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  1. Don''t worry, it''s all a part of the show!League leaders go 2 down and have keeper sent off only to come back and win!Makes for good viewing ;)
  2. [quote user="singing canary"]well the bookies are fairly confident city will win the first division ,but one bookies coment made me chuckle ........ It would take a Devon Loch moment to deprive them of a return to the Championship,” said Ladbrokes spokesman Nick Weinberg. “They can even afford to give Delia a game.” Coral confirmed they were offering no more bets. i think we should give delia a game .....but what position do you think she could play at ..? !!!![/quote]At the risk of sounding daft. If it were possible to play Delia, I think it would be absolutely brilliant! Sub her on when we''re dominating and stick her up front. Imagine her in yellow and green, trotting about in the penalty box waiting to toe poke it home, or get a penalty!
  3. [quote user="The Butler"]Not a joke this week but amusement for a dull day! http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sleep/sheep/reaction_version5.swf   Worked for me, if it doesn''t for you someone relink please[:)] [/quote]That was cool. I got 0.223 reaction time on all 5 sheep lol.
  4. [quote user="Gibbo"]Nope, but I did go shopping (valentines - before the shops shut) after the first half... Hope I don''t have to go out and buy the missus something every time we are behind now for luck... :S[/quote]I think you should.
  5. Who was that player with the silky feet at the end, shot just wide? That was impressive.
  6. Her show isn''t half going on for a long time!
  7. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Or so it seems. What a gutless performance. Carlisle plainly wanted it, City didn''t fancy it at all. Shades of............ It''s now that Paul Lambert has to prove his true mettle. Will he head the way of Grant and Roeder - or will he scrap and win like Worthy? What''s your view? Me? You tell me what his stony-faced silence on the touchline today meant when the team needed pumping up and organising - then I''ll finalise my opinion. OTBC     [/quote]This is a joke right?
  8. [quote user="First Wizard"]We''ve just had a great run, were the top scoreres in this league,, and added to that, the best manager we''ve had in a long while (most of you agreed with this BEFORE the Carlisle game!) yet now this message board has reverted back to its griping days of yore! Behave. Okay, we were poor, we lost, it is allowed once in a while you know! And how many points did we drop? If you think the above is a bit rich coming from me, tough! its taken Paul Lambert to make a new wiz out of me![Y] [/quote]You have opened my eyes. After yesterdays result I thought it was all over, that there was no coming back and because of that result we were surely doomed to failure!  Relegation, administration etc etc, but now I see the light. There is still hope people.OH JOY!
  9. They could play Man U in the 3rd round...I saw that draw a MILE off. Makes me wonder if its fixed but..nah..
  10. [quote user="NottsCanary"]GO ON RUSSEL!!! F**K HIM UP!![/quote]Lol!!!
  11. [quote user="Big Bad John"]Otsemobors would usually read on a Saturday - "just drifted off at work again, boss looks pi**ed LOLZ!!!111"[/quote]Otsemobor is a internet geek!
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