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  1. Fookin Lawrence!!! Sits in the Away End at Hartlepool and supports who ever we are playing, I kid you not, its Robert Maxwells Son (Allegedly) Not taking the piss either!!
  2. Know Fletchs Bar well, and his old man! Legend Fletch for Bornmuff!Sold to them for 30 Grand when he was about 18 Looking forward to the match and night out
  3. Is not every season us lot play teams like Norwich,Leeds,Southampton, Charlton. Coming down cause 25,000 pople will watching Hartlepool! Im sick to death of visiting the Halifax, Darlington, Herefords of this world! Who`d of thought 5 years ago, Norwich v Hartlepool being a league fixture!!!
  4. Thanks for the replies chaps, Nightclubs cant see it, Indians by 11pm would think after being on it since lunchtime. Us lot range from 40 to 55!!!
  5. Anything Wet!! Lagar for most of us! £1.80 a pint like "Up North"????? Looking forward to the trip.
  6. Now Gens, about 10 of us coming down early in the morning and stopping over in Norwich tommorrow night, It will be our first visit to your City, and with that mind, havent got a clue where to head tommorrow night for a few large halfs!!!! We just want a good Drink and some good crack with you lot, and certainly no hassle. Can you reccomend where to drink, and if where to keep away! Dont expect 3 points or even a draw! Lastly, quickest way from the A1 Lads? Been told, Peterboro and across, down to Cambridge and up, and via Kings Lynn? All the best, and hope to share a few shandys tommorrow.
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