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  1. who really thinks we will get a big signing what we have got today is it
  2. do you think we will put another bid in for Paterson seems like we get around that mill mark and thats as far as we go
  3. Skysports.com understands Birmingham have rejected a bid from Coventry for Martin Taylor. BiD is belived to be around 1 mill
  4. I dont say much on here but i am always reading post  because i live in canada i dont get 2 watch 2 many games. One thing i have noticed is that everybody is guessing who the next manager is saying who would be the best at the job Myself it would not matter who got the job be it jewell, jol, parkinson, whoever,   nobody will have much luck with the overpaid bunch of so called players we have unless they decided to perform.  So forget whos coming in and lets start getting on the players to start playing like they are paid 2 its always easy to sack managers we see it in every sport the first person out is him. If the new manager comes in and we lose 5-6 more straight will we ask for his head i think so  RIGHT. We cannot keep doing this it is up to the players to perform so let me just say good luck to whoever gets the job and lets all hope the players play like we know they can ON THE BALL CITY !!!!!!                                         
  5. we have picked up 7 val pts from the last 3 games OTBC but its the next 5 games that worry me how many pts do we expect to get from these my predications are Derby-H   1 pt Cardiff- A 1pt birmingham-H 1pt Stoke city-H -3pts   prob only 1 colchester-A  1pt thats only 7 pts at best will that be enough any thoughts
  6. Does anyone else agree that we were out sung last night?  I was in Jarrold stand and couldn''t hear the Barclay singing.  Those Blackpool fans really did their team proud
  7. I agree....give Martin a chance.  He came on and played fantastic last night.  Give him a go at a whole game and see what he can do.
  8. Just a ????? who has heard or have i missed when chadwick will return to playing Also if everybody had been fit for yesterdays game scoreline would have been prob 4or 5 -1 agreed
  9. thats what i am trying to say but if we dont get the players what manager could get this team  that we have playing.  Isay no one could!!!!! they are all paid well they should be held responsible its easy to fire the manager but the next manager would still have the same problem right
  10. he whe go again lets fire the manager why because of a bunch of overpaid players who do not put there heart and soles into playing for this club It is always easy to get rid of the manager not the players  imo we need to dump some of the later. even i f we got a new manager what would be the differnce he would still only have the same bunch of lazy good for nothings to pick from  i say give grant a chance at least untill the end of feb when by then if we sign new players in jan we should be able to tell but for now back grant in what he does and with what he has to do it with             on the ball city by the way i will be coming from canada in feb to watch this bunch for 3 games so i would luv to see a winning team out there
  11. I am from canada anybody know if i can listen to the game                                       thanks
  12. could not agree with you more the manger can only ask what he exspects the rest is up to the players if they do not perform is it the managers fault. no its the players they are bieng payed to play thats the end of disscusion
  13. Hi I am a norwich fan living in canada I have been reading posts from this site since the season began My first problem is I will be visisting you fine city in feb 2007 i would love too watch Norwich play a couple of games    if anybody here could put me on the right track for buying tickets that would be great. My second problem is why are fans of sports all over the world so up with a team when they are winning and down on a team when losing It seems 2 me that it is early in the season and norwich are not doing so bad sure they have lost a few games when they should have won but thats the way it goes sometimes surley norwich fans need to be behind there team when things are not going right they need positive reaction from fans not negative the only way this team will do well is for al you guys to be behind the team and managment  during the good and the BAD times  so get behind your team a cheer them into the premiership next year i am sure with the great fan base that norwich have you can take them there                    thanks CANADIAN YELLOW  
  14. If ncfc have any slim chance of making the playoffs they will need a run12 -15 wins Not going to happen???? They will also need a run of wins just to stay up (Brighton are only 10 pts back)or relagation will stare them in the face If anybody really think that NCFC could win 12-15 explain because I would like to now how we will do this with the manager and team we have now.  Even if city wins all remaning games i still belive it will not be enough
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