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  1.     I''m asking a simple question to which I''m getting no answers. This message board is full of ''free thinkers''  who can''t cope with their ideas being questioned, and I think it''s only reasonable to ask where the knowledge comes from that someone like Wiz claims to have. Don''t get all defensive just because someone''s shaken up your cosy little party. Back to the point then - if Wiz can explain exactly what knowledge he has, as asked before, then that would qualify a lot of what he says. However, I see no attempt to do this, which makes his arguments entirely baseless.
  2.     Interesting, all this ''there''s no democracy at this club'' bullsh1t. I seem to remember most of you monkeys claiming ''it woz the fans wot got rid of Worthy''... is it any suprise the players couldn''t be bothered at The Binners'' place? Why would they play for you bunch of fickle moaners? You''re as much a disgrace as they are.
  3.     Really Wiz? Or is that because you don''t have any answers? In the same way you cried off your column on ''The Nest'' because you realised reasoned argument wasn''t quite your forte...
  4.     Idiocy becomes the Wizard once again. You really have no idea about football do you Wiz? All these ridiculous statements, ideas about protesting, conspiracy theories etc etc. Do you actually study the game in any detail? Have you ever gone to an AGM and asked a question? Been to Colney enough times to understand the workings of a provincial football club like Norwich? Spent time talking to people who''ve been in the game for years? You will doubtless say ''yes'' just to prove a point but almost every post you write is such nonsense I simply couldn''t believe you. I''m sure this message board would be a duller place without your bi-polar rantings but stop trying to tell us what''s going on behind the scenes, ''cos you haven''t a clue.
  5. Danny Crow bla blah blah. Honestly, if he was that good he would have been picked up by now. Get over him.
  6. Don''t any of you lot get it? What''s all this ''why two games'' nonsense? If we don''t win the next game he''ll be out, simple as that. Honestly, some of you get so carried away with yourselves you go blind.
  7. [quote user="jetstream"] Do they really think that is going to appease us? Bite the bullet, ffs.   What else are they supposed to say? He''s been given his chance.   [/quote]
  8. I trust you''ll be one of the first to boo if we go a goal down on saturday then Jas. Keep clutching at straws mate, you''ll get there eventually.
  9. Nice one. Did he actually read that article? He talks about what Libero has written but doesn''t seem to realise that his summation of it doesn''t even remotely resemble what has been written! Is he just some old thug trying to express his aggression in other ways ''cos his banning order won''t let him do it in the ground? Sounds like it. That stuff about not condoning violence, and then utterly contradicting himself is a disgrace. I thought we''d seen the back of idiots like that many years ago.
  10. Any fool listening to any one of the managers in this division will know they all tell you the same thing - you have to be prepared to fight and play unpretty football at times in this division if you are to get out of it. But of course, Mr Foghorn, Paul, whoever you are, you clearly know best with your intimate and first hand knowledge of the inner-workings of the Championship game. That article shows incredible naivety - at a stroke you dismiss everything anyone connected with football at Norwich has said over the last two years. What on earth makes you think you know even remotely better than them is beyond me. You clearly have not listened to anyone with an ounce of common sense or understanding of the game as a whole. But then I guess you wouldn''t be able to write such unreasoned nonsense if you had. At least you''re getting reactions. You''ve incensed me enough to drag me out of retirement after all.
  11. Will do Wiz, and I''m sure I speak for us all when I say I''m looking forward to you contradicting yourself even more when we lose a game.
  12. And this guy makes the point perfectly. It would be nice to be able to enjoy the game tonight without worrying about people like Wizard for once. http://www.thenest-ncfc.co.uk/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=144&mode=&order=0&thold=0
  13. Why don''t you just concentrate on supporting the team? Is there something wrong with you?
  14. Someone''s obviously been paying attention: http://www.thenest-ncfc.co.uk/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=121&mode=&order=0&thold=0
  15. Will everyone stop saying Thorne is crap? How anyone can judge him on 13 starts after such an injury ravaged season is beyond me. His goal record is better than 1 in 3 over his career, which is better than most strikers. Typical narrow-minded nonsense from ''fans'' - "I''ve seen him enough to know he''s utter rubbish, although I reserve the right to change my mind when he''s had a chance a-la Roberts, Helveg but until then I''ll be completely negative towards him, and I''ll boo him if I want blah, etc, etc..."  
  16. I take the point about Hucks but I was speaking more specifically about set pieces (from which we conceded a frightening amount of goals). Edworthy would often be too far off his man, which would pull Flem out and essentially leave to heads free to go for the ball. That was why we did better with Helveg (yes it was criminal he didn''t play enough, but remember the amount of fans who moaned about him without giving him a chance?) because he could organise a defence as well as keep position. Once again, Worthy went for the ''hard workers'' until it was too late. 
  17. Call me a nerd (nerd)... But careful studying of our premiership season video proves that Edworthy was responsible for around 70% of  goals conceded from set pieces (terrible marking) and many, many goals in free play. Teams knew to attack him and Fleming and it was pretty easy. Loyal and hard working he was; any longer up to the job? No.
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