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  1. My mate just text me the same thing agent seen wive swp going into carrow road about an hour ago Source: friend at the ground
  2. Looking on that rumours page looks like we are bidding 250k for Brighton forward Ashley barnes. Looks like he has scored a few goals, who knows normally rubbish on that site
  3. Didn''t realise the doc left us to play darts, 180!!!
  4. Anyone got any idea what it is? I imagine in terms of city managers it must be one of the highest . Cheers in advance
  5. gary doherty certainly looked the oldest living canaries player , now he has left has to go to the holtster Gary doherty a true golden oldie
  6. Quick question where does it say the featured game? Looked on sky and it says Leeds vs millwall
  7. Good evening , I would like to take this oppotunity to express my suprise on the fact that this thread is still running. I have been to turkey where I must say it is incredible hot (52 degrees ) anyway thanks for the comments I must say it was fun to read back lol. To the new season, Cheers otbc
  8. Thanks mate , I hold no animosity against them but kinda gets on my nerves when I feel I had a valid point.
  9. Well my grammar ain''t going to change anytime soon so I''d appreciate the few who have a problem with it, do just as you say and just talk about the subject, not every is as competent as others , people have different skill levels and languages and guess what people get on with it please do the same at the end of the day we all bleed yellow :).
  10. What can I say I love Norwich but openly admit my grammar is shit lol but hey it''s a Norwich forum and Norwich is my pasion so I''d rather talk about that than argue. What did you think of the new keepy ruddy? Looks solid enough for me.
  11. If your so special name the 6 spelling mistakes ? anyway back to the footy , was quite suprised by the size of jackson looks quite stocky .Different player to earnshaw but one who i feel will have the same impact. 20+ goals im going forOTBC 
  12. you can clearly read what i wrote ,so im not gonna argue with you comment or dont im not bothered.But it does appear people are more intrested in picking holes instead of having a actual opinion on what people write
  13. Or perhaps you could stop being a smart arse and give your opinion on what I said maybe ?
  14. Don''t no if any1 else noticed not only does this guy have pace , great touch he somehow and I mean somehow challenges and seems to win most of his headers against big defenders. Looks quality already see him an chrissy up front for most of the season I can see holt being out abut due to injury hope not but either for once I''m confident that whoever starts can score :)
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