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  1. [quote user="Lambo Is God"]Wind-up?[/quote] Its an email to County Hall workers. Harry is spot on that its County Hall workers who must vacate the car park by 5:30pm on evening matches. However, if I am offsite on business until late into the evening how are they going to police it?!?
  2. Info for anyone who uses the County Hall Car Park on match days.... ''All for your information Supporter car parking at County Hall for Carrow Road matches will now be operated by Norwich City Football Club. There are a number of changes which you need to be aware of: - There will be 750 tickets available, some for advance sale direct, with the remainder to be sold by the stewards on the gate on behalf of the football club. These tickets will have to be displayed in the vehicles. - There will be no parking on match days without buying a ticket. If it is an evening game, there will be no parking after 5.30pm except for people actually working in County Hall. Staff who go straight from work to the ground for evening matches will have to purchase a ticket. - The ticket price for parking will increase from £4.00 to £6.00. - The social club will have an allocation of spaces for their members. - Staff will need to remove their cars by 10:30am on weekend match days if they have parked overnight. - Any NCC staff who work at the football ground will have to pay for their car parking. - Loan vehicles will have to be parked on the forecourt right outside the steps to County Hall.''
  3. I recognise the guy behind Ruel Fox. I used to play football with him as a kid. His name is Stuart and he runs a well known newsagent in Caister on Sea. It may be that he paid money to play on the day but I do know he knows Dale Gordon (who used to live in Caister) as he also used to play in the same team as Dale''s son many years ago. I remember once when we played them Dale Gordon was being pretty abusive on the line so one of the Dads from our team chucked the obligatory ''bucket of water and sponge'' over him. Dale was wearing a nice white, three quarter length puffa jacket at the time...   
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