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  1. Very sad this happened and will be missed by all. F.A. Cup for Arthur, may he ,and his pesky nephews rest in peace, god bless his racist cotton socks. RIP Arto, City fan and friend.
  2. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Boogle"] I think this is worth while debate. Im all up for a great atmosphere, but honestly some people booing after a few minutes of the Watford game on the first game of the season, come on that is a bit backwd. I can see where Morty and the OP are coming from, we need a great atmosphere like Morty said, yet when you are sitting around prats it does make you wonder about what most of our supporters are like. [/quote] I have a very "live and let live" attitude about this. People pay their money, let them enjoy it in any way they like, people who sneer at others enjoying themselves need to maybe look at their own life, rather than moaning about others. Theres prats in all walks of life, you just need to laugh them off rather than getting annoyed or wound up. Booing is a whole other debate lol. [/quote] Agree with that mate [Y], but I would say the boos after we had a barely started against Watford is relivent to this debate.
  3. "Must have drove you mad, watching in the comfort of your council house" Thats offensive to anyone.
  4. I think this is worth while debate. Im all up for a great atmosphere, but honestly some people booing after a few minutes of the Watford game on the first game of the season, come on that is a bit backwd. I can see where Morty and the OP are coming from, we need a great atmosphere like Morty said, yet when you are sitting around prats it does make you wonder about what most of our supporters are like.
  5. [quote user="morty"]*Pulls up a seat and opens a bag of popcorn* [/quote] LOL.
  6. [quote user="mtv"]Try readin ALL the posts then you would not have needed to post that little comment![/quote] Ok, ive read all the posts, and although Whittle was crosssing a line, so are you. Does that make it ok. You seeem to have drawn up an image in your head of everyone in a council estate, puffing on spitty roll ups, drinking tesco beer. So I ask you again, are you superior to those that live on council estates? May be news to you but a large majority of City fans come from council estates, or did you think we were too poor to support the club?
  7. [quote user="mtv"] watching in the comfort of your council house[/quote] Whats the matter with council estates? Most of my family come from council houses/flats, have you got something agaainst council estates?
  8. Yeah, I think he took the abuse quite well, and seemed to have a laugh about it. Good on him - shame if he gets a cough again lol.
  9. [quote user="Viva_Marc_Libbra"]He must expect it, if I was him I''d enjoy it. It''s rare that the very shit players get personal abuse. He''s a good keeper, clearly as QPR have conceded 5 all season? Or something like that.[/quote] Kenny is the best keeper in that league IMO.
  10. [quote user="mtv"]Oh so they were on the beer all day long so its ok to call him a C**t in front of young kids? Oh dear! Oh dear![/quote] Not saying that, im saying its a football match, and people swear, part of life. Where do I say I think its ok? Im pointing out the obvious. Away game, long day out = people pis5ed up. I havent got a problem with anything that was sung yesterday, you need to get a grip. 3,100 people - did you expect them to sing "Oi Mr Kenny you are a jolly nasty person if you dont mind me saying so" christ on a bike. Your comment that its ok to sing about being on a crack pipe is ok but swearing isnt deserves an oh dear pal. Just to clear something up mate, do you think its ok to sing 2 of our anthems - we shoot burglers and Stevie Wright, Wright, Wright?
  11. [quote user="ryan1992"]Must admit i liked the ''Paddy, give us a line, Paddy, Paddy give us a line''![/quote] [Y]
  12. [quote user="mtv"]They were not that young! I''d say in their 30''s They were stood next to me and whilst the ''Where''s youre crack pipe'' was quite funny, I think ''your mothers a whore'' and ''you are a fat c*nt'' was a bit much for the 6 and 7 year olds who were sat next to to them! One bloke, who looked a bit like wurrzel Gummage, kept saying ''eye of the tiger wes''! Don''t know why, but there you go![/quote] Hang on a minute, would you rather young kids heard swear words or asked their parents what a crack pipe is? At the end of the day, it was an away day, large percentage of City fans had been on the lash since the early trains around london, and ive heard worse than that shouted by dads with their kids at home games mate. Its all part of the match day. Now as an ex goalkeeper and fat c#nt, im now off for a honk on my crack pipe lol.. [;)]
  13. [quote user="Wings of a sparrow"] Slightly o/t but when did we stop applauding the opposing goalkeeper as they trotted towards the Barclay before kick-off?   [/quote] LOL.
