
  10. maybe he woz a crap player, .though in one season he did score something like 16 goals, cud always score pens and more often than not got his crosses in time and again, so yeah wot a crap player, shame we dont have more crap players like him this season !
  11. i totally agree, wot do our young guys have to do to get a regular place in team?  we have some good young players and we must start to play them as they are far better than some of our squad and they will work twice as hard for the team and fans,.. why cant grant see that,.. i feel so sorry for young players at ncfc as they dont stand a chance of having a decent career here !! ;( .. sort it out grant before the fans turn on you !!
  12. selling more pies than any other team in the champiomnship ;)
  13. i have to agree, i dont trust the doc, we need to play spillane or halliday, at least the fans would rather see a youngster playing and making mistakes that they will learn from rather than doc playing, making mistakes every time and he seems that he never learns from them, he gives away to many fouls aswell, .. he has to go, yeah he may not be the only player in team that shudnt be there but he is easily the worst of the lot.  come on grant wake up, i had faith in you but as time ticks by im startin to wonder wetha u are turnin into worthy,,.. blood some young guns and attack teams as we aint gud enough to hold out for a 0-0.
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