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  1. Yes Harry Threadgold, Roy Hollis, Peter Corthine, Lou Costello, And young Bobby Kellard was only about 15 or 16 when he became a regular just before our family moved up to Southtown, Yarmouth in 1962, were some of my heroes back then. Blimey Roy, you must be getting on a bit now. lol.
  2. Sad news indeed. Southend were my local team, and i started watching them in 1956 when i was 9, never missed a home game, until we moved to Norfolk in 1962. I don''t think we ever paid more than a shilling to get in to Roots Hall. Happy days.
  3. I asked a Motherwell fan what he thought about Stephen Hughes. He said. " Yep, give him time on the ball and hes a good player. There were a lot of Scottish teams after him including Rangers. Cracking passer of the ball too but can be posted missing sometimes and NEVER scores" Normally when a players ex-fan is asked, they say how rubbish they were, so sounds promising.
  4. Best odds are only 7/1 to win the division. Best odds to get promoted. 5/2 http://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/league-one/coca-cola-league-1/win-market
  5. [quote user="Mushroom"]I''m nineteen next month, has anyone actually worked out an average age for us users? My guess is 29. [/quote] I''m 62, so thats bumped it up a bit. I feel 26 mentally, but 102 physically.
  6. Yep i''m in. I''ve got one too. All welcome. http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ League code is 224239-57613
  7. That''s fine Lewie. As long as they''re midfielders or defenders, you can have 4 wingers or 4 left backs.
  8. I''ve joined. I''ve also set up a head to head League. Here''s a Link inviting you to join the Fast&Mad head to head Private league that i''ve set up for xpert11 managers. We have 6 members already, and i''m hoping to get 20 for the head to head league. The Code number to join the League is 224239-57613 and quote that, after registering With the FA Premier Fantasy League. Get in early to avoid disappointment. You are allowed to be in up to 15 Leagues. Free to play, and some good prizes. Sign up by Clicking on the Link below, and the Private League Code is 224239-57613 http://fantasy.premierleague.com/M/leagueadmin.mc?FPL|league_admin_cb=57613
  9. Excellent report Tom, thanks. Chris Goreham said on Radio Norfolk this afternoon that there were about 200 City fans there. (the little fibber lol.)
  10. This Headline got my pulse racing for a second, the Sky website. City bid £25m for Eto''o Man. City of course.
  11. Good luck with your new League. If you need any help setting up your League, i''d be happy to help. xperteleven is a great online Management game, and as a VIP Member i have the maximum 6 teams, in great Leagues, 2 of which i''m the Admin of, listed below. The FAST League http://www.xperteleven.com/xpertleague.aspx?Lid=142384&dh=3 Norwich City mad league http://www.xperteleven.com/xpertleague.aspx?Lid=143828 OTBC!
  12. [quote user="Georgie Bless"]I get a bad feeling this is going to be another let down you know [:(][/quote] I think you''re right Georgie.
  13. [quote user="Jim Kent"]Will it be broadcast on Radio Norfolk?[/quote] Yes, it''s on Radio Norfolk @ 15.20. We''ll just have wait to see what it''s about.
  14. No bullsh!t. Probably to announce who the managers going to be. But could be anything. 
  15. Southampton are relegated whatever happens, but if they climb out of the bottom 3 with wins against Burnley & Forest, and other results in their favour, the 10 points deduction would be applied this season, and they''d be starting with a clean sheet next season.  
  16. Most popular clubs: Manchester United 4,209,000 Liverpool 3,133,000 Arsenal 2,652,000 Chelsea 1,485,000 Rangers 1,430,000 Celtic 1,406,000 Tottenham 1,240,000 Newcastle 1,159,000 Leeds United 938,000 Manchester City 886,000 Aston Villa 700,000 West Ham 691,000 Everton 628,000 Leicester City 553,000 Norwich City 458,000 Middlesbrough 452,000 Southampton 429,000 Hearts 398,000 Wolverhampton Wanderers 384,000 Sheffield Wednesday 371,000 So we''re the 13th best supported English team, very impressive. Seems strange that Leicester rank so highly though. 
  17. http://www.xperteleven.com/xpertleague.aspx?Lid=143828 In the Norwich City mad League, we have Managers from all over the U.K. including 1 who lives in Binnerland, (don''t tell ''em your name mr Bailey) but has the good sense to support Norwich, also from all over the world, including Argentina, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Turkey, U.S.A. etc. Some of the overseas Members had never even heard of Norwich City before they joined the League, but they certainly know about us now, and look for Citys results now.  
  18. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"] I think mainly due to a lack of competition. I remember when he first came here he was pretty good but has just become lazy. Keep it up Semi! [W] [/quote] Yep Andy, did the job today, the only frustrating thing was Rusty getting himself sent off again. Who have we got to replace him?
  19. The last time i saw Norwich in the 3rd division, it was when i was a Southend supporter at Roots Hall. 50 years on, and i''ll be watching us play Southend as a Norwich supporter at Carrow Road. How times change over the years. 
  20. [quote user="The Chirp"][quote user="Canarygeorge"] For goals 13,14,&15, ( against Canvey Island ) there are some white houses overlooking the ground, and i was born in 1 of those houses, 62 years ago (next Friday is my 62nd birthday). He''s definitely too good for non-league football, i hope he can step up to championship level. He''s bit of a loose cannon, with his temperament, loads of yellow & red cards, and was injured in his last game for Dartford, with Gunny watching.   Good luck to the lad, he''s a natural goalscorer. [/quote] canarygeorge... this made me smile! happy birthday next friday! [/quote] Cheers Chirpy. My Dartford contact on the xperteleven website, told me Cody was costing us £80,000. He gave me news about Cody, being watched by a lot of league clubs, Gunny watching him come off injured his final Dartford game, etc. before it became known here.
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