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  1. Lappin will be fine, he''s just ultra short of confidence at the moment.
  2. Some ''fans'', who are nothing but a disgrace (particularly those who were so personally abusive about Delia and Roeder this week) would do better not to turn up this weekend if they''re thinking of booing at the first sign of trouble. It''s happened too often in the past and shows just who really understands the nature of this derby, and who doesn''t. And I''m willing to bet a lot of the whingers on this board are those who don''t (assuming you ever actually go to games, that it). For the rest of you, COME ON, LET''S BEAT THE SCUM! OTBC  
  3. Funny that - I was just thinking this morning that we kind of miss him. He may not be any good but at least he''s consistent!
  4. I can''t believe the amount of people sniping at Grant because of this signing. Can''t you just move on? Starting with getting behind the boys on Sunday...
  5. [quote user="Tumbleweed"] It is a good post, but in defence of the "protesters" are they not doing what Andy himself admitted to doing back in the days of the Chase protests? The actions at that time were out of genuine concern for the club, there are those now who feel just as strongly although in far fewer numbers. Many of us do not share their views and the way they rubbish others on this Board, but are they not entitled to have the same strong convictions that Andy had back in the 90s? Other than that I agree with the sentiment. The Ipswich game is a good match to start with- a high profile event with a capacity crowd on TV and an ideal opportunity to kick start things again. Probably better than trying to get to know the players and get them motivated for a wet Tuesday in Scunthrorpe....... [/quote] Those were the days when people were properly proactive - the protesting was organised and the players got none, if any of the stick they get now from the stands. True, money has changed things a bit in that respect but Andy is right - even Fergie said people are too happy to boo players these days without really thinking about it, and let''s face it, he''s seen both sides of the coin in his time. Couple that with the almost insane conspiracy theories on this board and it makes you wonder what happened to good ol'' fashioned love of football.
  6. [quote user="NEIL CLUCKCASTER"][quote user="The Judge"] If any more proof was needed that there are people out there prepared to invest in Championship football clubs - its now happened at of all places Ipswich who "had" double the debt we currently have !! Add Ipswich to; QPR, Leicester, Derby, Sunderland, Coventry, Wolves, Hull - there are probably more - just over the past 2 seasons. Yet our beloved Delia after the AGM comes out and states there aren''t any "idiots" out there prepared to invest in Championships clubs ! Well sorry Delia you are obviously the "idiot" because there are.. With the currently financial situation we find ourselves in Doncasters full time job as Chief Exec of NCFC should be to trawl the land for new investment. Ipswich is just more proof that the way NCFC has been run over the last 10 years has been proven to be wrong in the world that is modern football. The board is so out of touch with reality its staggering.   [/quote] It''s another of the "Delia" myths shown for what it is......and answers all of the questions raised by the "what would we do without Delia" brigade. Smith has taken the good nature of the Norwich City fan and treated us as "idiots" to further her own personal agenda....but surely this charade is finally beginning to be seen as the cynical ploy it always was....isn''t it? [/quote] Exactly what is this cynical ploy you keep harping on about? Is there some dark overlord out there who has a predetermined fate for us all? Or is it just the voices in your head?
  7. [quote user="The Judge"] Ipswich is just more proof that the way NCFC has been run over the last 10 years has been proven to be wrong in the world that is modern football. The board is so out of touch with reality its staggering.   [/quote] So buying excessive amounts of, and paying, foreign players too much money, getting relegated after doing so well in the first season back in the Prem, nearly going bankrupt, paying back your thousands of local investors a pittance in the pound, having someone invest £44m and still only end up with around £10m after all the debt is paid off is something we should be emulating, eh? Which business school did you go to?  
  8. Well said sir, couldn''t agree more. Interesting that none of the usual whingers have managed to pull their heads out of their backsides to reply...
  9. I like your optimism. Makes a nice change. We aren''t dead and buried. Of course we are if we keep playing like this, but let''s face it, it isn''t going to get any worse and a new manager will bring in a coach - something we haven''t actually had this season. The squad isn''t that bad. Just because Hucks says so doesn''t make it so. But a full compliment of players would be nice, so we can see what it''s capable of. Then the new manager can tinker and add where it''s needed. There are a lot of people wallowing in our current predicament, and you get the feeling that a lot of people on this board are rather enjoying it. Which is a bit sad, really.
  10. [quote user="NEIL CLUCKCASTER"][quote user="broadie"] Why don''t you leave him alone? At least let him try and do the best for us while he''s here. Is it that you don''t want us to do well? Only happy when you''re moaning. [/quote] Mmmmmm....been there done that. Rioch...Megson...Hamilton...Worthington...Grant...now Duffy. I guess you''d also like us to give him time and allow him build his own team I suppose? Nah.........   [/quote]   Unlike you to see something in a post that isn''t there, Cluck... I refer you to my second post. Only happy when you''re moaning.
  11. [quote user="Dexx"][quote user="broadie"] Why don''t you leave him alone? At least let him try and do the best for us while he''s here. Is it that you don''t want us to do well? Only happy when you''re moaning. [/quote]   its all the club has been doing , give them a try or promote within and bring in has beens on the pitch and off  its about time they wake up and get the right people in and take Norwich City FC forward nowdays its all about money its how it s and how it will be if they dont start investing more in then we will be a lost cause. [/quote] The point is that someone has to get a team on to that pitch tomorrow and while we don''t have a permanent manager Duffy should have our support. No ifs or buts.
  12. For the record, Delia always looks a bit edgy at these events, whether things are going well or not. I wouldn''t read too much into it, although it''s safe to assume she didn''t feel as comfortable as she''s have liked.
  13. [quote user="charlies dad"]Assuming of course that A, everyone is a Shareholder, B People have no other committments. C People can be bothered to listen to more spin. What an immature post.[/quote] Er - immature? I would have thought that spending the entire year banging on about not getting one''s voice heard and then not turning up because one ''can''t be bothered to listen to more spin'' is about as immature as it gets. Even the suggestion is pretty childish.  
  14. Perhaps they''re posting separately because the ''oldies'' are bogging down threads with their pointless bitching at each other - which normally results in one of you spouting the old ''free speech'' cliche. Which is precisely what newbies are entitled to, I would assume?
  15. [quote user="BBFF"] Thanks to you both. Looks like NCFC is on its last legs while NCPLC has all the investment it wants and even takes out loans to build roads, all riding on the back of the FOOTBALL club and its 25,000 supporters. Its just another sad day for FOOTBALL at Carrow Rd.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST [/quote] What uninformed nonsense.
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