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  1. McCanary

    Wigan route

    Ok..I know this is probably down to individual preference but

    A1 or M6 ??

  2. McCanary


    [quote user="Thecanaryfan"][quote user="McCanary"]

    Teribly sorry if i dont have time to peruse the previous messages.

    Thanks though .


    Like your style McCanary. Dont take no sh~t. We have a 5,000 allocation which Im sure will sell out, if tickets become a problem there is sure to be plenty of seats in the home stands. Just lose the accent and put a pie in your mouth.


    Made me chuckle...

    Got ours all soretd now.

    Wigan here we come ......pity its me thats driving :(


  3. McCanary


    I only asked a simple question....I have just looked  down the board and nothing on the front page. I have better things to do than trawl through the pages.

    Thank you Paul for your useful tutorial

  4. McCanary


    Teribly sorry if i dont have time to peruse the previous messages.

    Thanks though .

  5. McCanary


    Anyone have any news on  how many we are getting , price and when they are on sale yet ?


  6. Is the prem still a football league? or are we playing a new game? 

    From many of the posts on here one would think we were entering a baseball league ! It`s not a different game, only the same one played at a higher level !!

    Put simply, we are playing 11 v 11 at football. The opposition may be a little more talented than we have been up against over the last couple of seasons but the game, the rules, the officials  pitches and supporters are all going to be similar.

    There is no reason why well organised teams like ours with a top work ethic and a sprinkling of individual talent and team tactics cannot hold their own.


  7. McCanary

    Bradley Johnson

    [quote user="Joanna Grey"]WOTB, where they put the Sun link.[/quote]

    nope not from there either

  8. McCanary

    Bradley Johnson

    nope ...i am hearing it from another place :P
  9. McCanary

    Bradley Johnson

    I am hearing that we have signed him on a free...waiting for confirmation...anyone heard anything ?
  10. McCanary

    Well, was it deliberate or not?

    Just watched that clip again a couple of times and it looks deliberate now I`ve seen it again


  11. McCanary

    Mr McNally .....

    Says we ARE staying up.........would you argue with him ??


  12. McCanary


    [quote user="McCanary"]

    We will be rolling in to West Coast around 1045......:)

    gonna be a huuuuuge ppaaaaaaaaaarrrtyyyyy !!



    Even better,,,Mrs Mc C has now offered to drive :).... it could get really messy lol... and as already posted by another, I apologise in advance if you are accosted on Riverside by a six foot hairy Scotsman calling you Jimmy lmao

  13. McCanary

    A Friendly request

    You may find it easier to purchase some rocking horse sh!t !! lol

    best of luck mate ..


  14. Just used ours to light the fire tonight :)


  15. McCanary


    We will be rolling in to West Coast around 1045......:)

    gonna be a huuuuuge ppaaaaaaaaaarrrtyyyyy !!

  16. McCanary

    Jake Humphrey at Portaloo rd

    he was about ten seats away. we had photos and a chat with him at half time. A top bloke. We had a bit of a laugh about his celebrations at the studio window in November...how hw managed to keep his face straight during that when on air I`llnever know lol
  17. McCanary

    Simeon Jackson in a city shirt

    just remember how much stick Iwan Roberts got in his first season..
  18. McCanary

    Wow !

    My legs ache, my arms ache, I have a hangover and no voice!

    But to have been at the ground to witness that demolition is worth it all and more.

    Little bit of trouble when the local idiots decided to stop us getting in the ground but could not believe the old bill were letting scum fans walk on that part of portman road...then they decided to block the bridge to stop us getting back to the station.

    A fantastic night though and one which is right up there with the best nights as a city supporter


  19. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]

    Off to Scotland on the Saturday so was excited that they moved it to the friday !!

    When my Mrs reminded me we were leaving Friday night anyway I was pretty bleeding gutted ! Ah well :(


    Say hello to the home country for me !

  20. McCanary

    Who gets butterflies

    [quote user="Jem"]Get them all the time at the moment and fund myself thinking all the time about the last 8 games. Going to miss my first home game since Watford on Saturday - gutted but will be glued to something or other to listen! Can''t get commentary in Northampton so might have to phone home and get the wife to put her phone next to the radio![/quote]


    Remind me to sit near you then mate !! Can`t believe we organised this date.

  21. I am a bit miffed too. Travelling home from hols early hours of Saturday and was looking forward to a few hours kip and the match.


  22. McCanary

    New Kit small update

    The guys at the club shop reckon it could be revealed before the end of March/early April. Will certainly be available for last game.
  23. McCanary

    Trouble at Diss??

    I heard there was awee bit of bother in Diss as the scum made their way home...anyone know what happened ?
  24. McCanary

    Derby game MUST be under threat!

    If the game had been on today I would have seriously considered not going...we got 4 inches plus near Old Buckenham and my lane was like a sheet of glass before we had any new snow..
  25. McCanary


    There are rumours afoot that he may be part of a deal to bring Barnett here in January