  14. [quote user="First Jedi"]Actually - Arthur "I''m not a racist, but..." Whittle should be up there[/quote] Arthurs posts are worth a read IMO. Im sure if had ever said anything racist he would have been banned wouldnt he? dont always agree with the bloke, but he gets a debate rolling rather than some "5 word" posters.
  15. The Pub/bar is called the quarter deck, opposite the Complete Angler, down the stairs.
  16. [quote user="Lambo"]Have Colchester fans still not gotten over Lambert moving on?? Jeez, .[/quote] Theres still plenty of City fans who havent forgiven players like Dean Ashton etc for leaving, so cant really moan about them in there defence. I agree with the original post, well done to Adkins for having a bit of respect for the club hes been with 14 years, Lambert though had been at Colchester less than a year so different story. Yes we were wrong, but we wanted him and he wanted to come here and the Col chairman is a tosser. And also we did make an approach via Neil Doncaster for Steve Tilson, but Southend refused permission, and Norwich gave up on him, this is where McNally suceeds where Doncaster failed, as he pushed for the man he wanted.
  17. I dont support any other clubs, I like to see a few do well for the following reasons. Barnet - because my mates a big Barnet fan, and we have been to a few when City havent been playing. Yeovil - Because I worked nearby for a good while, and wanted to watch some local football. Rotherham - Family reasons. I dont support any of them, I dont care if they win, lose or draw, but if they do well im chuffed for the people I know who support them. I know plenty of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Man Utd fans, but have no reason to have a soft spot because none of them have even been within miles of a match, even when they have played at Carrow Road. Plastic glory hunters. 
  18. [quote user="the king"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] So we should all go dressed not in colours of any kind and we should sit like little mice, otherwise some no good yobs will have the AOK to attack us for no good reason other than we might stick out from the crowd. Sorry don''t buy it. If I want to go in a green wig, and a yellow jumpsuit to any ground then I should be allowed without having to fear being attacked by anyone. Let alone being set upon by 8 grown men when I am a 16 year old lad. [/quote] Come on, don''t be thick. First sentence is just ridiculous.  Of course you can wear what you like without fear of being attacked, but when you start "dishing out my fair share of abuse" dressed in such a standout manner, you can''t be too surprised when you get a smack. And I don''t condone violence at all, made that clear in my first post, but I don''t have much sympathy with Joe. [/quote] [Y]
  19. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I''m going to go to Nottingham, wait until after midnight and shoot a Welshman with a crossbow now...[/quote] Feel free, its legal, got to find a welshmen first LOL.
  20. [quote user="Herman "] [quote user="Boogle"]Its actually legal, to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow after midnight in Nottingham.[/quote] What about a sawn-off? [/quote] If you are a farmer protecting your home thats been burgled numerous times by known villains, no according to the law.
  21. Its actually legal, to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow after midnight in Nottingham.
  22. [quote user="Fraz"] I bet that forrest and doncaster wont be charging £30 for a 12yrs old to watch us. [/quote] Forest are charging the following for our fans. Adults - £26 Over 60s - £18 Students and under 18s - £12 Under 12s - £6 I think Forest prices for our fans are very, very fair in this day and age.
  23. [quote user="Ankles"]Bellamy is on £95k a week Even if Man City offered to pay 2/3''s of that we''d still have to find £22k a week Too much in my opinion considering we do have a potent attack already[/quote] Not always true. When Chelsea had enough of Juan Veron, they paid all his wages while he was at Inter, as they didnt want him hanging about bringing the mood down. Dont get me wrong, to start with they wanted his wages paid, but Inter knew they had them over a barrel as he would just unsettle the team  Some clubs dont always ask for a percentage of the wage, as they just want them away from the club. Oh and Bellamy is not on 95k, its 75k, and that includes bonuses. But whats 20k between friends.  Wont come here, and wont go to cardiff. I think Man City have just shafted their best player of last season, the same way they done it to Richard Dunne. yes Bellamy can be a pain in the arse, but who would you want in your team? The mercenary overated Yaya Toure, or the work his arse off Craig Bellamy, who is on a 3rd of his wage? Im a bit suprised the players union hasnt stepped in, when Man City are refusing to sell him to a top 6 club. Thats restriction of trade. You cant say we will accept 5m for him, but only if you are a crap club, or play in a different league.
  24. And the fact Man City are refusing to sell him to any top 6 rivals. Is that not restriction of trade?
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